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A free Summer Update, for July 3, 2020, was announced for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Here we have info about the update's new features, so read on to learn more about the update!

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Swimming and DivingSwimming and Diving Guide Sea CreaturesSea Creatures Catching TipsCatching Tips

Official Summer Update Video

This is the promotional video released on June 25, 2020, by Nintendo's official account on YouTube.

How to Update and Update Patch Notes

Update Summary List

Check markPascal the Sea Otter will visit
Check markA Pirate form of Gulliver will visit
Check markSwim and Dive in the Ocean
Check markGet a Snorkel for updating
Check markCatch and Donate Sea Creatures
Check markMermaid Series DIY Furniure added
Check markLuminous Bamboo Grass seasonal item
Check markSecond Summer Update coming early August

New Visitors

ACNH - PascalPascal ACNH - Pirate GulliverPirate Gulliver

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Pascal the Sea Otter

ACNH - Pascal wants the player

While swimming, diving, and catching scallops in the ocean, you could encounter Pascal the Sea Otter. If Pascal appears, he will ask you for the scallops you've caught.

Trade Sea Creatures for DIY Recipes

ACNH - Pascal gives you something in return

If you give him your newly-caught scallop, he'll give you a DIY recipe in return!

Pirate Gulliver

ACNH - Pirate Gulliver asleep on the beach

Gulliver washes up on your shore again, but this time, wearing a red pirate costume! His speech has even changed to that of a pirate. We don't yet know much about what is different with this version of Gulliver, but we will update this page as new information comes along!

New Features

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Swimming and Diving

ACNH - The ocean opens up!
Swimming Diving

The ocean is finally open for you to swim and dive! The Summer Update unlocks the ocean, and allows you to jump in, swim, dive, and hunt for new sea creatures!

How to Swim and Dive

Get a Snorkel for Updating

ACNH - A resident dives into the ocean
While not neccessary to swim, Snorkels complete the swimmer's look! Fortunately, you'll get one as a thanks for updating your game, so you should be able to dive right in!

A Nook Inc. Snorkel can also be redeemed with Nook Miles, so we're sure Snorkels will be relatively easy to come by.

Catch and Donate New Sea Creatures

Catch New Sea Creatures

ACNH - A resident catches a sea creature

Diving also comes with the ability to catch new sea creatures in this update. While swimming, you will see bubbles and shadows in the water. Dive after the bubbles and shadow and you can catch that sea creature!

Donate New Sea Creatures

ACNH - Blathers asks if the resident wants to donate something

Aside from trading scallops for Pascal's DIY recipes, you can also donate other new sea creatures to the Museum. Head over to Blathers with your new sea creatures and he'll be happy to take them from you! Here's a list of newly-confirmed sea creatures from the update:

List of All Sea Creatures

Mermaid Series Furniture

ACNH - A resident relaxes in a mermaid-themed room
It looks like you can receive Mermaid-themed DIY recipes from Pascal, after trading your sea creatures. So, trade with Pascal every chance you get to get the entire Mermaid Furniture Series.

We think it will fit the Shell series perfectly, especially with the Pearl customization, so check if you're missing any recipes before the update hits!

List of Mermaid Series Furniture & Item Recipes

You might need shells to craft Mermaid DIY recipes

ACNH - A resident crafts a mermaid dresser

One confirmed recipe is the Mermaid Dresser, so we're hoping to see the entire series return in full glory. If the theme is anything to go by, we suspect you might need Shells to craft them, but we'll update once we know more!

Bamboo Grass Item Introduced

Bamboo Grass
Outdoor Decoration
Bamboo Grass
Seasonal Item

The Bamboo Grass looks wonderful, and it is a seasonal item available through Nook Shopping.

How to Get the Nook Shopping App

Summer Update #2 Coming Early August

ACNH - Summer Update #2 Coming Early August.jpg

The end of the video teases that part 2 of the Summer Update will arrive early August. With Diving already released, we're all really excited to see what kind of content and events will be revealed!

For a full list of previous Updates and patch notes, check here:

Update Patch Notes

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