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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Get the Nook Shopping App

Long week? Some retail therapy might be what you need! Nook Shopping is now available as an app on your Nook Phone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Learn how to unlock the Nook Shopping app on your Nook Phone with our guide below!

How to Unlock the Nook Shopping App

Buy 100 Items through Nook Shopping

ACNH - Unlock Nook Shopping App
To get the Nook Shopping app, you'll need to purchase 100 items through Nook Shopping at the Nook Stop.

Once you have made your 100th order, a message will appear congratulating you, and rewarding you with your new app!

Only 5 Items Can be Ordered Each Day

ACNH - Nook Shopping Order Placed
You can only order up to 5 items each day, so be sure to buy items as much as you can. We recommend getting K.K. Slider songs, or any item you don't have in your catalog!

Remember: you can time travel to speed up the process!
Time Traveling Guide

How to Use Nook Shopping

ACNH - Nook Shopping.png
You can either access Nook Shopping using the Nook Stop, or its app.

Note that you can only order 5 items per day, regardless of ordering from the special goods or through your catalog.

1 Select the item to order
2 Confirm your purchase (or send to a friend)
3 Receive the item the next day
4 Not required: Receive Nook Miles!

1. Select Item to Order

You can browse through special goods which updates with your game progress, or events!

Daily Selection Browse through items, clothing, and songs that change selection each day.
Posters Here you can find character posters you've unlocked through scanning their amiibo, or calling them at Photopia.
Promotion These feature promotional items from the Pocket Camp, Sanrio, and Super Mario collecctions.
Seasonal Limited-time items that are available for purchase in celebration of an event.
Catalog You can also view items you've collected such as Furniture, Clothing, and other items.

2. Purchase It for Yourself or Gift to a Friend

ACNH - Nook Shopping Place order.png
Confirm the item to place the order.

Alternatively, if you have made friends, you can also send the items to them as a gift without additional fees.

Unlike loan payments, you cannot use your savings to order items. You need to have Bells on hand before purchasing.

3. Receive the Item in the Mail the Next Day

ACNH - Nooking Shopping Order confirmed.png
Orders for yourself will arrive in the mail the next day. If you cannot wait, you can adjust the date on your system to skip a day.

4. Get Nook Miles!

ACNH - Shop to It

Not only do you get a handy app for shopping, you can also get Nook Miles the more items you buy. Keep shopping!

Shop to It
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Purchase 1 item with Nook Shopping. 300 Internet/Surfer
Purchase 20 items with Nook Shopping. 500 Connected/Reviewer
Purchase 50 items with Nook Shopping. 1000 Widely Accepted/Connector
Purchase 100 items with Nook Shopping. 2000 Disconnected/Worrywart
Purchase 200 items with Nook Shopping. 3000 Always-On/Bigwig

How to Get Nook Miles Fast

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