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The new Wave 2 Summer Update (release date July 30, 2020), was announced for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Here we have info about the update's new features, such as Redd's Raffle, new items, party horns, fireworks, Dream Suite and Luna!

Ver. 1.4 - Summer Update Links
Fireworks Show IconFireworks Show ACNH - Custom Fireworks IconFirework Designs Redds Raffle IconRedd's Raffle
Luna IconLuna the Tapir Backup ServiceBackup Service Dream Suite IconDream Suite

All Summer Update 2 Information

Official Summer Update Video

This is the promotional video released on July 28, 2020, by Nintendo's official account on YouTube.

How to Update and Update Patch Notes

Update Summary List

Summer Update 2 - From July 30

Check markFireworks every Sunday in August
Check markMake Custom Firework Designs
Check markLuna the Tapir will visit
Check markDream Suite will open
Check markRedd's Raffle shop will open
Check markNew DIY Recipe
Check markNew Summer items
Check markTurn Off Camera UI
Check markCustom Design Floor Preview
Check markCustom Design Portal Updated
Check markIsland Backup Service available
Check markFall Update coming

New Events

Fireworks Shows every Sunday in August

Summer Update 2 - Fireworks Shows

We hope you've prepared some scenic spots, because with this new update you will be able to enjoy summer Firework shows from the comfort of your island!

The Fireworks Show will be held every Sunday in August, meaning you get it 5 times this year as there are five Sundays in August in 2020!

Fireworks Show Event Info

Make Custom Firework Designs!

Summer Update 2 - Fireworks

You've decorated your island, now it's time to decorate THE SKY! We've got some cute designs to get you started, but you can use any custom designs as Fireworks and have them light up the sky during the Fireworks Shows. (But you first need to make space for non-path designs somehow...)

How to Make Custom Fireworks Designs

New Visitors

  • Luna
  • Redd
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    Luna the Tapir

    Summer Update 2 - Meet Luna
    The owner of the Dream Suite has finally joined the group of familiar faces in New Horizons!

    Luna appears in your dreams

    Summer Update 2 - Luna Arrives
    Whenever you sleep in a bed, Luna will greet you at the Dream Suite and let you visit offline copies of other player's islands.

    Where to Find Luna and the Dream Suite


    ACNH - Summer Update 2 - Firework Shows in August (1).png

    While not a new visitor, Redd is now visiting with a different kind of shop - Redd's Raffle. He will visit every Sunday with Fireworks Shows, so you'll be able to find him easily this time!

    Redd's Raffle Times and Prizes

    New Features

  • Dream Suite
  • Redd's Raffle
  • Turn Off Camera Interface
  • Custom Design Floor Preview
  • Custom Design Portal Updated
  • Island Back-Up Services
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    Dream Suite

    Summer Update 2 - Access the Dream Suite

    Using the Dream Suite allows you to show off a copy off your island without having to worry about vandalism or theft, and it can be accessed without the owner being online, perfect for sharing the result of your 8 hour island-rebuild marathon!

    Use any bed in your house

    Summer Update 2 - Sleep in any Bed

    You can access the Dream Suite from any bed, as long as it's inside your house, meaning Luna won't get a physical shop this time around.
    Dream Suite Guide

    Visit other players' islands

    Summer Update 2 - Visit other player islands
    Of course, you can also visit other dream towns and get inspiration or simply check out your friends' islands without them needing to be online, so we're really excited about the world of creativity that has opened up with the Dream Suite!

    Dream Address and House Share Board

    Redd's Raffle

    During the Firework shows, Redd seems to have found another business opportunity, selling new items to have fun with.

    As the name suggests, it's a raffle and you might need to try a few times to get what you want, but all in all a lot of nice items have been added and we think it's worth it for those Summer parties with friends.

    Redd's Raffle Times and Prizes

    Turn Off Camera Interface

    Before, you had to use a glitch to remove the camera interface when using the camera app, but now you can simply press down on your Right stick once and it will hide it for you!

    Custom Design Floor Preview

    Floor Preview

    When you make Custom Designs, you can now preview your design as a floor tile as well, on top of the standard easel, tank top and face paint previews.

    Custom Design Portal Updated

    Search for Designs
    A huge change has been made to the Custom Design Portal in the form of a new search function! You can now search for Design Titles and specify what kind of design you're looking for. For example, you could search "Zelda" and choose the

    Island Back-Up Services

    Summer Update 2 - Save Data Backup

    Finally, some might say, a service to back-up your Animal Crossing: New Horizons save data has arrived! We will update with info on how to use the service as soon as possible.

    Island Backup Restoration Service

    New Items

  • King Tut Mask DIY
  • Free Fireworks Wallpaper
  • New Fireworks Show Items
  • New Seasonal Items
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    King Tut Mask DIY Recipe

    King Tut Mask ImageKing Tut Mask

    If you find a Gold Nugget, your character will get inspired to make this newly added DIY, the King Tut Mask!

    King Tut Mask gives Bad Luck

    Tripping with King Tut Mask on
    When wearing the mask and running around, your character will often trip and fall. If you're holding things like balloons they will fly off and disappear, so be careful!

    Free Fireworks Wallpaper

    Summer Update Wallpaper.jpg

    Players will receive a Fireworks Wallpaper for free as thanks for updating the game!

    Ver 1.4.0 Patch Notes and How to Update

    New Fireworks Show Items

    Summer Update 2 - Headgear and Fire Crackers
    Available through Redd's Raffle, a load of new interactive items have been added:

    Raffle Prizes
    Raffle Prize - Red Sparkler.Red Sparkler Raffle Prize - Blue SparklerBlue Sparkler Raffle Prize - Fountain FireworkFountain Firework
    Raffle Prize - Bubble BlowerBubble Blower Raffle Prize - Uchiwa FanUchiwa Fan Raffle Prize - PinwheelPinwheel
    Raffle Prize - TweeterTweeter Raffle Prize - Blue BalloonBlue Balloon Raffle Prize - Red BalloonRed Balloon
    Raffle Prize - Yellow BalloonYellow Balloon Raffle Prize - Green BalloonGreen Balloon Raffle Prize - Pink BalloonPink Balloon

    Redd's Raffle Times and Prizes

    New Seasonal Items

    Cowboy Festival

    cowboy ride.jpg

    Item Availability August 1 to August 31

    From August 1 to August 31, the Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-on will be available from Nook Shopping's Special Goods section as part of the Cowboy Festival!

    Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day

    Item Availability August 1 to August 31

    From August 1 to August 31, the Hikoboshi Outfit and Orihime Outfit will be available from Nook Shopping's Special Goods section as part of the Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day!

    Grape Harvest Festival

    Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) Grape-Harvest Basket.png

    Item Availability September 1 to September 30

    Celebrate Grape Harvest Festival by dancing around while wearing this Grape-Harvest Basket, available at Nook Shopping from September 1 to September 30.

    Moon-Viewing Day

    Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) Moon Rug.jpg

    Item Availability September 7 to October 8

    Let us all look up and appreciate the moon on Moon-Viewing Day. While you are at it, grab the Moon Rug exclusively at Nook Shopping until October 8.

    Fall Update Announced

    ACNH Summer Update 2 - Next update in Fall
    The end of the video teases that the next free update will come in fall. Since Jack was shown on the screen, it's likely to hit around Halloween!

    For a full list of previous Updates and patch notes, check here:

    Update Patch Notes

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