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Missing a certain something something in your designs for your clients in Happy Home Paradise DLC of Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Why not add some bugs to give vacation homes a zest of life!

Check out our guide below on how you can unlock and incorporate bugs when designing vacation homes in Happy Home Paradise!

How to Unlock Bugs in Vacation Homes

ACNH - Nat teaching a bug lecture

Step Directions
1  Talk to Nat in Happy Home Paradise.
2  Attend the lecture at school.
3  Release bugs in vacatiom homes!

1. Talk to Nat in Happy Home Paradise

ACNH - Nat asks about the lecture at school

When you go to work at the Paradise Planning after the 30th client, Nat will come and visit the archipelago to teach how you can add bugs to your vacation homes. Just go and talk to him to start the lecture!

Happy Home Paradise DLC Walkthrough

2. Attend the Bug Lecture at School

ACNH - Nat lectures about releasing bugs

After talking to Nat, you'll go to the school and learn how you can add bugs to the exterior of vacation homes!

List of Design Skills

3. Release Bugs in Vacation Homes!

ACNH - player learns how to release bugs when designing homes

Once you finish the lecture, you'll now be able to release bugs you've captured and kept in your inventory when designing vacation homes.

After releasing bugs, you'll immediately find them fluttering, crawling, or hopping about in their new home!

How to Design Vacation Homes

How to Add Bugs in Vacation Homes

ACNH - in-game notification regarding bugs

While designing vacation homes, you can add bugs into the yard by accessing your inventory by pressing X, then select the bug of your choice by pressing A, and then release them by selecting the Release option.

List of Bugs

Maximum of 12 Bugs per vacation home

ACNH - Player HHP Bug Inventory

You can only have a maximum of 12 bugs per yard, so choose which lil' critters will compliment the theme of the vacation home wisely!

You can check how many bugs you currently have in each vacation home by pressing X to open your inventory. Look at the top left corner where you'll also see which lil' critters are currently living there if you press Y.

Return Bugs to Your Pockets

ACNH - An in-game notification about returning bugs to your pocket

You can return released bugs to your pocket by choosing the Return to pocket option after selecting the bug you want from the bug menu when you press Y while your inventory is open.

Bugs Aren't on the Menu

ACNH - Player Catching Tarantula

Bugs won't be available in the options when designing vacation homes. They'll come from your inventory instead!

Even if you released a bug in another villager's vacation home, you'll need to recapture the same type of bug again if you want to add the same type of bug to a different villager's vacation home!

Dangerous Bugs Disappear

You can release dangerous bugs like the wasp outside of the vacation homes and they won't be able to hurt you. Though keep in mind that the wasp will chase the player and then disappear after being released into the yard.

List of Dangerous Bugs

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