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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Catch a Scorpion Easily

The Scorpion a dangerous bug in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Find out the sell price, location, how to catch scorpions in ACNH, and more below!

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How to Catch a Scorpion

Steps Directions
  Equip your Net ACNH - Net
2   Approach the Scorpion
3   Swing your net!
Alternative   Search for Infinite Tarantula Island!

1. Equip Your Net

To catch a bug, you'll need to equip your net! Press the X Button to go into your pockets and select your net.

You can also select it from your Tool Ring!

2. Approach Bug

The Scorpion can get startled if you move too closely and quickly. Hold down the A Button and move the Right Stick to approach it carefully.

3. Swing Your Net

Once you've inched close enough, release the A Button to swing your net. You'll then be a proud owner of a Scorpion!

Look for Infinite Scorpion Island (Alternative)

Alternatively, you can try look for Infinite Scorpion Island or create your own Infinite Island with Mystery Island Tours!

Check out our guides below to learn how to do it!

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Scorpion Location and Times

Scorpion Times

Location On the ground
Time May to October
North Hemisphere
7 PM to 4 AM
November to April
South Hemisphere
7 PM to 4 AM

You can find the Scorpion on the ground from 7 PM to 4 AM.

Find it from May to October on the Northern Hemisphere, or from November to April on the Southern Hemisphere.

Scorpion Months

Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere Calendar
January July ACNH - Scorpion
February August ACNH - Scorpion
March September ACNH - Scorpion
April October ACNH - Scorpion
May ACNH - Scorpion November
June ACNH - Scorpion December
Southern Hemisphere Calendar
January ACNH - Scorpion July
February ACNH - Scorpion August
March ACNH - Scorpion September
April ACNH - Scorpion October
May November ACNH - Scorpion
June December ACNH - Scorpion

Scorpion Sell Price

Sell Price 8,000 Bells
Type Dangerous
Rarity ★★★☆☆

The Scorpion is a uncommon bug and sells for 8,000 Bells.

Scorpion Additional Info

Dialogue When Caught

I caught a scorpion! It was a sting operation!

Dialogue When Donated to Blathers

  The should I put this? Those legs! Those pincers! That tail! And that venomous stinger!

 It is as if someone took all the most awful insect parts...and put them together to make the scorpion!

 All scorpions are venomous, you know! Though I understand that only a few kinds are truly deadly.

 I fear I might die just thinking about it.

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