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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - Tree Branch

This is a guide to collecting Tree Branches, a DIY material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). To learn how to get Tree Branches and where they can be used, please read on.

How to Get Tree Branches Fast

Pick Up Fallen Branches Around Trees

ACNH - A resident stares at a tree branch

The most efficient way to get Tree Branches is to pick up the ones that have already fallen around trees. Trees will drop branches on another day so it is easy to get them fast.

Shake Trees

ACNH - A resident shakes a tree

As Tree Branches are needed to craft starter items, we reccomend shaking trees. Be careful because a wasp nest might fall out instead.

How Do You Use Tree Branches?

Use them for DIY crafting

ACNH - Flimsy Fishing Rod DIY Recipe

Flimsy Net ImageFlimsy Net Flimsy Fishing Rod ImageFlimsy Fishing Rod Flimsy Axe ImageFlimsy Axe
Campfire ImageCampfire Tiki Torch ImageTiki Torch Clothesline ImageClothesline
Tree-Branch Wand ImageTree-Branch Wand Cherry-Blossom Branches ImageCherry-Blossom Branches Pitfall Seed ImagePitfall Seed
TreeTree's Bounty Mobile TreeTree's Bounty Big Tree TreeTree's Bounty Arch
Tree Branch Wreath ImageTree Branch Wreath Three-Tiered Snowperson ImageThree-Tiered Snowperson Tabletop Festive Tree ImageTabletop Festive Tree
Scarecrow ImageScarecrow Ornament Mobile ImageOrnament Mobile Mushroom Wreath ImageMushroom Wreath
Leaf Campfire ImageLeaf Campfire Hedge ImageHedge Nice Branch ImageNice Branch

Tree Branches are used as a DIY crafting item to create the item(s) shown above.

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