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ACNH - What Is The Bulletin Board
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), there is a bulletin board located near the Resident Services building.

Messages and notices for events and birthdays will be posted here. Read on to know more about its features, location, and what you can do with it!

What is the Bulletin Board?

ACNH - A notice from Isabelle announcing the upcoming Bug-Off

The Bulletin Board is located near the Resident Services building. Messages from players and villagers, as well as notices for events and birthdays, are posted here.

It's recommended to make a habit out of checking the bulletin board every day for you to be aware of upcoming events happening on your island.

What Can You Do with the Bulletin Board

ACNH - A message posted on the Bulletin Board with a cursive script reading Hello decorated with a golden star

Aside from checking notices, you can put out your own notices for visitors and other players playing on the same system!

You can also delete some messages if you feel like your bulletin board is getting too cluttered.

Notices You Can Receive

ACNH - A message from Tom Nook informing everyone of the birthday of O

  • Events
  • Birthdays
  • Nook's Cranny Announcements

How Do I Know When There's a New Notice?

Yellow Bird

ACNH - A resident standing in the plaza in front of the Bulletin Board

A yellow bird will be perched up on top of the bulletin board when there's a new notice on the bulletin board.

White Owl

ACNH - The Bulletin board at night time with owls staying on top of the board

If you check the bulletin board during the night, it will be a white owl instead. Use this to determine if you should check the bulletin board or not.

Can I Catch the Birds?

ACNH - A resident stands in front of the Bulletin Board that now has no owls.PNG

Like some bugs, the birds will fly away when you get too close. There's no way to make them stay, other than to keep your distance.

If you haven't checked the bulletin board yet, the birds will respawn after you enter a building. If you want to capture the moment, it's best to take a picture from a distance!

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