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This is a guide to helping Gulliver the Seagull in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what rewards you can get from Gulliver, as well as where to find Gulliver and how to help him!

What You Can Get From Gulliver the Seagull

Unlock the Golden Shovel

Golden Shovel Letter from Gulliver

Occasionally, the character Gulliver will wash up on the shore of your island, and need to be rescued. After you've rescued Gulliver 30 times, he'll send you the DIY Recipe for the Golden Shovel in the mail.

How to Get the Golden Shovel | Golden Shovel Recipe

Get a Rusted part from the Recycle Box

Rusted part in the Recycle Box.jpg

The day after you help Gulliver, there will always be a Rusted part waiting in the Recycle Box. Be sure to grab it, as the Rusted part is used in several rare DIY Recipes.

Get a Country's Unique Furniture

Statue of Liberty.jpg

The Game8 team got the Statue of Liberty from New York!

By helping Gulliver the Seagull remember which country he was in before landing on your beach, you will receive a piece of unique Furniture or Clothing associated with that country. You will receive it in the mail the next day!

List of Available Furniture

List of Available Furniture
Sphynx Pagoda Lucky Cat
South Pole Dala horse Pyramid
Hula dance doll Nutcracker Stonehenge
Statue of Liberty Moai statue -

List of Available Clothing

List of Available Clothing
Samurai wig Turban Pigtail
Geisha wig Veil Coin headpiece
Kaffiyeh Milkmaid hat Tubeteika
Tam-o'-shanter Silk hat Sombrero
Alpinist hat Elder mask Sheep hood
Candy-skull mask Ancient administrator hat

Earn Nook Miles with "Gulliver's Travails"

Nook Miles.jpg
You can get Nook Miles from completing the stages on the "Gulliver's Travails" activity.

Gulliver's Travails
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Help Gulliver once. 300 Flightless/Fowl
Help Gulliver 10 times. 500 Perennial/Lost One
Help Gulliver 20 times. 1000 Off-Season/Migratory Bird

How to Help Gulliver the Seagull

1. Craft a shovel.
2. Wake Gulliver the Seagull up and offer to help him look for his communicator parts.
3. Dig up spots on the beach where water blows out.
4. Give the five communicator parts to Gulliver the Seagull.

1. Craft a Shovel in Advance

Craft Flimsy Shovel
To help Gulliver the Seagull, you need to have a Shovel available. You will be digging on the beach so be sure to have one ready.

List of Shovels

2. Talk to Gulliver the Seagull Multiple Times to Wake Him Up

Waking Up Gulliver the Seagull
After waking Gulliver the Seagull up, he will ask for help with his lost communicator parts. Choose to look for it.

3. Dig Spots on the Beach Where Water Blows Out

Communicator Part
You can find the parts on the beach where Gulliver the Seagull is. Keep your eyes peeled on the sand for spots with water shooting out.

The parts will still appear even if Gulliver the Seagull is not there

Even if Gulliver the Seagull is not there, you can still search for the parts on the beach.

4. Give the Five Parts to Gulliver the Seagull

Give Gulliver the Seagull the Parts
After giving the parts to Gulliver the Seagull, you will receive Nook Miles.

Where to Find Gulliver the Seagull

Passed Out on the Beach

Gulliver the Seagull on the Beach
Like previous games, you can find Gulliver passed out on your island's beach. Frequent visits to the beach will increase the chances of seeing him.

Keep talking to him!

Keep Talking to Gulliver the Seagull
The first time you talk to him, he will be talking in his sleep, so keep pressing the A button and talk to him until he wakes up.

Check the Title Screen

Gulliver on the title screen.jpg
If you want to check if Gulliver is in your town before starting the game, you can check the title screen. He'll sometimes be shown on the screen if he is currently on your island's beach.

How to Repeat (Farm) Gulliver Events

Farming Gulliver's Event

Farming Gullivers Event

Fastest Way to get the Golden Shovel
  1. Find a day where Gulliver appears.
  2. Gather the Communicator Parts and help Gulliver.
  3. Save and close the game, change the date to next day.
  4. Get Gulliver's letter, save and quit.
  5. Return the date and time to find Gulliver again.
  6. Repeat from step 2.

1. Find a day where Gulliver appears

Days Gulliver Appear ・2020/01/03

Note: These are the days we came across Gulliver.

First you have to find a date where Gulliver appears. It seems like the date Gulliver appears might be different for Southern and Northern Hemispehere. Our first 2 dates are based from gameplays on the Southern Hemispehere and the last is based on gameplay from the Northern Hemisphere.

2. Gather the Communicator Parts and help Gulliver

Like when you come across him normally, talk to him and find his communicator parts to clear his event. If the time goes past 5:00 AM, Gulliver will disappear and you'll become unable to clear the event, so try to make sure you have plenty of time when changing the dates.

3. Save and close the game, change the date to next day

After you've given Gulliver the communicator parts, make sure to save and close the game, then change the date to the next day.

4. Get Gulliver's letter, save and quit

After changing the date, open the game once more to find Gulliver's letter in your mail box. Once you've received the letter and the present, save and close the game again.

5. Return the date and time to find Gulliver again

After closing the game again, go back to the Switch settings and change the date back to the day your found Gulliver (the day before). He will appear once again and you can do his event over from the beginning. Repeating these steps is the fastest way to farm Gulliver's events.

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7 Anonymous14 days

i got the sheep hood from my shop not from him. i dont think he gives it to you

6 Anonymous17 days

You can get a katana

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