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Get more DIY recipes by picking up Message Bottles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). If you want to learn how often message bottles appear, as well as how you can get multiple bottles in a day, please read on!

How Often Does a Message in a Bottle Spawn?

Message Bottles Spawn on the Beach Twice a Day

ACNH - Message Bottle on the Beach (Night)
You can find message bottles twice a day. Check for one along the beach in the morning, and one again at night.

How to Get Multiple Message Bottles

Ways to Get Multiple Message Bottles
  • Visit the beach twice a day.
  • Go on Mystery Island Tours.
  • Add new players to the island.

Visit the Beach Twice a Day

ACNH - Message Bottle on the Beach (Rain)

You should be able to get at least 2 message bottles each day, since one spawns in the morning and one at night.

If you cannot wait for time to pass, you can always time travel.

Time Traveling Guide

Look for Message Bottles While Helping Gulliver

ACNH - Help Gulliver (Rain)
If you see hand Gulliver doozing off on the beach, get a DIY recipe, and get a reward from Gulliver after helping him.

Once helping Gulliver for 30 times, you can get a DIY recipe for a Golden Shovel.
Gulliver the Seagull | Gulliver's Communicator Parts

Go On Mystery Island Tours

ACNH - Orville Nook Miles Ticket

Sometimes, you can find message bottles on Mystery Island Tours. It is not guaranteed that you will get a message in a bottle every time, but it is worth a try if you have extra Nook Miles Tickets.
ACNH - Egg Message Bottle (Pockets)
Also, take note that recipes you get on tours are the same as the ones you get on your own island.

Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

Add New Players to the Island

Party Play Header.png
Another way to get more bottles is to add more players to the game. Even if the first player gets a message bottle, other players can also get their own message bottles at the beach at that time.

How to Add or Delete Players

DIY Recipes Available in Message Bottles

You Can Get Any Recipe Except for Seasonal DIY Items

Housewares DIY Recipes
You can get basically any DIY recipes available in the game from message bottles, excluding seasonal items which can be obtained from balloon presents.

If you would like to see the list of all DIY items, check out this page!

List of DIY Recipes | How to Get DIY Crafting Recipes

Get a mirror or vanity recipe on your first day of playing

ACNH - Wooden table mirror DIY Recipe (Pockets).png
Upon starting the game, one of the first recipes you can get is a mirror or vanity recipe, which is required for you to change your look.

How to Change Your Face and Hair

Egg Message Bottles are Available During the Bunny Day Event

ACNH - Egg Message Bottle (Pockets).png

Availability April 1, 2020 @5:00 AM ~ April 12

During the Bunny Day event, egg message bottles can also appear on your beach which contain DIY recipes for Bunny Day items.

During this time, regular message bottles will still appear.

Bunny Day (Easter) Event | Where to Find Eggs and Recipes

What is a Message in a Bottle

A Message from Villagers Containing DIY Recipes

ACNH - Message Bottle Letter (Rhonda Wooden Table Mirror).png
A message in a bottle is an item that washes up on your beach, like shells. You can pick them up and read the letter written by a villager, and a DIY recipe will be available for you to learn.

The type of recipe may depend on the villager's personality

Our team has confirmed that the type of recipe you can get in message bottles depends on the personality of the villager who wrote the letter.

For example, the Gold Armor recipe can be received from villagers with a Smug personality.
List of Villagers

You can receive multiple recipes from the same villager

Our team has also confirmed that you can get different recipes from the same villager. For example, our walkthrough team received both a Log Sofa recipe and a Bamboo Sphere recipe from Melba.

You Cannot Send Message Bottles

ACNH - Message Bottle on the Beach (Day).png
In older Animal Crossing games, you could write a message in a bottle like letters, and friends can see them washed up on their beach.

However, in New Horizons, you currently cannot send message bottles to other players.

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There are many days when I get 0 messages in a bottle so it is not true that you get two a day.

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the bottle should have a time interval

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