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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Nook Miles+ Challenges and Rewards

Earn more Nook Miles by doing your regular activities around your island! To check for tasks, go into your NookPhone and access the Nook Miles+ app. Then, press the + Button to check for short tasks get you Nook Miles fast!

Check out the complete list of daily tasks on the Nook Miles+ app below!

What is Nook Miles+?

ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Tom Nook

Nook Miles+ is a feature on the NookPhone where you can earn Nook Miles for complete activities! are daily tasks to get you some quick Nook Miles!

You can get Nook Miles+ feature once you pay off your initial loan of [red500 Nook Miles[/red] and upgrade you tent to a house.

Nook Mileage Program

Get x2 or x5 Nook Miles

ACNH - Nook Miles+ 5x and 2x reward
Your first five tasks of the day will reward you twice the amount of Nook Miles. Some days, you can even get a x5 reward bonus!

Unlock Special Redemption Items

ACNH - Nook Miles - Reedem Nook Miles

After upgrading to Nook Miles+, you can now redeem your Miles for special items such as more Hairstyles and Colors, and DIY recipes.

How to Upgrade to Nook Miles+

ACNH - Nook Miles - Homeowner Mileage Program Upgrade

Pay Off Moving Fees and Upgrade to a House

After paying off the first 5000 Miles for your initial moving cost and upgrading to a house, Tom Nook will reward you with Nook Miles+.

How to Pay Off Your Loan and Upgrade Your Tent and House

List of Nook Miles+ Challenges and Rewards

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Daily Activities Nature Day
Mushroom Season Snowflake Season

Daily Activities

Task Reward
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Capture a Memory Capture a Memory 100 Nook Miles
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Grow 1 Fruit Tree Grow 1 Fruit Tree
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Hit Rocks Hit 5 Rocks
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Plant 3 Flowers Plant 3 Flower Seeds
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Plant Tree or Shrub - transp Plant 1 Tree
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Sell Clumps of Weed.png Sell 20 Clumps of Weed
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Tend Flowers.png Tend 8 Flowers
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Access Wardrobe Access Your Wardrobe and Change Your Look 150 Nook Miles
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Catch 5 Bugs Catch 5 Bugs
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Catch 5 fish Catch 5 Fish
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Catch Sea Creatures Catch 3 Deep-Sea Creatures NEW
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Chop Wood Chop 10 Wood
Complete 3 DIY Projects
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Customize Items Customize 2 Items
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Sell 5 Fruit.png Sell 5 Fruits
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Earn Bells by Selling Items.png Sell Items Worth 5,000 Bells
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Chop Down 1 Tree Chop Down 1 Tree 200 Nook Miles
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Pop a Balloon Pop 1 Balloon
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Talk to Villagers Talk to 3 Neighbors
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Sell Seashells Sell 10 Shells
Spend 5,000 Bells
ACNH - Nook Miles+ -Redeem Nook Miles Redeem 500 Nook Miles
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Catch Specific Bug.png Catch a specific bug 200/300/400 Nook Miles
ACNH - Nook Miles  - Catch Specific Fish.png Catch a specific fish

Nature Day Activities

These challenges appear randomly during the Nature Day event!

Task Reward
Craft Fencing for gardens 150 Nook Miles
Plant 3 shrub starts 200 Nook Miles

This list is still under construction.

Mushroom Season

These challenges will randomly appear during the Mushroom season!

Task Reward
Pick 3 Mushrooms 100 Nook Miles

How to Get Mushrooms

Snowflake Season

These challenges will randomly appear during the Snowflake season!

Task Reward
Catch 3 Snowflakes 200 Nook Miles
ACNH - Nook Miles+ - Build a snowboy Build a Snowboy 250 Nook Miles

How to Make a Perfect Snowboy Guide

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