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This is a guide on how to unlock, upgrade, and move Nook's Cranny in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn about the conditions for unlocking this facility how to upgrade it, as well as what you can do in the shop.

How to Upgrade Nook's Cranny

Upgrading the Shop

Shop Appearance
Before After
Upgrade Requirements
1 Buy and sell for a total value of 200,000 Bells at the shop.
2 The shop must be open for at least 30 days.

These requirements have been tested and verified by our team. If you would like to contribute, please let us know in the comments!

1. Buy and Sell a Total Value of 200,000 Bells

You will need to buy and sell a total value of 200,000 bells to upgrade the shop. With our test, we bought a total value of 199,200 bells and sold a total value of 800 bells.

We recommend buying at least one item at Nook's Cranny each day.

How to Get Bells Fast

2. Nook's Cranny Must be Open for 30 Days

Bought furniture at Nooks Cranny.jpg
It has been confirmed that the shop must be open for at least 30 in-game days to be able to upgrade.

If you cannot wait this long, you can time travel, then go back to the current time after they upgrade.

Time Traveling Guide

How to Move Nook's Cranny

Steps to Relocate the Shop

Relocating the Shop
1 Talk to Tom Nook at Resident Services and select Let's talk about infrastructure.
2 Select the shop from the list.
3 Obtain the moving kit.
4 Place the moving kit at your desired location on the island.
5 The store will be relocated the next day.

Resident Services must be upgraded before following the above steps.

1. Talk to Tom Nook About Infrastructure

Moving shop 1.jpg
Talk to Tom Nook at Resident Services and select Let's talk about infrastructure.

Moving a building will cost you 50,000 Bells, so make sure you have at least that amount with you, before talking to Tom.

2. Choose "I want layout changes" and Select the Shop

Moving shop 2.jpg
Say "I want layout changes". You can now select a building to move; from an island home, up to facilities like the tailors and the museum. Select the shop.

3. Obtain the Moving Kit

Tom will say a few words and eventually give you a Moving Kit.

4. Place the Moving Kit at Your Desired Location

Moving shop 4.jpg
After choosing the new area, select the moving kit from your pockets and use it. You will be able to see how it will look like before you confirm.

You can back out before choosing the location

If you speak to Tom Nook again before choosing the new location, you can cancel relocation. However, once you have decided on a spot, it cannot be cancelled, so be sure to make up your mind 100% beforehand.

5. The Store will be Relocated the Next Day

The construction site will be put up, and the store will be moved to the new location the next day.

How to Unlock Nook's Cranny

Steps to Unlock the Shop

Nook's Cranny
Unlock Requirements
1 Request for your tent to be built into a house.
2 Wait for your house to be built the next day.
3 Head to Resident Services.
4 Advance through the events involving Tom Nook and Timmy.
5 Collect the needed materials.
6 Decide where to build Nook's Cranny.

Required Materials

Material Amount
Wood 30 pieces
Hardwood 30 pieces
Softwood 30 pieces
Iron Nugget 30 pieces

Collecting Materials

You can collect the three types of wood from a tree by hitting it with your axe. On the other hand, you collect iron nuggets by hitting rocks with a shovel.

Note that you can only collect a limited amount of materials from each tree or rock, so make sure to gather materials every day.

What Can I Do at Nook's Cranny?

  1. Buy Furniture
  2. Use the Drop-off Box
  3. Check Turnip Value
  4. Sell DIY Furniture for a Higher Price
  5. Buy Miscellaneous Goods

1. Buy Furniture

Air conditioner at Nook
Once you've built Nook's Cranny, you'll be allowed to buy four pieces of furniture per day. The furniture will be on display, so you can check how big these actually are.

As with previous games, the number of products on display will increase as the store gets upgraded.

2. Use the Drop-off Box

Use drop-off box.jpg

You can also sell items by storing them in the Drop-off Box, which is available 24 hours a day. Once you've placed the items in the box, the money will be transferred to your bank the next morning.

Note that Hot Items, which would normally sell for double in the store, will only sell for their normal price when sold via the box, so use it with caution.

Key differences:

  1. The selling price is 80% of the buying price.
  2. Items stored in the box cannot be retrieved.
  3. You can't sell turnips and certain expensive items here.

Should You Use the Drop-Off Box?

3. Check Turnip Value

Turnip prices at Nooks Cranny.jpg
You can also check how much turnips are worth by asking Timmy and Tommy about it at Nook's Cranny.

Turnips can be bought from Daisy Mae on Sunday mornings. However, at the same time, you won't be able to sell turnips at Nook's Cranny on Sundays.

4. Sell Hot Items

Hot items at Nooks Cranny.jpg
Every day, one or two items can be bought at twice the price. This is a good way to farm money if you have the DIY recipe for that piece of furniture.

5. Buy Miscellaneous Goods

Customization kits at Nook
Other goods like tools, DIY recipes, and flower seeds can be bought here. Wallpaper and flooring selection also changes each day, so be sure to check that out!

Other Things You Can Do After Unlocking Nook's Cranny

Buy Clothes from Mabel


Occasionally, you can also buy clothes from Mabel. She'll be at the square from 5 AM to 10 PM, so make sure to check the square daily.

How to Unlock the Able Sisters Tailor Shop

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