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Learn how to get Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Trees on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). If you want to learn what you can get from Cherry Blossom Trees and more, please read on.

How to Get Cherry Blossom Trees

Appears During the Cherry-Blossom Festival in Spring

ACNH - Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry Blossom Festival Event Duration
Northern Hemisphere April 1 - April 10
Southern Hemisphere October 1 - October 10

Cherry Blossom Trees are available for 10 days during the Cherry-Blossom Festival in Spring, where the trees on the island turn into Cherry Blossom Trees.

This is in April for the Northern Hemisphere players, and in October in the Southern Hemisphere.

List of Seasons and Seasonal DIY Items

Time-Travel to Spring

If you cannot wait for Springtime to arrive, you can time-travel by changing the time and date on your Switch system.

Have Hardwood Trees Planted

ACNH - Dig up trees

Cherry Blossom Trees will appear from Hardwood Trees (non-fruit bearing), so make sure you have a lot of those planted.

Take note that Fruit Trees will not turn into Cherry Blossom Trees.

How Close Can You Plant Trees?

What Can You Get from Cherry Blossom Trees

Catch Cherry-Blossom Petals

ACNH - Catching a Cherry Blossom
During this the period of the Cherry-Blossom Festival, you can find cherry-blossom petals floating around the island, which you can catch using a Net.
How to Get Cherry-Blossom Petals Fast

Craft DIY Cherry-Blossom Items

ACNH - Cherry-Blossom Series
You can use cherry-blossom petals to craft DIY items from the Cherry-Blossom series! These include furniture, clothing, and more, so be sure not to miss the opportunity!

List of Cherry-Blossom Item Recipes

Get the Outdoor Picnic Set During the Daily Island-Wide Broadcast

ACNH - Receive Outdoor Picnic Set Recipe
As Isabelle announces the appearance of Cherry-Blossom Trees, you will also receive from her the DIY recipe for the Outdoor Picnic Set, which requires Cherry-Blossom Petals to craft.

Leaf Eggs (Northern Hemisphere)

ACNH - Leaf eggs on a tree
For Northern Hemisphere players, the Cherry-Blossom Festival overlaps with another seasonal event called Bunny Day, which is also celebrated in the first two weeks of April.

During this event, you can find Bunny Day Eggs everywhere, including in Hardwood Trees. You can get a material called Leaf Egg which you can use to craft Bunny Day items.

Bunny Day (Easter) Event Info

Cherry Blossom Trees are Gone?

Cherry-Blossom Trees are Only Available for 10 Days

Cherry Blossom Trees will only appear during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Spring, as mentioned in the first section above. After that, the hardwood trees will return to their normal state until Spring next year.

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