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Recipe and Fruit Trading Board | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

This is the Trading Board for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). Find partners to trade island-exclusive items like fruits, and other rare items.

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206391 piperless than a minuteReport

Updated my lists, take a look in case you want some DIYs I have listed under Free. I spent too much time and separated by category. Just let me know :) https://villagerdb.com/user/missdaisyland

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206390 Hope World23 minutesReport

>>206389 Oh yes u should she did a heck of a job! 😁💜

206389 TildaOfDoeHollow 26 minutesReport

>>206384 I’m going to have to ask her to come see it next time I see her on! I amazed by people who build up their islands so fast.

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206388 Hope World34 minutesReport

>>206387 Got it on my way!

ShowID: 8fa201513a1d4b1
206387 piper36 minutesReport

>>206386 Hope dodo code is NMMG7!

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206386 Hope World40 minutesReport

>>206385 Ofc no problem! I'll be here 😄

ShowID: 8fa201513a1d4b1
206385 piper41 minutesReport

>>206383 I have to restart my game but i'll be right back :)

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206384 Hope World42 minutesReport

>>206381 Oh she did an amazing job! 👏🏼 like it's sooo fun and the fact she did it soo fast I was amazed

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206383 Hope World43 minutesReport

>>206382 Oh yay!! I saw you went off thought I missed my chance lol could you open? 😊

ShowID: 8fa201513a1d4b1
206382 piper44 minutesReport

>>206378 Hi Hope! I hear you!

206381 TildaOfDoeHollow about 1 hourReport

>>206379 Oh I don’t think I’ve seen Kelly’s new island! I’m sure it’s amazing 💛 can’t wait to see what you come up with.

206380 Deshell about 1 hourReport

Syd. Thank you for my mail. 💕

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206379 Hope Worldabout 1 hourReport

>>206375 Yess they do! I'm only rebuilding cause I liked Kelly's decor on treesong but now it might go a different route due to the space I have and my hazy memory lol

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206378 Hope Worldabout 1 hourReport


206377 Sarahabout 1 hourReport

>>206376 Gonna be on for about another half hour. Anybody can come visit my island DODO: 1PGV0. Have a few diys (cutting board, manga library wall and wooden block bench) also some random items laying on ground with fruit as well. :)

206376 Sarahabout 1 hourReport

Anybody need to visit Redd? He’s at my island and the Academic painting is real.

206375 TildaOfDoeHollow about 1 hourReport

>>206374 😂 people have so many good ideas I get overwhelmed looking at everyone’s amazing islands. I had to take a break from looking. Museum builds are fun though.

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206374 Hope Worldabout 1 hourReport

>>206373 Yess!! I'm rebuilding the museum area but I'm out of ideas so I'm just running lol but the more I run the more I'm like oh I should change this too 😆 it's never ending

206373 TildaOfDoeHollow about 1 hourReport

>>206370 Hope, same. Lol I keep building and then demolishing. I don’t know what to do. Let me know if I can help with anything. I wish we could help other players with terraforming 😂

206372 TildaOfDoeHollow about 2 hoursReport

>>206369 Hi HollyKim ☺️ You need help with anything? Happy to see you on.

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206371 Hope Worldabout 2 hoursReport

>>206369 Hi Holly anythin I can help with today?

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206370 Hope Worldabout 2 hoursReport

>>206368 Haha nothing at all I'm out of ideas so I'm just running around lol

206369 Hollykim about 2 hoursReport

>>206366 Hi Tilda, hi Hope 😀

206368 TildaOfDoeHollow about 2 hoursReport

>>206367 Nope I’m good but ty ☺️ just demolishing my mountains today, very time consuming. What about you?!

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206367 Hope Worldabout 2 hoursReport

>>206366 Hello Tilda! Anything I can help you with today? 😊

206366 TildaOfDoeHollow about 2 hoursReport

Hi Hope, hi HollyKim! ☀️

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206365 Hope Worldabout 2 hoursReport

>>206364 Hello rin! 👋🏼 lol although we already talking but I just saw this 😅

ShowID: CherryBay
206364 Rin(LadyK)about 2 hoursReport

>>206362 hi hope!! 🥰💖

206363 Petra aka Zimmabout 2 hoursReport

Hi does anyone need black roses, I have a lot that I will gladley plant at some else Island

ShowID: Welcome2BlueSide
206362 Hope Worldabout 2 hoursReport

Hello everyone! Anything anyone needing today? I have run out of ideas for some spaces I'm decorating so I'm just running around the island now lol

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