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Set the mood for vacation homes and structures you've made in the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Figure out how you can establish the tone of the interior with adjustable lighting by checking out our handy dandy guide below!

How to Adjust Lighting

ACNH - How to Adjust or Change Lighting

How to Unlock During Cafe or Restaurant Request
After 12th Villager Request

To change the lighting, all you gotta to do is press the Down Button of your controller while in a home or structure, then press the Left Button to enter edit mode.

The Lighting Option will be on the right most section of the Room Settings menu. You can adjust and control the hue and intensity of the lights in the room by using the Left Joystick and press B when you're done!

List of Design Skills

How to Unlock Adjust Lighting

ACNH - Lottie talks about adjusting lights

Step Directions
1  Obtain the “Breakout Designer” job title.
2  Talk to Lottie after your 12th client.
3  Choose between Cafe or Restaurant.
3  Adjust lighting!

1. Obtain the “Breakout Designer” job title

ACNH - Lottie promotes you to Breakout Designer

Keep playing through the story until you get the Breakout Designer promotion. You'll need to work on eleven villager requests before you get this rank.

Beginners’ Guide to Happy Home Paradise DLC

2. Talk to Lottie After Your 12th Client

ACNH - Lottie asks for help building a cafe or restaurant

After obtaining the Breakout Designer promotion and designing your 12th client's vacation home, talk to Lottie. She'll be asking for your help to build the next structure for the archipelago.

3. Choose Between Building a Cafe or Restaurant

ACNH - Lottie showing the beachfront cafe

Lottie will ask for your help to build either a cafe at the beachfront or a restaurant on mainstreet. Once you decide what to build, she'll tell you about changing the colors and intensity of lighting!

4. Adjust Lighting

ACNH - In-game notification about room resizing

Press the Down Button then the Left Button inside a home or structure and you'll get to the Room Settings interface, where you can adjust the lighting, room sizes, and more!

Effects of Adjusting Lighting

ACNH - Beachfront Cafe Interior

Adjusting the lights in an interior emphasizes the tone you want villagers or visitors to feel when they enter the area. Control the lights and you control the atmosphere!

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