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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Use the Camera

Say cheese! Learn how to snap the best photos with the Camera app on your NookPhone!

Read about the basic Camera controls, all Camera features, and how to use the it on your island and on Harv's Island: Photopia!

How to Use the Camera and Camera Controls

Open Up the NookPhone

ACNH - Camera app on NookPhone
Open your NookPhone and choose the Camera app to start taking pictures.

Camera Controls

Button Function
X Button / Y Button Zoom in or Zoom out
R Button Look at the Camera
L Button Change Frame
ZR Change Emote
ZL Change Filter
Directional Buttons Move Camera
+ Button Take Picture
B Button Quit
*[Press] Right Control Stick Hide Control Guide UI
**- Button Switch Camera Modes

*Feature added on the ver 1.4.0 update.

**Feature added on the ver 2.0.0 update.

Appears on the Switch System's Album

Photos taken using the NookPhone App will be saved to your Nintendo Switch album, so make sure you have enough space on your Switch!

You can also use a microSD card to add your extra storage to keep all your island memories!

ACNH - Nintendo Switch
System Requirements

How to Take Angled Shots

Steps Directions
1 Move the Mailbox
2 Choose your Scenery
3 Adjust the Height
4 Take a Screenshot
5 Crop the Picture

ACNH - How to Take Angled Shots
When interacting with the mailbox and reading the mail, the view switches into a diagonal angle. To take angled shots, you need to take a screenshot before the mail appears on the screen when interacting with the mailbox.

1. Move the Mailbox

ACNH - Move the Mailbox
To start taking angled shots, you need to get the 4th house upgrade to unlock the mailbox customization. This also allows you to pick up and move the mailbox.

List of House Upgrades

2. Choose your Scenery

ACNH - Choose the Scenery
Choose the scenery you want to take a shot of. Since villagers may simply walk out of view, it's best to take pictures of landscapes.

Alternatively, you can take pictures of villagers and special charcters while they sitting down or interacting with objects.

3. Adjust the Height

ACNH - Adjust the Height
You can also adjust the height of the shot by using terraforming tools. Make a small cliff and place the mailbox on top to increase the height of the angled shot.

How to Unlock Terraforming

4. Take a Screenshot

ACNH - Take a Screenshot.png
Interact with the mailbox and quickly take a screenshot before the mail appears on the screen.

5. Crop the Picture

ACNH - Cropped Image
Save the screenshot on your smartphone or computer and crop out your character to complete your angled shot!

List of Camera Features

1 Camera Modes
2 Zoom In and Out
3 Add Frames and Dates
4 Use Photo Filters
5 Use Reactions
6 Turn Off the Camera Interface

Camera Modes

Handheld Camera Tripod Camera

Take first-person shots of your island's landscapes with the Handheld Camera mode or use the Tripod Camera mode and strike a pose with your favorite villagers!

These camera modes were added in the Version 2.0 Update!

How to Unlock the Pro Camera App

Zoom In and Out

Whether you want a close-up selfie or a birds-eye view, you can use the X and Y button to zoom in or zoom out.

Zoom-In Zoom-Out

Frames and Dates

To add some flair to your photos, you can add various frames to your photo with the L button.

With Frame added With Frame and Date
With Date added With Cinema cropping

Various Photo Filters

Experiment with various photo filters and give your pictures that extra pop by pressing the ZL button.

Sharp Pop
Soft Dramatic
Film Monochrome
Antique Normal

Use Reactions

ACNH - A player tries to choose a Reaction
You can choose a reaction to use for your character to show in the picture!

Full Reactions List | How to Unlock Reactions

Turn Off the Camera Interface

You can now remove the camera interface when using the camera app! SImply press down on the Right Stick once to remove it.

How to Use the Camera in Photopia

Steps Directions
1 Enter Decorating Mode
2 Summon Characters with amiibo
3 Decorate the Scenery
4 Use the Camera's Effects
5 Take the Shot!

ACNH - How to Use the Camera in Photopia

The camera has the same functions when used in Photopia, but you can take more personalized photos with your amiibo!

How to Unlock Harvey's Island and Photopia

1. Enter Decorating Mode

ACNH - Enter Decorating Mode
Enter Decorating Mode by pressing the ↓ Button on the D-Pad.

2. Summon Characters with amiibo

ACNH - Summon Characters with amiibo
While in Decorating Mode, place your amiibo or amiibo cards on the right thumbstick to summon your favorite characters. You can also place your current villagers living in your island!

Note: Make sure to turn off Airplane Mode to us ethe amiibo function!

3. Decorate the Scenery

ACNH - Decorate the Scenery
Decorate the scene with your amiibo and furniture! You can also change the flooring and wallpaper of the room, as well as adjust the lighting.

List of DIY Wallpaper, Flooring, and Rug Recipes

4. Use the Camera's Effects

ACNH - Use the Camera
Once you have the scene set up, use the camera's many effects such as adding frames and using different filters, or turn off the camera interface to take a more natural picture!

5. Take the Shot!

ACNH - Take the Shot

Once you're satisfied with the scenery and the effects, take the shot with the + Button!

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