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Check out our top collection of Face-Cutout Standee Custom Designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Find new Photo Stand designs to decorate your island or share your own designs with us!

Top Face-Cutout Standee Custom Designs

All designs are posted with the consent of the creator.

Door, Walls, and Fences

ACNH - Antique Door (Pastel)Enlarge Antique Doors (Pastel) Creator ID:
ACNH - Antique Door (Wood)Enlarge Antique Doors (Wood) Creator ID:
ACNH - Arch TopiaryEnlarge Arch Topiary Creator ID:
ACNH - Brick and Wreath WallEnlarge Brick and Wreath Wall Creator ID:
ACNH - Cat Door - Hakoiri IslandEnlarge Cat Door Creator ID:
ACNH - Stone WarehouseEnlarge Stone Warehouse Creator ID:
ACNH - Teddy Bear DoorEnlarge Teddy Bear Door Creator ID:
ACNH - Vertical Baord Fence DoorEnlarge Vertical Board Fence Door Creator ID:
ACNH - Vintage Dark Wood DoorEnlarge Vintage Dark Wood Door Creator ID:
ACNH - Vintage DoorEnlarge Vintage White Wood Door Creator ID:

Japanese-Style Shoji Doors

ACNH - Cherry-Blossom Shoji DoorEnlarge Cherry-Blossom Shoji Doors Creator ID:
ACNH - Dark Wood Shoji DoorEnlarge Dark Wood Shoji Doors Creator ID:
ACNH - Red Shoji DoorEnlarge Red Shoji Doors Creator ID:
ACNH - Vertical Shoji DoorEnlarge Vertical Shoji Doors Creator ID:

Outdoor Decorations

ACNH - Food TruckEnlarge Food Truck Creator ID:
ACNH - Camper VanEnlarge Camper Van Creator ID:
ACNH - Throwback ContainerEnlarge Throwback Container
*Based on Throwback Container
Creator ID:
ACNH - Big BenEnlarge Big Ben Creator ID:
ACNH - London Double-DeckerEnlarge London Double-Decker Creator ID:
ACNH - London BusEnlarge London Bus Creator ID:
ACNH - Train Station.pngTrain Station (Shinkansen) Creator ID:
ACNH - SubmarineEnlarge Submarine Creator ID:
ACNH - Pirate DeckEnlarge Pirate Deck Creator ID:
ACNH - Surfer Girls and SharkSurfer Girls and a Shark Creator ID:
ACNH - Nametag BoardEnlarge Nametag Board Creator ID:
ACNH - Muscle CatEnlarge Muscle Cat Creator ID:
ACNH - Character Face-Cutout StandeeEnlarge Character Face-Cutout Standee Creator ID:
ACNH - Cliff CutoutEnlarge Cliff Cutout Creator ID:

How to Get Custom Designs

Visit Able Sisters

ACNH - Custom Designs - Visit Able Sisters.png

You'll be able to download custom designs from the Custom Designs Portal the Able Sisters move in to your town!

Head to the kiosk at the upper right corner of the shop to check out designs online!

How to Unlock the Able Sisters Tailor Shop

Use the Custom Designs Portal

ACNH - Custom Designs - Open Custom Designs Portal.png

You'll be able to search for designs online and post your own with the Custom Designs Portal!

You can also look through specific tags and save you favorites using the portal!

This serivce requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Do You Need Nintendo Switch Online?

[Q&A] What if the Design ID Cannot Be Found

How to Get Custom Designs

The design ID may have been deleted. In this case, you can search for the User ID instead and look through their catalog of creations.

How to Create Custom Designs

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Share Your Own Designs!

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Dream Address Code Share Board (416)

Custom Design Help

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