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ACNH - Automatic Bell Dispenser

Here you'll find how to get the ABD from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for Nintendo Switch. Check out the ABD's price, colors, and how to customize it below!

How to Get ABD

ABD Image
Size 2×2 Catalog
Buy Price Not for Sale
Sell Price
(Drop-Off Box)
Special Currency 9,900 Miles
How to Get the ABD
ACNH - Check Mark  Redeem With Nook Miles
ACNH - Check Mark  Trade With Friends Online

Redeem ABD with Nook Miles!

ACNH - Plaza Game Stand from Nook Miles Rewards

With the Miles you earn, you can buy special items such as ABD! Just access the Nook Stop at Resident Services and go start on redeeming stuff!

List of All Nook Miles Furniture

Trade with Friends Online

ACNH - Nintendo Switch Online

If all else fails, you can trade for the ABD with your fellow ACNH gamers! You can visit other islands to trade for items with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

You can also join our Message Board to meet with fellow Game8 users and trade for your favorite items!

Trade Message Board

ABD Colors and Variations

Customization Information

The Silver version of ABDSilver The Blue version of ABDBlue The Yellow version of ABDYellow
The Red version of ABDRed The Green version of ABDGreen

Customize through DIY

ACNH - DIY Workbench at Residents Services

The ABD cannot be customized through DIY!

Customize through Reese & Cyrus

ACNH - Reese and Cyrus on Harv

We are still looking into ABD's customizations at Reese & Cyrus's shop!

Help us out by leaving your screenshots in the comments to let us know how many Bells it costs to customize the items!

How to Use the ABD

Interact With it!

ACNH - How to Use the ABD
You can interact with the ABD to withdraw or deposit money. It's similar to the Nook Terminal found inside the town hall.

Your Friends Can Use It Too

ACNH - Friends can use ABD
If you have friends over, they can withdraw and deposit money from their accounts using your outdoor ABD. This can come in handy when doing trades with friends!

However, they can't pay their debts on someone else's island. Instead, you can just deposit the bells in your account and go home to pay your debts.
Nook Stop Explained

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