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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Cliff Ideas | How to Make Good Look Cliffs

To create good looking cliffs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), unlock the Island Designer app and the Cliff-Constiction Permit. Read on to learn how to create breath-taking cliffsides and some cliff ideas for your island!

How to Make Cliffs

Steps Directions
1 Unlock Island Designer app
2 Redeem Cliff Construction Permit at Nook Stop
3 Build your own cliffs!

1. Unlock Island Designer

ACNH - Resident looks at Island Designer app on the NookPhone

To terraform some island cliffs, you'll first need to unlock the Island Designer app.

Follow our detailed guide the fastest way unlock this:

Unlocking Island Designer Walkthrough

2. Redeem Cliff Construction Permit

ACNH - Resident is thinking Redeem Nook Miles from Nook Stop

Once you've unlock the Island Designer App on your NookPhone, head on over to the Nook Stop and redeem the Cliff-Construction Permit from 6,000 Nook Miles.

This will allow you to build or take away cliffs around the island!

What Should You Spend Nook Miles on?

3. Create Cliffs!

ACNH - Cliff-Construction Permit from the Island Designer app

You're all set! Head to the Island Designer app from your NookPhone and select Start contruction!

Once complete, press the + Button and choose the Cliff-Construction Permit on the bottom right corner.

Cliff Construction and Limitations

Though you're too place cliffs around the island (excpet the beach), here are all the limitation of cliff constuction.

  • You can only create cliffs 4 levels high
  • You cannot climb to the 4th level
  • You cannot place items on the 4th level

How to Design Cliffs

ACNH - Cliffs with waterfalls and flowers
Cliffs look best when they're paired with waterfalls and rivers. Create an impressive landscape for you island with our simple guide to waterfall cliffs!

How to Make Natural Rivers

How to Make a Waterfall Cliff

1 ACNH - Cliff Part 1.jpg
Create a 4 x 6 cliff on the first level of your island.
Create a 3 x 4 cliff on top of it that will serve as the cliff's second level.
2 ACNH - Cliff Part 2.jpg
The parts of the cliff marked with a O on the first level will be reshaped using the river construction tool to create a waterfall.
The parts of the cliff marked with a O on the second level will be reshaped to create an uneven but more natural-looking river that will flow into the waterfalls.
3 ACNH - Cliff Part 3.jpg
With the river and waterfall comple, cut off the O parts of the upper cliff to round out its shape.
4 ACNH - Cliff Part 4.jpg
The cliff looks best when connected with a natural flowing river on the first level, with the waterfall flowing directly into the river.
5 ACNH - Cliff Part 5.jpg
Decorate the surroundings by planting flowers, adding custom designs, and placing furniture to complete your cliff!

How to Round Cliff Corners

ACNH - Round Cliff 1.jpg
A 3 x 3 Cliff With Rounded Corners
You can round the corners of cliffs that are at least 3 x 3 in size by cutting their pointed sides
These rounded courners are 0.5 in size, so you can't decorate it with any designs, flowers, or furniture.
ACNH - Round Cliff 2.jpg
A 2 x 3 Cliff with Rounded Corners
You can also round the edges of cliffs that are 2 x 3 in size, although you can only round out one side of the cliff.
Attempting to trim another side of the edge with existing rounded edges destroys that side of the cliff.
ACNH - Round Cliff 3.jpg
A 2 x 2 Cliff with Rounded Corners
You can also round the opposite edges of cliffs that are 2 x 2 in size, which results in a leaf-shaped cliff.

Cliff Ideas and References

You're not limited to just one cliff design though! Below are some references from Mora's Hoshino Island*.

*Images posted with the consent of the author.

Cliff Reference 1

ACNH -Cliff Reference 1

This cliff design has a wooden bridge on the foreground and is decorated with wooden decorations for a rustic feel.

Cliff Reference 2

ACNH - Cliff Reference 2

This cliff is designed to overlook a small valley and lake, creating depth. Mora decorates the space with Hyacinth Lamps and assorted Butterfly Models to give off a natural vibe to the area.

Cliff Reference 3

ACNH - Cliff Reference 3

For this area, Mora uses rounded cliffs with different-sized trees and Mushroom Lamps for a simple Cottagecore look!

Cliff Reference 4

ACNH - Cliff Reference 4

This design uses cliffs to create a winding path. The cliffs are decorated with different-sized hardwood and pine trees for an overgrown forest look.

Mora's Island Dream Address

You can visit Mora's Dream Address for an personal look on their island!

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