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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), make sure to access the Nook Stop daily for Bonus Nook Miles and to do the Nook Miles+ tasks. For a complete checklist of daily and weekly things to do in the game, make sure to read this guide!

Things to Do Every Day

Task Ranking by Priority

Task Priority
Access the Nook Stop for Bonus Nook Miles ★★★★★
Nook Mileage+ Tasks (2x to 5x bonus) ★★★★★
Find Message Bottles ★★★★★
Visit a Crafting Villager ★★★★★
Dig up Fossils ★★★★★
Dig up Bells from Shiny Ground (and plant a Money Tree) ★★★★★
Check the Special Visiting Character for the Day ★★★★★
Hit Rocks ★★★★☆
Pull up Weeds ★★★☆☆
Pick Fruits ★★☆☆☆
Buy Furniture or Clothes ★★☆☆☆
Water Flowers ★☆☆☆☆
Check Turnip Prices ★★★★★
(when buying)

Access the Nook Stop Once Daily

ACNH - Daily Nook Miles
Get Nook Miles daily accessing the Nook Stop at Resident Services. Receive more miles the more days you access the Nook Stop!

The max reward is 300 Miles per day after you've logged in 7 days in a row. Remember to keep checking in everyday, or else the reward will reset!

Day Bonus Nook Miles
1 50 Nook Miles
2 80 Nook Miles
3 100 Nook Miles
4 150 Nook Miles
5 200 Nook Miles
6 250 Nook Miles
7 or more 300 Nook Miles

How to Get Nook Miles Fast

Complete Nook Mileage+ Activities

ACNH - Nook Miles+ Tasks

One of the things you should definitely do every day is the Nook Mileage+ tasks. Each day, the first five available Mileage Activities will yield double the reward of Nook Miles. Sometimes, one task would have a X5 bonus.

These are limited to five each day, so be sure to complete these activities to make sure you earn Miles at the maximum rate.

Mileage+ Activities reset each day

If you complete a Mileage+ task halfway, and then wait until the next day, the tasks you haven't finished yet will be replaced. Be sure to complete all Mileage+ tasks on the day they appear – you snooze, you lose!

Nook Miles+ Challenges and Rewards

Find Message Bottles on the Beach

ACNH - A message bottle spawns on the Beach
Each day, there will be 2 Message Bottles washed up on the beach. One usually appears in the morning, and one at night. This will give you a random DIY recipe.

You can also find Message Bottles on Mystery Tour islands.

How Often Does a Message in a Bottle Spawn?

Talk to Residents for More DIY Recipes

ACNH - A resident is crafting on a workbench

Another sure way to get recipes is by visiting your animal residents when they are at home. Every few hours, a villager will be crafting on their workbench, so make sure to visit them!

Note: Someone is home when their curtains are open, and smoke is coming out of the chimney.
List of DIY Recipes

Dig up Fossils

ACNH - A resident digs up a fossil
Dig up to 4 fossils each day. After fossils have been assessed by Blathers, they'll become much more valuable than fruits or other collectible items, so it's good to prioritize getting all of these every day.

Complete Fossil List | How to Find Fossils

Hit Rocks

ACNH - A resident hits the Money Rock

Hitting rocks with your Shovel is a great way to earn Bells and Materials.

Dig two holes behind you to hold yourself in place and hit the rock the maximum number of times, giving you the maximum possible reward. Rocks yield items which are often used in DIY Recipes, such as Iron Nuggets and Clay.

Bells can even come out of the rare Money Rock! You can even make a Rock Garden to make your farming a lot easier!

How to Make a Rock Garden

Dig Up Bells from Shiny Ground

ACNH - A resident stands in front of Shiny Ground
Each day there is a shiny ground, and you'll be able to dig it up to obtain 1,000 Bells.

On top of that, you can bury as many Bells as you like in the shining hole left behind to grow a Money Tree. The safest choice seem to be 10,000 Bells, but there is always a chance to get 3 times the amount you put in.

How to Plant a Money Tree

Check for a Visiting Special Character

ACNH - Celeste gives the resident a DIY Recipe

Every day you'll want to check who is currently visiting your island. They can either be in front of the Resident Services building or wandering around somewhere on the island, so we recommend checking everywhere if you have the time.

