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This is the Trading Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Find partners to trade island-exclusive items like fruits, and other rare items.

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123327 Brenden (Rivendell)2 minutesReport

(I'm gonna keep spamming this, sorry not sorry haha) FINALLY got my various free items lists updated. Help me clear out my storage! Let me know what you want and it's yours :) https://villagerdb.com/user/brendenjames

123326 Brenden (Rivendell)4 minutesReport

>>123324 K - hahaha I am lazy and usually just click the "-" button and then say go back to my island

123325 Elias from Drag Land8 minutesReport

Does anyone have an extra crafted Scorpio lamp? Willing to pay/trade for it. Name your price.

123324 K9 minutesReport

>>123311 Wow Brenden how did you disappear so fast hahah friend request sent ;) Thanks Elias for the tables! I found more fish in my storage for you. I'll check your list then post...

123323 Catnap10 minutesReport

>>123321 Thank you I will pop over is there anything you would like?

123322 Sami10 minutesReport

>>123316 Jennifer, Thank you so much!

123321 Jennifer14 minutesReport

>>123316 I have all of the fruit. You're welcome to come take some. Dodo 9B4BC

123320 Lora14 minutesReport

>>123304 Jennifer, In going to come by and sell. Thank you!

123319 Elias from Drag Land14 minutesReport

>>123316 I can bring you fruit for free. Post a dodo code.

123318 Lora16 minutesReport

>>123317 Elias, I'm good at the moment. :) It's mailed.

123317 Elias from Drag Land20 minutesReport

>>123315 Thanks so much Lora. What would you like in return?

123316 Sami20 minutesReport

>>123286 Is anyone willing to swap some fruit? I have pears, peaches, and coconuts. I’ll swap for cherries or oranges

123315 Lora20 minutesReport

>>123312 Yes, it will be on its way to you shortly, Elias. :)

123314 Catnap21 minutesReport

Hello I am looking for apples, anyone with them name your price. Thanks

123313 Lora22 minutesReport

>>123312 Elias, I think I might. Let me check my storage.

123312 Elias from Drag Land25 minutesReport

Does anyone have a spare ancient wall? Name your price. :)

123311 Brenden (Rivendell)26 minutesReport

>>123310 K - I am on my way!

123310 K29 minutesReport

>>123305 Brenden - unsure if we are friends! Dodo is 65KCC. I have a bunch of things you can have too!

123309 Evan30 minutesReport

>>123304 Jennifer, can I stop by and sell mine? please?

123308 Rhys (Bespin)30 minutesReport

>>123304 Fab! Thanks so much Jennifer - on my way!

123307 PUCHU31 minutesReport

>>123306 I meants Silver

123306 PUCHU31 minutesReport

>>123300 Solver :D

123305 Brenden (Rivendell)37 minutesReport

>>123303 k - all yours! Are we friends in game already? I cant remember. Otherwise post a dodo and I can bring them :)

123304 Jennifer37 minutesReport

>>123275 >>123297 >>123296 Dodo code for turnips is 9B4BC

123303 K39 minutesReport

>>123293 Brendan - can I have the colourful wheel, tapestry, park clock and trainset? I have some spare pirate boots you can have!

123302 Woahman 41 minutesReport

>>123286 Amazing! Thank you!! My dodo code is H85G7

123301 Brenden (Rivendell)41 minutesReport

>>123300 Puchu - I mean silver and blue sorry

123300 Brenden (Rivendell)42 minutesReport

>>123298 Puchu - which range? There is silver and red

123299 Brenden (Rivendell)43 minutesReport

>>123295 Ty kelly! Is there anything you need I can set aside for you?

123298 PUCHU44 minutesReport

>>123293 Brenden, Can you mail me the 50 inch tv and the Gas range?

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    • >>[2180]
      Hiya I have both!
      My dodo code is D5JV2 if you want to come over!

    • (I'm gonna keep spamming this, sorry not sorry haha) FINALLY got my various free items lists updated. Help me clear out my storage! Let me know what you want and it's yours :)

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