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Summer Update 2 - Fireworks

Don't miss the spectacular Fireworks Festival for the whole month of August in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn the show schedule and times, as well as what you can do during shows, and items and prizes you can get!

Ver. 1.4 - Summer Update Links
Fireworks Show IconFireworks Show ACNH - Custom Fireworks IconFirework Designs Redds Raffle IconRedd's Raffle
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All Summer Update 2 Information

Fireworks Shows Dates and Times

Held Every Sunday at 7 PM in August

Fireworks Show announcement.jpg

Fireworks Show Schedules

(Sundays in August)
August 2
August 9
August 16
August 23
August 30
Times 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM

A Fireworks Show is held every Sunday at 7 PM to 12 AM for the whole month of August for both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

How Long Do Fireworks Last?

Starting from 7PM, the Fireworks Show will last for 5 hours, until 12 AM the next day. If you have submitted a custom fireworks sequence to Isabelle, it will play once immediately, but do not worry if you miss it! It will replay a few times throughout the night.

Update Your Game to Version 1.4

ACNH - Summer Update 2 - From July 30 (1).png

To be able to see and enjoy the Fireworks Festival, make sure you have your game updated to version 1.4 by connecting to the internet on the update release.
Patch Notes and How to Update

Fireworks Show Event Items

Collect All Boppers from Isabelle

Receive flower bopper.jpg

Once the show starts, you can talk to Isabelle to get a free bopper headband. There are 4 designs to collect, so make sure to get one from her for each show.

All Bopper Designs

Star Bopper.jpgStar Bopper Heart Bopper.jpgHeart Bopper Flower Bopper.pngFlower Bopper Bulb Bopper.jpgBulb Bopper

Get Festival Clothes from Able Sisters

Yukata at Able Sisters.jpg

During days of Fireworks Shows, you can find kimonos and yukatas on sale at Able Sisters. Make sure to go into the Changing Room to see all the designs!

Able Sisters Tailor Shop

Villagers might wear Yukatas too

If they like the colors and style of the clothing you give them, there's a chance they might wear a given yukata or kimono during the Fireworks Show. However, from our testing it seems pretty random which villagers wear what, so it's not 100% certain.

Note that after 7 PM, all your villagers will talk about is the Fireworks and you won't be able to gift them any clothes!

Items from Redd's Raffle

ACNH - Summer Update 2 - Party horn (1).png

During the Fireworks Show, Redd opens up a new shop called Redd's Raffle. It is exactly what it says it is, you draw a ticket in the raffle and get a corresponding prize.

All Types of Raffle Prizes
Raffle Prize - Red Sparkler.Sparklers Raffle Prize - Fountain FireworkFountain Fireworks Raffle Prize - Bubble BlowerBubble Blowers
Raffle Prize - Uchiwa FanUchiwa Fans Raffle Prize - PinwheelPinwheels Raffle Prize - TweeterTweeters
Raffle Prize - Blue BalloonBalloons

For more info on prizes and how to do the raffle, check out our raffle guide below!

Redd's Raffle Times and Prizes

You can even receive sparklers from residents!

Receive sparkler.jpg

You can also find villagers watching the show at the Plaza. Talk to them when they call you and they might give you fun items!

Receive a Free Fireworks-Show Wall

Fireworks-Show wall.jpg

As thanks for updating the game to ver 1.4.0, you will receive a free Fireworks-Show Wall from Nintendo.

All Summer Update 2 Information

What Can You Do at the Fireworks Festival?

Check markWin Items at Redd's Raffle
Check markMake Custom Firework Designs
Check markWatch and Enjoy the Firework Display

Participate in Redd's Raffle

Summer Update 2 - Redds Raffle 2

During the Fireworks Show, you can also find Jolly Redd at the Plaza, and he will be hosting a raffle where you can win fun prizes! There are 12 prizes in total, so test out your luck!

Redd's Raffle Times and Prizes

Launch Custom Design Fireworks!

Custom fireworks header.png

To make the shows more personalized, you can even use custom design patterns to light up as fireworks during the show! Each sequence will run once immediately, but it will be replayed throughout the course of the show.

How to Make Custom Fireworks Designs

Watch and Enjoy the Fireworks

Summer Update 2 - Banner

Isabelle and your island residents will gather to the Plaza to watch the fireworks. Why not spruce up your island so you can sit back and enjoy the view as the fireworks go off?

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