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How to Get Palm Trees on Your Island

ACNH - How to Get Palm Trees

To get Palm Trees on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), plant Coconuts in sandy areas like the beach. For more information on Palm Trees and Coconuts, be sure to read this guide!

How to Plant Palm Trees

Plant and Grow on Sandy Beaches

ACNH - A resident plants a coconut in the beach
Palm Trees grow in sandy areas like the beach. Use your shovel to dig a hole on the beach and plant a Coconut.

It takes four days for a Palm Tree to mature and bear new coconuts.

You can plant coconut trees on sand paths

ACNH - A resident sits in a sandy path filled with Palm Trees

You can use the Island Designer app to make sandy paths, allowing you to plant Palm Trees in areas other than the beach.

How to Create Paths

When a Coconut is Planted, It Becomes a Nursery Coconut

Once you've planted a Coconut, it will become something called a Nursery Coconut, and digging it up again will not return the Coconut fruit.

Where to Get Coconuts

Find Coconuts on Mystery Tour Islands

ACNH - Palm Trees on Mystery Islands
Coconuts can be found on trees growing on the beaches of Mystery Tour islands. Simply go to the Airport with a Nook Miles Ticket to go on a Mystery Tour.

You can also eat fruits while on the Mystery Island to bring the fully-grown tree home with you instead.

Mystery Island Tour and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

What are Palm Trees For?

Coconuts Can Be Sold for Bells

ACNH - Player entering Nook

Coconuts sell for 250 Bells, which is 150 Bells more than the local fruit on your island. We recommend selling Coconuts as a good way to make money!

Learn how to get all the Fruits in the game with our guide below and connect with others in our Fruit trading board.

How to Get All Fruits

Catch Rare Bugs

ACNH - Golden Stag from Critterpedia

There are some rare and valuable bugs that can only be found on Palm Trees, like the Horned Hercules and Horned Atlas. Both insects sell for a lot of Bells so be sure to plant some Palm Trees!

The Palm Tree exclusive bugs appear in July and August.

Complete List of Bugs

Use Coconuts for DIY

ACNH - Palm-Tree Lamp DIY Recipe

Some Items and Furniture require Coconuts to craft. If there's something you want to craft, be sure to save some Coconuts.

List of DIY Recipes

Can Be Eaten

ACNH - Player eating fruit

Eating a coconut, like all the other fruits, lets you gain Stamina, allowing you to break rocks and dig up entire trees.

What Happens When You Eat Fruit?

Get All 3 Types of Wood

ACNH - A resident finishes up chopping a Palm Tree
Like all the other trees in the game, Palm Trees also drop all types of Wood when chopped with an axe. Combine it with Coconut gathering for some efficient material collecting!

How to Chop Wood and Pull Up Trees

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