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Animal Crossing: New Villagers (ACNH) - How Close Can You Plant Trees?
Decorate your charming island to your vision by planting trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Find out how close you can plant trees to each other, how long trees take to fully grow, and other tree-planting basics to build your ideal island with below!

How Close Can You Plant Trees?

Trees Need 1 Free Space Around Them to Grow

ACNH - No Free Space Around the Sapling

For a tree to fully grow, it needs 1 free space in all directions. If there are cliffs, water, or buildings in those spaces, the tree will not grow.

You can plant next to flowers and bushes

It is also important to note that flowers and bushes do not "take up space," so it is safe to plant tree saplings next to them.

Trees Need to be at Least 1 Space Apart

ACNH - Trees with One Space Apart

Trees can be planted next to each other, given that there's at least 1 space apart. This goes for any direction. To check, you should be able to walk past between trees.

If you make a mistake, you can always move trees with your shovel.

How to Plant Trees

Purchase Saplings

ACNH - Purchase saplings at Nook

You can purchase saplings from Nook's Cranny, or sometimes you would find ones in the Recycle Box at Resident Services.

Plant the Sapling

Choose a spot with enough space, and open up your pockets to plant the sapling.

You can use a shovel to plant on an exact spot

ACNH - Use shovel to plant

With your shovel on hand, you can also use it to dig a hole where you want the tree to be and plant the sapling.

How Long Do Trees Take to Grow?

Trees Take 5 Days to Fully Grow

ACNH - Tree Growth Stages
From left to right, Nursery Tree, Small Young Tree, Medium young Tree, Large Young Tree, and a Fully-Grown Tree.

The stages are the same for any kind of tree, including bamboo.

It will take 5 days for a sapling to grow and bear fruit if it is a fruit tree, or Bells if it is a Money Tree.

How to Move Trees

Step Directions
1 Craft or buy any shovel
2 Eat one of any fruit
3 Dig up the tree with the A Button
4 Replant the tree

1. Craft or Buy Any Shovel

ACNH - Crafting an Flimsy Shovel from DIY

Any shovel is fine for digging up trees.

You can craft shovels with DIY or buy them the cabinet at Nook Shopping if you don't have one in hand!

List of Shovels

2. Eat Fruit to Gain Stamina

ACNH - Eating fruit
To move a tree, you will need to have 1 point of stamina, which you can get from eating a piece of fruit, turnip, or any other kind of food.

3. Use a Shovel to Dig Up Trees

ACNH - Pulling up a tree

While holding a shovel, press A in front of a tree to pull it up and place it in your pockets. You can then replant the tree.

Moving small trees do not take up stamina

As long as the tree hasn't fully grown, you can move small trees even without stamina. This goes the same for shrubs and flowers.

4. Replant Trees

ACNH - Replant a tree

You can replant trees you've dug up! You won't have to cut down trees and plant seeds from scratch.

Use this tip to redecorate your island accordingly!

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