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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Find Gulliver

Look who washed up ashore on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)? It's Gulliver and he needs your help finding his communicator parts! Read on to learn more about Gulliver and what rewards you can get from Gulliver with our guide below!

Gulliver the Seagull
Gulliver iconGulliver's Communicator Parts Pirate GulliverPirate Gulliver and Rewards

How to Find Gulliver's Communicator Parts

1  Search for Gulliver on the Beach.
2  Find Gulliver's communicator in the sea.
3  Give the communicator to Gulliver!

1. Search for Gulliver on your island.

ACNH - Gulliver washed up ashore

Gulliver will be washed up on the shore of your beach so just walk around! Keep talking to him to wake him up to allow you to find his communicator.

2. Find Gulliver's communicator parts buried under the sand.

ACNH - Found a communicator part

Equip a shovel and dig on the wet spots you find on the beach. You may need to do this a few times, as there's a chance of you getting manila clams instead, but don't give up!

How to Swim and Dive

3. Give the communicator to Gulliver!

ACNH - Giving Gulliver the Seagull the communicator parts

Once you have found the communicator, return to Gulliver and hand it over. He will thank you and send your reward in the mail the next day!

Gulliver's Visit Schedule

ACNH - Gulliver asks for help

Date & Time On weekdays (random)
until 5:00AM the next day
Location Washed up on the Beach

Gulliver will wash up on your shore at random weekdays every other week and will stay until 5:00AM the next day.

Why Isn't Gulliver Showing Up? (Troubleshooting)

ACNH - Nintendo Switch Troubleshooting - Changing the Date and Time setting

Gulliver visits every other week, so you might just need to wait until next week for his visit! If you don't want to wait, you can always time travel!

How to Time Travel

Gulliver Items and Rewards

Unlock the Golden Shovel

ACNH - Gulliver Rewards - Golden Shovel Letter from Gulliver

Occasionally, the character Gulliver will wash up on the shore of your island, and need to be rescued. After you've rescued Gulliver 30 times, he'll send you the DIY Recipe for the Golden Shovel in the mail.

How to Get the Golden Shovel | Golden Shovel Recipe

Gulliver Items

List of Available Furniture
ACNH - Dala Horse Dala Horse ACNH - Hula Dance Doll Hula Dance Doll ACNH - Katana Katana
ACNH - Lucky Cat Lucky Cat ACNH - Moai StatueMoai Statue ACNH - Nutcracker Nutcracker
ACNH - Pagoda Pagoda ACNH - Pyramid Pyramid ACNH - South PoleSouth Pole
ACNH - Sphinx Sphinx ACNH - Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty ACNH - Stonehenge Stonehenge
ACNH - Tower of Pisa Tower of Pisa - -

Gulliver Clothing

List of Available Clothing
ACNH - Alpinist Hat Alpinist Hat ACNH - Ancient Administrator Hat Ancient Administrator Hat ACNH - Candy-Skull Mask Candy-Skull Mask
ACNH - Coin Headpiece Coin Headpiece ACNH - Elder Mask Elder Mask ACNH - Geisha Wig Geisha Wig
ACNH - Kaffiyeh Kaffiyeh ACNH - Milkmaid Hat Milkmaid Hat ACNH - Pigtail Pigtail
ACNH - Samurai Wig Samurai Wig ACNH - Silk Hat Silk Hat ACNH - Sombrero Sombrero
ACNH - Tam-o Tam-o'-Shanter ACNH - Tubeteika Tubeteika ACNH - Turban Turban
ACNH - Veil Veil - -

Rusted Parts

ACNH - Gulliver Guide - A player looking at a rusted part in the Recycle Box.jpg

The day after you help Gulliver, there will always be a Rusted Part waiting in the Recycle Box. Be sure to grab it, as the Rusted Part is used in the Robot Hero DIY item.

How to Get Rusted Parts

Earn Nook Miles with "Gulliver's Travails"

ACNH - Gulliver Guide - Gulliver

You can get Nook Miles from completing the stages on the "Gulliver's Travails" activity.

Gulliver's Travails
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Help Gulliver once. 300 Flightless/Fowl
Help Gulliver 10 times. 500 Perennial/Lost One
Help Gulliver 20 times. 1000 Off-Season/Migratory Bird

Nook Mileage Program Activities & Rewards List

Who is Gulliver?

About Gulliver

JP: ジョニー • FR: Gulliver • SP: Gulliver
Type Special Character
Birthday May 25
First Appearance
Animal Forest

Gulliver is a white seagull introduced in Dobotsu no Mori (Animal Forest). He randomly washes ashore on player's beach and requires help to get back to his crew. Helping him would make him feel grateful, and he'll even give you rewards for your trouble!

Did You Know

  • Gulliver first appeared in the very first Animal Crossing game: Dobotsu no Mori.
  • Gulliver and Gullivarrr have never been seen in the same room? Makes you think!
  • After re-establishing contact with his crew, Gulliver will wander around your island to wait for them? Feel free to talk some more with him after finding his communicator!
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