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Released April 21st, an update was announced for Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch. Here we have summarized the event info and added items revealed in the update, so read below to see all the exciting things to come!

Official April Update Video

This is the promotion video released April 21st, 2020 by Nintendo's official account on YouTube.

How to Update and Update Patch Notes

New Visitors

Leif thumbnail.png Leif Jolly Redd thumbnail.png Jolly Redd Cyrus and Reese.pngCyrus and Reese

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Leif's Garden Shop

ACNH - Leifs Garden Shop (1).png
Leif will now start visiting your island at the plaza, offering flower seeds and bush starters. We suspect he'll run his shop much like Kicks, checking in once every week to help you greenify your island.

Flower Seeds and Bush Starts available

ACNH - Garden Shop Inventory (1).png
The shop window shown in the video show that you can buy 4 bush starts, two types with two color variants, and 6 flower seeds, a total of 10 wares.

It has not been revealed whether new flowers will be added too. At the very least, he might sell flowers not available at your Nook's Cranny!

Jolly Red's Treasure Trawler

Redd is back in business
Another well-known character, the sly fox Redd will also be in the update.

He'll be selling both Art and Furniture, and will of course have no qualms about selling fakes to his cousins, business as usual!

Where Can You Find Jolly Redd?


Redd's Treasure Trawler can be found at the Secret Beach in the back of your island, so make sure you've made it accessible with stairs or terraforming!

How to Build Slopes, Stairs and Inclines

Inspect Art Before Buying

fake painting.jpg

You can inspect the art pieces available up close at his Treasure Trawler before buying, so you'll need to train your eye to spot the real treasures! Art sold here are actually based on artwork from real life, so you can learn a lot about art here!

Lloid.jpgGame8 Strategy Team The artwork above is based on "Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas" by Ito Jakuchu. It looks exactly like this except that the real painting has blue flowers instead of red, so this artwork is a fake.

We will update our guide on art and forheries as soon as the update comes out.

Cyrus and Reese

Cyrus and Reese.jpg
Cyrus and Reese are the owners of the Re-Tail shop back in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Cyrus specifically, used to do customization for items. Their addition in the game might mean that a Nook's Cranny upgrade or an entirely new shop might be on the way as well.

The video did not mention anything about it, unfortunately, so we can only speculate as to whether the two will help customize Furniture in the near future or not. But we sure hope so! Trading is nice and all, but it can take a lot of time and resources.

Trading Board

Cyrus and Reese' Anniversary

wedding season 1.png
You and Harvey will help take their anniversary photos on Wedding Season! Jump to this section to learn more about this event!

New Features

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Museum Upgrade

Museum upgrade.jpg
Buying Art is nice and all, but where will you put it? On the Second Floor of the Museum, is where!

Art Gallery Unlocked

New Door at the Museum
You can see the bottom of a door added between the two benches on top of the stairs, so we believe that's where the Art Gallery will be added.

Like the other parts of the Musuem, the Art Gallery looks to have gotten a serious upgrade and collecting all Statues and Paintings will probably take a great deal of effort, even without forgeries to look out for!

Paintings and Sculptures Confirmed

Art Gallery Paintings

Art Gallery Sculptures

We are shown part of the Art Gallery, and there are plenty of spots for both Paintings and Sculptures waiting for you!

Bushes and Shrubbery Added

Hydrangea and Azalea shrubs.jpg
Only four different bushes were shown in the video: Pink-Azalea, White-Azalea, Orange-Tea-Olive, and Yellow-Tea-Olive.

They were all sold as Starts, so most likely you'll have to grow them for a while before they bloom.

New Horizons Bushes

・Pink / White Azalea

・Blue / Pink Hydrangea

・Red / Yellow Hibiscus

・Sweet Olive


It is possible that Sweet Olive has changed its name to Tea-Olive.

Can be Moved with Shovels

ACNH - Planting Azalea (1).png
Also in the inventory, a fully grown Azalea was planted directly. We think you'll be able to move bushes with Shovels, just like you can move Flowers and Trees that way.

New Hedge Fence

Hedge Fences will probably be added
While it's unknown whether it's related to Leif and Nature Day or not, a new type of Shrubbery /Hedge Fence was shown.

We have all been looking forward to getting something like it and really look forward to decorating our islands with hedge fences!

Events from April to June

ACNH - Leifs Garden Shop (1).pngNature Day Event (04/23~05/04) May Day Tour.jpgMay Day Event (05/01~05/07)
Stamp Rally.jpgInternational Museum Day Event (05/18~05/31) wedding season 2.jpgWedding Season Event (06/01~06/30)

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Nature Day Event (04/23~05/04)

ACNH - Nature Day Nook Miles (1).png
Nature Day is the time to celebrate and to raise awareness on environment protection. This event is headed by Leif, and will take place from the 23rd of April to the 4th of May, giving you plenty of time to participate in the event.

Do Limited-time Nature Day Activities

ACNH - Nature Day Nook Miles Activities (1).png
During the Nature Day event, you'll have Special Nook Miles+ Activities available to earn Miles with. Leif will also be at the Plaza to provide you with flower seeds and shrub starts!

Nature Day Event Info and Rewards

May Day Event (05/01~05/07)

To on time-limited May Day tours at the Airport
From May 1st to May 7th, thus overlapping the Nature Day event, is a new Event called May Day. It seems like a special character named Rover, will be making a comeback as well!

Go on Limited-time May Day Tours

May Day Tour.jpg
It looks like you spend May Day Tickets at the Airport to go on May Day Tours.

These special islands are far different from the ones on Mystery Tours. On the island shown in the video, a Tool box is dropped in a hedge maze, along with Tree Branches and Stone, so you'll probably be able to find some nice treasures there. Rover, a special character, seems to be waiting at the end of it!

Since Rover obviously can't help you determine your gender in this glorious, gender-free island paradise of ours, it's unknown what Rover might do for the player at the moment. We'll keep you posted as soon as we make it through the maze!

May Day Event Info and Rewards

International Museum Day Event (05/18~05/31)

Blathers introduces International Museum Day
Blathers is in charge of the International Museum Day event, and a much beloved activity in Japan, Stamp Rallies, is making its way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

The event takes place from May 18th to 31st, and it looks like you have to visit different parts of the museum to collect stamps.

Participate in Stamp Rallies

Stamp Rally.jpg
The requirements to get stamps are currently unknown. You might need to make a lot of donations to get your stamp, or if visiting other players' Museums will grant different stamps than yours, but let's try to donate as many bugs, fish and fossils as possible!

The video promises in-game rewards for collecting the stamps, so keep an eye of for our guide when the event rolls around!

International Museum Day Event Info and Rewards

Wedding Season Event (06/01~06/30)

wedding season 2.jpg
For the entire month of June, from June 1st to 30th, a new event called Wedding Season will take place.

Arrange Anniversary Photos

In the video, we're shown Cyrus and Reese, the Alpaca couple of Re-Tail, asking you and Harvey help them take some gorgeous Anniversary Photos. We'll gladly help out, so won't you consider moving into Nook's Cranny? Pleeeeaaase?

Wedding Season Event Info and Rewards

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