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This just in! Hot off the presses, the Version 2.0 Update gives players a way to look back on some of the notable and fun events you've had on your island with the Island Newspaper.

Read on to learn more about the Island Newspaper, including how to find your Island Newspaper, what you can do with your Island Newspaper, and the new Turnip Tracker feature, all available through NookLink!

What does the Island Newspaper Do?

Announces Seasonal Events

ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Seasonal Stories.png
As Seasonal Events occur throughout the year, the Island Newspaper offers a reminder of ongoing seasonal events! These Seasonal Stories usually appear at the top of the Island Newspaper so they are hard to miss.

Automatically Documents Notable Events

ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Cover Stories
Your Island Newspaper will automatically log and publish some of the most notable and fun events and occurrences while you play.

This allows players a chance to look back on their past activities and to reminisce the different activities they did on a certain day.

List of Tracked Events

Event Island Newspaper Article
Captured Bugs ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Captured Bugs
Museum Donations ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Museum Donations
Planted Gyroids ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Planted Gyroids
Grown Gyroids ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Grown Gyroids
Nook's Cranny Purchases ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Nooks Cranny Purchases
Boat Journeys ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Boat Journeys
Villager Birthdays ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Villager Birthdays

These are just some of the confirmed events tracked by the Island Newspaper. More may be added.

Keeps Track of Turnip Prices

ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper Turnip Tracker
Your Island Newspaper also keeps track of Turnip Prices over the course of the week. By observing the trends, you can have a better idea on when to hold back on investing, and when to go all in on the stalk market!
Turnip Guide: How to Buy and Sell Turnips

Limited to 150 Issues Only

ACNH - Nooklink Your Newspaper News Issues.png
Only the past 150 issues of your island newspaper will be stored through the NookLink app. Be sure to take screenshots of memories you want to keep before they disappear!

Access Your Island Newspaper through NookLink

Nintendo Switch Online Subscription is Required to use NookLink

ACNH - Nintendo Switch Online
If you can't open NookLink, check if you're subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online! A subscription is required to access NookLink.
Do You Need Nintendo Switch Online?

Make Sure You Have the App

ACNH - NSO App.pngTo use NookLink, you need to download the app to have access to all NookLink perks!
NookLink Features and Release Date

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