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Happy Home Academy S Rank

This is a guide on how to increase your Happy Home Academy Rank in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for Nintendo Switch. Read on for what Furniture and Items to use to score more points on the HHA evaluations, as well as a list of possible rewards.

How to Increase Your HHA Rank

Summary of Ways to Increase HHA Rank

Ways to Get More HHA Points
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1 Expand Your House
2 Basic Living Necessities
3 Hang Furniture on Walls
4 Decorate with Furniture Series
5 Use Furniture Sets
6 Use Furniture with Matching Colors
7 Some Furniture Give Bonus Points
8 Decorate with Feng Shui in Mind

Expand Your House

ACNH - Pay off Loans and Expand your House
If you expand you house, you get more space to put Furniture in, increasing the amount of points you can get. For anyone wishing to aim for Happy Home Academy rewards, we recommend first having at least 3 rooms.

How to Pay Off Your Loan and Upgrade Your Tent and House

Basic Living Necessities

ACNH - Necessary Furniture
First and foremost you'll want to make sure all the basic living necessities are covered. There are 4 pre-determined living necessities: a chair, a table, a dresser or wardrobe, and a bed.

They don't need to all be in the same room, but make sure you have at least one of each.

As explained further below, it's recommended to use Furniture of the same Series and matching colors as much as possible, especially when you first start out since it's an easy way to earn points.

Hang Furniture on Walls

ACNH - Wall-Mounted Furniture
Points will be added or reduced depending on whether you have Wall-Mounted items or not. Make Furniture like Clocks and hang them on the walls for an easy boost.

Decorate with Furniture Series

ACNH - Bunny Day Furniture Series
You can get more points by using Furniture from the same Series. We recommend playing time-limited events, such as the Bunny Day Event, to gather the materials and craft the Bunny Day DIY items!

Bunny Day Event | List of Bunny Day Items

Use Furniture Sets

ACNH - Bunny Day Furniture Series
A Furniture set is a set of Furniture belonging to the same genre or category. This can for example be Apple or Guitar, so you can use DIY to make great Furniture sets for high HHA scores.

Use Furniture with Matching Colors

ACNH - HHA - Matching Colors
Using a lot of Furniture with the same color will get you a higher score.

You can change the color of Furniture with DIY Customization to make all your furniture match, it'll still be counted as the same color.

Some Furniture Give Bonus Points

ACNH - HHA - Furniture with Bonus Points

Some Furniture give additional Bonus points when placed. These include trophies from HHA and pictures of Villagers, so make sure to put them up if you have any!

Decorate with Feng Shui in Mind

Feng Shui Areas
HHA 4x4Enlarge 4×4 6×6Enlarge 6×6 8×8Enlarge 8×8

Note: The above images are based on the system in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Feng Shui, a system where furniture and flowers of a certain color are placed in a certain place of your room, greatly affects the score of a room. The main colors are red, yellow, and green, but there are also areas where two colors are used.

In the areas where two colors are used, you can place Furniture of either color without getting point deductions, but you earn the most by placing Furniture that is a combination of both colors without getting a point deduction.

Utilize small items for best effect

Only parts of the room are affected by Feng Shui, so it's better to use as many small pieces of Furniture as possible to rack up points! Items placed on top of tables and dressers also count, so a good strategy is placing many small items on top of Furniture with surfaces.

Feng Shui Color and Effect Guide

Happy Home Academy Ranking System

How Ranks Work

Rank S Above 50,000 Points
Rank A Above 40,000 Points
Rank B Below 39,999 Points

Ranks are determined by the amount of points you have, and you get a Letter about your score after points have been added or deducted.

Points Can Decrease Too

Point Reduction Causes
  • Items with no points have been placed.
  • There are Cockroaches in the house.
  • Furniture with a front and back have the front facing the wall.

There is a risk of losing points as well as gaining them. Among the 3 reasons for point deductions listed above, the biggest deduction comes from having Cockroaches, so make sure to get rid of them all!
How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Get Rewards Based on Rank

ACNH - HHA Rewards

List of Rewards

Reward Points
Gold HHA Trophy 150,000 Points
Silver HHA Trophy 100,000 Points
Bronze HHA Trophy 70,000 Points
Gold HHA Plaque 50,000 Points
Silver HHA Plaque 30,000 Points
Bronze HHA Plaque 20,000 Points
HHA Pennant 10,000 Points

After reaching a score of 10,000 points, you start getting rewards from the Happy Home Academy. We currently haven't confirmed rewards for scores above 150,000 points, but our investigation is ongoing!

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Highest points I’ve seen so far, nothing exciting happens

10 Anonymous4 months

>>7 I have had a ranking of over 150,000 for a while now. I have only received one piece of furniture from the HHA. My latest ranking was a little over 184,000.

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