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Here you can find the complete list of musical instruments and music players you can get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), as well as how to use them all.

List of Musical Instruments

DIY Musical Instruments

DIY Item Required Materials
Acoustic Guitar IconAcoustic Guitar
Softwood IconSoftwood (×8)
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×3)
Bamboo Drum IconBamboo Drum
Softwood IconSoftwood (×2)
Bamboo Piece IconBamboo Piece (×3)
Music Stand IconMusic Stand
Hardwood IconHardwood (×8)
Recycled-Can Thumb Piano IconRecycled-Can Thumb Piano
Wood IconWood (×1)
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×1)
Empty Can IconEmpty Can (×1)
Street Piano IconStreet Piano
Upright PianoUpright Piano (×1)
Painting SetPainting Set (×1)
Ukulele IconUkulele
Hardwood IconHardwood (×5)
Wooden Fish IconWooden Fish
Wood IconWood (×3)

DIY Equippable Musical Instruments

DIY Item Required Materials
Ocarina IconOcarina
Clay IconClay (×5)
Pan Flute IconPan Flute

Musical Instruments Available for Purchase

Alto Saxophone ImageAlto Saxophone
3,400 Bells
Fancy Violin ImageFancy Violin
140,000 Bells
Rock Guitar ImageRock Guitar
3,100 Bells
Electric Bass ImageElectric Bass
71,000 Bells
Drum Set ImageDrum Set
5,600 Bells
Marimba ImageMarimba
4,300 Bells
Upright Piano ImageUpright Piano
53,000 Bells
Grand Piano ImageGrand Piano
260,000 Bells
Synthesizer ImageSynthesizer
66,000 Bells
Cello ImageCello
Street Organ ImageStreet Organ

Musical Instruments (Tools) Available for Purchase

Item Name Price
Tambourine.pngTambourine 1,500 Bells
Buy at Nook's Cranny

Musical Instruments from Events

Item Name Price
Wedding Pipe Organ ImageWedding Pipe Organ Not for Sale
Trade for 40 Heart Crystals

The Wedding Pipe Organ is only available during Wedding Season.

How to Use Musical Instruments

Play Instruments by Pressing the A Button

Rock band.png
You can play an instrument by pressing the A button in front of it. Additionally, you can press and hold down A for a longer sound on some instruments such as guitars.

Some Instruments Can be Equipped

Playing the ocarina.jpg

Playing the ocarina

Some instruments are equipable like tools. To use them, hold the instrument in your hand like a tool, and press A to play it.

List of Music Players

DIY Music Players

DIY Item Required Materials
Bamboo Speaker IconBamboo Speaker
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×1)
Bamboo Piece IconBamboo Piece (×3)
Cherry Speakers IconCherry Speakers
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×2)
Cherry IconCherry (×10)
Lily Record Player IconLily Record Player
Wood IconWood (×3)
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×3)
White Lily IconWhite Lily (×5)
Shell Speaker IconShell Speaker
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×2)
Conch IconConch (×3)
Wooden-Block Stereo IconWooden-Block Stereo
Softwood IconSoftwood (×5)
Iron Nugget IconIron Nugget (×2)

Music Players Available for Purchase

Pro Tape Recorder ImagePro Tape Recorder
5,400 Bells
DJDJ's Turntable
9,300 Bells
Cute Music Player ImageCute Music Player
2,600 Bells
Jukebox ImageJukebox
5,600 Bells
Cassette Player ImageCassette Player
2,000 Bells
Portable Record Player ImagePortable Record Player
4,000 Bells
High-End Stereo ImageHigh-End Stereo
10,000 Bells
Tape Deck ImageTape Deck
2,900 Bells
Retro Stereo ImageRetro Stereo
6,000 Bells
Throwback Skull Radio ImageThrowback Skull Radio
3,200 Bells
Phonograph ImagePhonograph
53,000 Bells
Hi-Fi Stereo ImageHi-Fi Stereo
82,000 Bells

How to Use Music Players

Press A on the Music Player to Play or Add Songs

Bubblegum KK (1).jpg
You can press the A button on any music player furniture to open up your song catalog. You can select Register at the top left to add songs that you have in your pockets.

You can also select any song to have the player play it, and you can press the + and - buttons to control the volume.

List of All K.K. Slider Songs

List of Music Accessories

DIY Music Accessories

DIY Item Required Materials
Music Stand IconMusic Stand
Hardwood IconHardwood (×8)

Music Accessories Available for Purchase

Amp ImageAmp
5,100 Bells
Effects Rack ImageEffects Rack
6,800 Bells
Metronome ImageMetronome
1,300 Bells
Silver Mic ImageSilver Mic
1,800 Bells
Piano Bench ImagePiano Bench
990 Bells
Velvet Stool ImageVelvet Stool
1,000 Bells
Record Box ImageRecord Box
Mic Stand ImageMic Stand
1,000 Bells

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