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This is a guide to catching a Scorpion in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn when Scorpions appear, tips and tricks for catching them, and how much they can be sold for.

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How to Catch a Scorpion

Have a Net Ready

Before you can catch a Scorpion, or any bug at all, make sure you have a net ready!
List of Nets

Method 1: Keep Your Distance

When you approach a Scorpion, and you move while it raises its guard, it will start to chase after you.

You can run back further, and with the net equipped, hold the A button to creep up to the Scorpion, then release the button to swing the net when it is near you.

The timing can be quite hard, so we recommend the next method.

Method 2: Stop Walking When It Raises its Guard

Another method for catching the scorpion is to play it safe. The Scorpion will raise its guard whenever you get close to it, so stop moving and it will eventually lower its guard. At At this point, you can continue approaching.

Continue this cycle until you get close enough, and go in for the swing.

Don't Get Stung!

Fainting header.png
One of the tricky parts about catching a Scorpion is its powerful sting, which will cause you to immediately faint! When you see a Scorpion, move carefully!
What Happens When You Faint?

When Do Scorpions Appear?


Northern Hemisphere

January February March April
None None None None
May June July August
7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM
September October November December
7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM None None

Southern Hemisphere

January February March April
7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM
May June July August
None None None None
September October November December
None None 7 PM to 4 AM 7 PM to 4 AM

Comes Out at Night!

Scorpions can appear anywhere on the island, and tends to appear at night. To hunt down a scorpion, either find a time at night to play, or change the Date and Time Setting on the Nintendo Switch to change the in-game time to night.
How to Change the In-Game Time

Use a Nook Miles Ticket to Go to Scorpion Island

Scorpion Island.jpeg

Mystery Island Tour on Scorpion Island

On a Mystery Tour, you'll go to a randomly selected island. One of which is what we call the Scorpion Island, where Scorpions spawn infinitely.

This is similar to Tarantula Island, which you can also get in Mystery Tours.
Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

What Can You Do With Scorpions?

  • Donate it to the Museum
  • Sell it
  • Use it as a decoration

Donate It to the Museum

Blathers intro.jpg
When you've caught your first Scorpion, it's best to go ahead and donate it to Blathers at the Museum. This will take you one step closer to filling out all the bugs in the Museum.

Sell It for 8,000 Bells

Sell items.jpg
The Scorpion is one of the most expensive Bugs in the Critterpedia, selling for 8,000 Bells at Nook's Cranny.

You can also store it for a while and sell it to Flick when he visits, as you can sell it to him for 16,000 Bells.

Use It as a Decoration

Scorpions also make a unique decoration, or a pet,in your house. If you want to show off to all your visitors that you managed to catch a Scorpion, you can display it in your room for all to see.

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I see one scorpion each night at my island but too scared to catch it

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FINALLY got this island tonight and had a feast! Coins all over and infinite scorpions!!!! Im gonna bankrup Flick when he visits again 🦂🦂🦂🦂

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