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This is a guide to collecting Pine Cones, a DIY material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). To learn how to get Pine Cones and where they can be used, please read on.

How to Get Pine Cones Fast

Available During Fall

Seasonal Material Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Pine Cone IconPine Cone September 1 to December 10 March 1 to June 10

You can get Pine Cones for 3 months, during the season of Fall. Isabelle will also mention when Fall officially starts, and when the season will be coming to an end.

List of Seasons and Seasonal DIY Items

Shake Cedar (Pine) Trees

Shake cedar tree to get pine cone.jpgEnlarge

You can get Pine Cones from shaking Cedar (Pine) Trees. The probability of this Material falling is slow, so try to be patient and shake the tree as much as you can until the Material falls.

If you'd like, you can shake a tree at least 10 times, then move on if Pine Cones still have not fallen.

You can also get acorns from hardwood trees

Shake hardwood tree to get acorn.jpg
During this season, you can also get acorns from shaking Hardwood (non-fruit bearing) Trees instead.
How to Get Acorns Fast

How Do You Use Pine Cones?

Use Them for DIY Crafting

TreeTree's Bounty Little Tree TreeTree's Bounty Mobile TreeTree's Bounty Big Tree
TreeTree's Bounty Arch Pine Bonsai Tree ImagePine Bonsai Tree Pile of Leaves ImagePile of Leaves
Leaf Campfire ImageLeaf Campfire

Pine Cones are used as a DIY crafting item to create the item(s) shown above.

List of Tree's Bounty Series Furniture & Item Recipes

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2 erika!3 months

thank you for this!!! ^^ I was hopelessly shaking trees a handful of times and coming up with nothing. Shaking a tree a bunch pays off! I personally have found that the ratio of tree branches to acorns/pinecones is similar to the anonymous post, after shaking several trees and getting <100 tree branches I ended up with 5 pinecones and 5 acorns. Hopefully other people's islands aren't this rough! Also, every time a coin came from a tree, soon after I would get an acorn or pinecone! Good luck!

1 Anonymous4 months

You can shake a tree way more than ten times. I got over 20 pine cones from one tree by just continuing to shake and clearing the branches that fell and filled up the spaces below. It just takes patience and time. The average was one pine cone to 10-15 branches that fell.

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