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This is the Trading Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Find partners to trade island-exclusive items like fruits, and other rare items.

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292005 Jo from Sugarshine about 2 hoursReport

Hi Anon looking for apples and peaches if you see this in the next hour I can pop over with some for you 😊 nothing needed in return 😊

292004 Anonymousabout 3 hoursReport

Hi. Looking for apples and peaches, but have never been to another persons island.

292003 Anonymous-Fruityabout 5 hoursReport

Anon, anytime you post a 'more the merrier' Dodo code on here anybody can see it that checks the board. Anyone can then also use that Dodo code to get to your island until you close your gate. So always remember to close your gate. You can even do it right after someone comes. They can still leave at anytime, it just prevents any other unwanted people from being able to come. If an unwanted person ever shows up then push the - button to break the connection and kick them off.

292002 Yogiabout 7 hoursReport

it's fine. & You should of taken more

292001 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

I took 4 pears & 4 apples (im sharing with my daughter, she'll come to my island) thank you so soo much!

292000 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

Im so sorry i shook your tree, i didnt mean to and dont know how to reply in the nook app

291999 polarisabout 7 hoursReport

does anyone have a spare barbed wire fence diy that I can buy from them?

291998 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

On my way, thank you so much!

291997 Yogiabout 7 hoursReport


291996 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport


291995 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

L1JH5 doesnt seem to be working, being told "oh drumsticks...arent any island we can take you to right now..."?

291994 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

Would you like anything in exchange?

291993 polarisabout 7 hoursReport

I tried that code and it doesn't seem to be working :/ maybe try to get a new code?

291992 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport


291991 Yogiabout 7 hoursReport

I have all fruits & veggies available for picking if anyone wants to come over, come see; L1JH5

291990 polarisabout 7 hoursReport

im pretty sure it is just a one time deal

291989 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

Once someone has your dodo code are they able to visit your island whenever they please or is it a one time deal?

291988 polarisabout 8 hoursReport

nope! just doing this from the good of my heart :)

291987 Anonymousabout 8 hoursReport

Would you like any fruit, vegetables or bells in exchange?

291986 polarisabout 8 hoursReport

I can help you! I only have 4 pears right now though, I hope thats okay. Just give me your code and I can come over soon!

291985 Anonymousabout 8 hoursReport

Hello, I've never traded before or visited another player's island or had them come to mine. I need apples and pears to plant on my island. Can anyone help me?

291984 polarisabout 8 hoursReport

i think the connection got interuptted. the new code is 4T4KD. i think there is something going on with the wifi so it might break again but we can try if you still want to

291983 Yogiabout 8 hoursReport

Connection was lost somehow or another,

291982 Yogiabout 8 hoursReport


291981 polarisabout 8 hoursReport

okay thank you the code is GMFWC

291980 Yogiabout 8 hoursReport

I have all veggies and fruits nothing needed in return... Post a dodo code & ill be right over.

291979 polarisabout 8 hoursReport

does anyone have and potatoes and sugarcane that I can have. I can pay with bells

291978 kranch Anonymousabout 9 hoursReport

that's fine! im really just in need of cherries. code: 6Y8HV

291977 polarisabout 9 hoursReport

nah im all good, the person I was gonna get sugarcane from doesn't seem to be online right now so I can only give you cherries if you still want them. just let me know what your dodo code is

291976 kranch Anonymousabout 9 hoursReport

thank you! is there anything you need?

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