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This is the Trading Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Find partners to trade island-exclusive items like fruits, and other rare items.

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268765 Anonymous32 minutesReport

I have both cherries & apples

268764 Anitaabout 1 hourReport

I mean, I do love fried chicken haha. But I wouldn’t eat Apollo! He’s cold and has gossiped about me 😂 I’ll share my summer warmth with you, Fruity. Feel free to send some snow over.

268763 Echoabout 1 hourReport

nom, tasty fried bird...ahem...

268762 Anonymous-Fruityabout 1 hourReport

Echo and Anita, I think Apollo likes Anita's visits too much and would fly over the fence. He did tell Anita during tourney how cold he was 😉🤣 mind sharing some of your summer heat with the rest of us though, or you might fry poor Apollo by accident 🤣

268761 Echoabout 2 hoursReport

AlleyKat, I can give you oranges and pears. Also have a boatload of diys, maybe you can learn some? Dodo BCK2V

268760 Anitaabout 2 hoursReport

Thank you to Natali and Kristin for my mail today 🥰🥰 Echo, thank you for the amazing tour again. You really are incredibly creative, and it’s always so wonderful visiting to see the updates and for a chat haha.

268759 AllyKatabout 2 hoursReport

Hello! Looking to get some oranges and pears. I'm fairly new to ACNH and still trying to grow my island. Is there an island I can visit to pick up these fruit?

268758 Echoabout 2 hoursReport

Anita, please don't lick the bird, it ruffles his feathers.

268757 Anitaabout 2 hoursReport

Ah Fruity, Apollo is always worth visiting. Still surprised Echo never fences his house in when I come over 😂😂

268756 Anonymous-Fruityabout 2 hoursReport

Echo, not tonight, but hopefully soon. I love seeing what you come up with! Plus the added bonus that I get to visit Apollo and Merengue 😬

268755 Anonymous Esmeabout 2 hoursReport

Raelia, you've got such a cute island from what I saw on the flyover. So green!

268754 Raeliaabout 3 hoursReport

D1WW4 and thank u sooooo much!!!

268753 Anonymous Esmeabout 3 hoursReport

I can take some to you. Nothing needed in return. Post a code and I'll drop them off.

268752 Raeliaabout 3 hoursReport

Hey i am loooking for apples and oranges, can trade u cherries, pears and/or peaches, lmk if ur interested and i will send my dodo code.

268751 Anonymous Esmeabout 3 hoursReport

Been a crazy couple of weeks, haven't played much but this week at Harvs Island, Sahara has... Circuit-board Wall, White-shelving Wall Circus Flooring, Wildflower Meadow Green Exquisite Rug, Yellow Watermelon Rug, Blue Argyle Rug, Botanical Rug Kicks is on my island at the moment. He's got a cute Dreamy Backpack and a tiny flower tote bag. If you'd like any of these, please let me know. :)

268750 Anonymousabout 3 hoursReport

i sure can help get you some pears. i can give you 12, in return could i have some apples and oranges? that’s all i’m missing :)

268749 Skygirlabout 4 hoursReport

Anyone help with pears? I have all the other fruit. Hit me with a dodo if you can help, thanks

268748 Jo from Sugarshine about 4 hoursReport

😊😊😊Echo and Fruity you are both so inspirational 🥰🥰🥰

268747 Echoabout 5 hoursReport

Aww shucks, Fruity. Thank you! Speaking of vision, wanna come see what this latest burst of inspiration hath wrought?

268746 Anonymous-Fruityabout 5 hoursReport

Echo, I love how you made a city. You may have downloaded the designs but it was ur vision that put it together to make ur masterpiece. We should have a challenge day sometime to see what we can create. I love the look of some walls & designs I've seen but nothing fits what I want 4 my ultimate coffee room since u know I need one of those! 😂 The joy of ac though is that it's a long game. I have unlimited time to create and delete and retry. If only there was less deleting needed 🤣

268745 Echoabout 6 hoursReport

Fruity, I admire your ability to create custom designs! My artistic abilities are limited to using designs to great affect, but sadly, I can not draw beyond stick-figure.

268744 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

Thank you so much tsunami! 💜

268743 Anonymous-Fruityabout 7 hoursReport

Echo and Anon, simple panels really are great for those that have figured out custom designs. Mine still look like a toddler first learning to fingerprint but hey, that's art too, right?!🤣 if you aren't talented with your own designs yet, there are some really great ones in the portal that you can download to use. I'm just stubborn and refusing to let myself since practice is the way I learn best.

268742 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

Sorry, I'm April, my island is reeferland. I need cherries, apples and pears please. Here's my dodo code L4F9S

268741 Tsunami881 about 7 hoursReport

I'm getting confused here. Can all the anons put a name above their comment then tell me what fruit u need with a dodo

268740 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

I need cherries and apples, could someone please help? I can trade orange, peach, and pear

268739 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

BM3HW Ty, I need pears and apples too. If you can help. Really appreciate it.

268738 Tsunami881 about 7 hoursReport

My island fruit is oranges. I can spare them. That was me with the cherries before as well. I have all fruit

268737 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

Hey could you spare some oranges?

268736 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

I can help you with cherries post a dodo

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