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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Get Furniture Polishing

Add a little razzle dazzle and show off your unrivaled taste when it comes to design by polishing furniture in the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Check our humble little guide below and find out how you can get the Furniture Polishing Skill and how you can use it to add some finesse in your designing capabilities!

How to Get Furniture Polishing Skill

ACNH - How to Get Furniture Polishing

How to Unlock 5th Vacation Home Request
How to Upgrade 12th Vacation Home Request

The Furniture Polishing skill will be while doing your 5th job while working for Paradise Planning.

Unlocks for Your Home Island Too

After you unlock Design Skills for HHP, you can use them on your home island as well! However, you can only enter cleaning mode and polish Furniture inside your house.

List of Design Skills

Upgrade Polishing to Change Effects

Once you've wrapped up your 12th Vacation Home, Niko will unlock the Effect Menu, allowing you to change the effect you add to objects.

How to Polish Furniture

Steps to Polish Furniture

Step Directions
1 Press L to Enter Cleaning Mode.
2 Press the A Button to Polish.
3 Hold the A Button for a better Polish
4 Press the A Button again to remove effects

1. Enter Cleaning Mode

ACNH - Polishing Furniture Mode
You'll need to change into Cleaning Mode before you can start polishing furniture. Change into your special clothes for polishing by pressing the L button!

2. Press A to Polish Furniture

ACNH - Player Polishing Furniture
You can now polish furniture by approaching the furniture piece and pressing A!

3. Hold A for a Better Polish

ACNH - Press and Hold A for a Better Polish
You can strengthen polishing effects by holding A while you polish furniture. The effects from polishing furniture are separated into 3 different stages depending on how long you polish the item.

4. Press A Again to Remove Effects

ACNH - Player removing polishing effects
To get rid of polishing effects, you can just press A again after the polished furniture becomes shiny.

Effects of Furniture Polishing

ACNH - Furniture Polishing Effect
Polishing adds a little razzle dazzle to certain pieces of furniture. Giving them a little shine, maybe butterflies fluttering about, overall enhancing the quality and impression of the furniture.

List of Confirmed Effects

Glitter Butterflies Soft Shine
ACNH - Glitter Polished Furniture Effect ACNH - Butterflies Polished Furniture Effect ACNH - Soft Shine Polished Furniture Effect

List of Furniture Polishing Effects

ACNH - All Furniture Polishing Effects
There's a total of 14 Furniture Polishing effects that you can use in the Happy Home Paradise DLC , we've listed them all down below for you to check out!

ACNH - Glitter Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Love Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Spiral Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Excited Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Sweat Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Bubbles Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - From The Top Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Chilly Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Whispy Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Electric Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Gloomy Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Rattling Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Fluttering Polished Furniture Effect Icon
ACNH - Sound Polished Furniture Effect Icon

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