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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Invite Villagers to Your Home
The Version 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) has added a new way to hang out with your villagers!

Read on to learn more about how to invite villagers to your house or get invited to theirs. Also, find what you can do during a visit with our guide below!

How to Invite Villagers to Your Home

Talk to Villagers with Thought Bubbles

ACNH - Villager Inviting Themselves to Your House.png

When you see villagers walk around with thought bubbles over their heads, talk to them and they might just invite themselves over to your house. After agreeing to let them visit, both of you will immediately be transported to your home.

Surprise Visit from Villagers

ACNH - Villager Visits Your Home.png

Villagers could also arrive at your home unannounced. While you are inside your house, a villager will sometimes call out to you before they enter.

Villagers Leave If You Have Cockroaches

ACNH - Villager Leaving Because of Cockroach.png

When a villlager enters your home for a visit while a cockroach is inside the room you are currently in, the villager will immediately leave your house.

How to Get Invited to Your Villager's Home

Talk to Your Villagers

ACNH - Talk to your Villagers

While talking to a villager on the island, they will occassionally invite you into their home. Once you accept their invite, you will immediately be transported to their home.

What to Do During a Visit

Play High Card, Low Card

ACNH - Play High Card Low Card.png

While a villager is visiting your house or while you are visiting a villager, they could ask you to play a game of High Card, Low Card. If you win the game, you could receive a special reward from that villager.

Receive a Gift from Your Villager

ACNH - Villager Visit Gift.png

During a visit, villagers will sometimes give you a gift such as an apple. To receive a gift from the villager, talk to them while they are visiting your home.

Buy Items from Your Villager

ACNH - Buy Item from Villager.png

While visiting a villager, they will sometimes ask you whether they have something you want to buy. When you tell them you do see something that interests you, they will offer you an item for certain price.

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