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Step up your group photos by learning how to unlock and use Reactions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to also see the complete list of Reactions available in the game.

How to Unlock Reactions

Learn from Villagers

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All Reactions are taught by villagers, and can only be unlocked while you're outside.

When walking around your island, sometimes a villager will come running to you while calling your name (or a nickname, if you have any!). Approach and press A to talk to them, and they might teach you a new Reaction.

If it's your first time, they will tell you about Reactions, as well as teach you your first Reaction: Joy.

There are 44 Reactions in Total

As you might have noticed, there are 44 slots of Reactions, and all of them will be filled out as you play.

Reactions are great for photos or when playing with others, so let's try getting them all!

Might depend on Villager Personality

Resident calling player.jpg

It seems like certain types of personalities will teach you specific Reactions.

On our Walkthrough team, a member was missing a Snooty villager on their island and was unable to unlock the Love reaction. After getting a Snooty villager, they were finally able to learn Love from them a while after!

List of Villagers with Snooty Personality

Friendship might also Play a Role

Some Reactions, like Love and Showmanship, seem to only be unlocked once you reach a certain friendship level with your villagers.

How to Raise Villager Friendship

List of Reactions

Learn Joy.jpg
There are currently 44 reactions you can collect. Talk to your neighbors to get them all!

List of All Reactions
GreetingsGreetings AgreementAgreement DisagreementDisagreement PleasedPleased
HappinessHappiness JoyJoy GleeGlee LaughterLaughter
LoveLove ConfidentConfident ShowmanshipShowmanship FlourishFlourish
PridePride EncouragingEncouraging DelightDelight ApologeticApologetic
BewildermentBewilderment CuriosityCuriosity SurpriseSurprise AmazedAmazed
Inspiration.jpegInspiration Shocked.jpegShocked Mistaken.pngMistaken Bashfulness.pngBashfulness
Shyness.pngShyness Sheepishness.pngSheepishness Smirking.pngSmirking Mischief.jpegMischief
Resignation.jpegResignation Daydream.jpegDaydream Thought.pngThought Sleepy.jpegSleepy
Dozing.jpegDozing Worry.pngWorry Sighing.pngSighing Sadness.jpegSadness
HeartbreakHeartbreak SorrowSorrow IntenseIntense AggravationAggravation
Cold ChillCold Chill DistressDistress FearfulFearful SneezingSneezing

How to Use Reactions

Using Reaction on Photos.jpg

Reactions are fun to use whether you are taking photos or playing with your friends.

How to Do Reactions

Reaction Wheel.jpg

1 Press the ZR button to open up the Reaction Wheel.
2 Select the Reaction you want to do and press A to use it.

How to Register and Remove Reactions

Register Reaction.jpg

1 Press the ZR button to open up the Reaction Wheel.
2 Press the X button on a Reaction to remove or to register a new one.
3 Press the A button on a Reaction you want to register.

You can register up to 8 Reactions, so choose the ones you like and have fun!

See All Collected Reactions

All Reactions.jpg

1 Press the ZR button to open up the Reaction Wheel.
2 Press the Y button to see all the Reactions you have collected.
3 Press the Y button to try out a Reaction first, or you can press A to select and do the Reaction.

Earn Nook Miles

Reaction Ruler Nook Miles.jpg
Earn Nook Miles the more Reactions you collect with the Nook Mileage Activity Reaction Ruler!

Reaction Ruler
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Learn 1 Reaction. 300 Overacting/Neophyte
Learn 10 Reactions. 500 Apprentice/Dancer
Learn 20 Reactions. 1000 Dad-Joking/Semiprofessional
Learn 30 Reactions. 2000 Solo/Comedian
Learn 42 Reactions. 3000 Super-Popular/Mega Star

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2 Anonymous3 months

does anyone know if reactions are villager-personality linked? me and like 5 of my friends all got the "fearful" one from a Normal villager telling us about clammy laundry or something lol

1 Anonymous4 months

More reactions (based on what I have now): -Pleased -Bashfulness -Fearful -Glee -Encouraging -Smirking -Resignation -Sadness -Sneezing -Cold Chill -Shyness -Sleepy -Curiosity -Mistaken

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