List of Special Characters and Visitors

They can sometimes be seen on the Title Screen

ACNH - Gulliver sleeping on Beach
After you've started the game, the title screen will appear and sometimes it will also show visiting Special characters. However, even if they're not shown on the title screen, a Special character might still be visiting, so the best way to make sure is to check yourself.

Pull Out Weeds

ACNH - Leif talks to the resident

Maintain the good appearance of your island by pulling out weeds from the ground. Weeds can be used in DIY Recipes and can also be sold for 10 Bells each.

Pulling weeds also contributes to the Greedy Weeder and Weed Eater Mileage Activities, so you can hit two birds with one stone.

How to Use Clump of Weeds – Should You Pick Weeds?

Pick Fruit

ACNH - Residents and Friends pick up Fruit

After planting Fruit Trees on your island, shake the trees to knock down and collect the fruits. Fruits grow back on trees every 3 days.

These can be sold for money and can also be eaten to give stamina to your character. .

Plant fruits from other islands, as they can be sold for 500 Bells apiece, which is more than what your native fruit sells for.
How to Get All Fruits

Buy New Furniture and Clothes

ACNH - A blue corner being sold at Nook
Check Nook's Cranny and Able Sisters every day to see if there's any items on sale that you don't already own. It might not come around again for a while, so be sure to snap it up!

Designing Your House - How to Use Storage and Decorating Mode

Water the Flowers

ACNH - Watering hybrid flowers

Watering flowers helps them grow. Unlike previous games in the series, flowers won't wilt even when deprived of water. Watering flowers instead causes flowers to breed and spread around, making your island more lush.

Cross Pollination and How to Make Hybrid Flowers

Check Turnip Prices

ACNH - Timmy announces the price of turnips

If you've been buying Turnips every Sunday morning up to this point, make sure to check the prices of turnips every day without fail.

If you wait one week without selling your turnips, they will rot and become unsellable, so you definitely don't want to forget this one.

Remember that the prices change once per day, so you have to check both in the morning and evening.

Daisy Mae's Turnip Buying and Selling Guide

Things to Do Every Week

Buy Turnips from Daisy Mae on Sunday Mornings

ACNH - Daisy Mae visiting the island on Sunday and talking to the resident

Every Sunday morning, Daisy Mae will visit your town to sell Turnips. If they're cheap, you'll want to buy as many as you can. Then, the following week, you can check the price of turnips each day, and when the price is high, sell your Turnips back for a big profit.

For more info, see our guide on Turnips below:

Turnip Buying and Selling Guide

Listen to K.K. Slider's Performance Every Saturday Night

ACNH - K.K. Slider talking to a resident

Once you've got the famous KK Slider to visit your island, he'll start visiting every Saturday night, so make sure to listen in to get a copy of his song.

List of All K.K. Slider Songs

Activities with Villagers

ACNH - A crowd of villagers gather at the Plaza in front of Resident Services

Aside from daily things to do in the game, you can also just chill and hang out with your neighbors.

Check out what activites you can do with villagers, and raise your friendship level with them!

How to Raise Friendship | Activities with Villagers

What Can You Do In New Horizons?

ACNH - A resident stands confused in front of Resident Services

Just Starting Out

If you've started the game, but aren't sure what to do and don't want to miss out on anything, click here to jump to the main part of this guide: The daily checklist.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, read on!

What Even Is This?

ACNH - A resident hangs out in the plaza with the other island residents

There's no quest markers on the map, and the quirky animal villagers only seem to comment on normal, every day stuff, no mention of impending doom you need to rescue them from or the coming of the demon lord. What is going on?!

Animal Crossing is probably different from most games you know, but it's all about those small moments.

It's a place for you to relax, bond with the muscle-maniac duck telling you how swole your house is, do a bit of fishing, decorate your island and house to be a spot of refuge, or even just water your flowers to see more grow.

There are many things to do and we hope you can find the same joy playing this game as we did!

Completed the Story

ANCH - Isabelle informs the player of the island

Or maybe you're already an Animal Crossing pro? Maybe you got K.K. Slider to come to your island and aren't sure what to do next.

Nook won't give you any more suggestions, but we've got your back! Check out our post-game, 100% checklist and get cracking:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 100% Checklist

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