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Bug Prices

This is a list of all bug prices in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, ordered from high to low. See who to sell to, find out how many bells each bug sells for at Nook's Cranny and earn the most money when catching bugs!

Who to Sell Bugs to?

Sell Bugs to Flick
Most of the time you'll be selling your Bugs to Timmy and Tommy at Nook's Cranny, but Flick will buy them at 1.5 times the price!

If you have valuable bugs, either put them in your storage or place them somewhere on your island and sell them at a big profit when Flick comes around.

Flick's Bug-Off Dates and Prizes Guide

Bug Prices List

The following list will display bug prices from the highest price to the lowest price. Additionally, you can click on the “Sell Price” button to arrange bug prices from low to high as well!

For more information about each bug, such as its appearance times and locations, click on the bug's icon.

Name Sell Price
Horned Hercules ImageHorned Hercules 12000
Giraffe Stag ImageGiraffe Stag 12000
Golden Stag ImageGolden Stag 12000
Giant Stag ImageGiant Stag 10000
Scarab Beetle ImageScarab Beetle 10000
Scorpion ImageScorpion 8000
Tarantula ImageTarantula 8000
Horned Elephant ImageHorned Elephant 8000
Horned Atlas ImageHorned Atlas 8000
Cyclommatus Stag ImageCyclommatus Stag 8000
Goliath Beetle ImageGoliath Beetle 8000
Rainbow Stag ImageRainbow Stag 6000
Banded Dragonfly ImageBanded Dragonfly 4500
Queen AlexandraQueen Alexandra's Birdwing 4000
Emperor Butterfly ImageEmperor Butterfly 4000
Dung Beetle ImageDung Beetle 3000
Rosalia Batesi Beetle ImageRosalia Batesi Beetle 3000
Atlas Moth ImageAtlas Moth 3000
Agrias Butterfly ImageAgrias Butterfly 3000
Great Purple Emperor ImageGreat Purple Emperor 3000
Wasp (Bee) ImageWasp (Bee) 2500
Madagascan Sunset Moth ImageMadagascan Sunset Moth 2500
Rajah BrookeRajah Brooke's Birdwing 2500
Peacock Butterfly ImagePeacock Butterfly 2500
Jewel Beetle ImageJewel Beetle 2400
Orchid Mantis ImageOrchid Mantis 2400
Saw Stag ImageSaw Stag 2000
Giant Water Bug ImageGiant Water Bug 2000
Tiger Beetle ImageTiger Beetle 1500
Horned Dynastid ImageHorned Dynastid 1350
Hermit Crab ImageHermit Crab 1000
Miyama Stag ImageMiyama Stag 1000
Man-Faced Stink Bug ImageMan-Faced Stink Bug 1000
Paper Kite Butterfly ImagePaper Kite Butterfly 1000
Blue Weevil Beetle ImageBlue Weevil Beetle 800
Diving Beetle ImageDiving Beetle 800
Spider ImageSpider 600
Bagworm ImageBagworm 600
Walking Leaf ImageWalking Leaf 600
Walking Stick ImageWalking Stick 600
Migratory Locust ImageMigratory Locust 600
Evening Cicada ImageEvening Cicada 550
Mole Cricket ImageMole Cricket 500
Damselfly ImageDamselfly 500
Giant Cicada ImageGiant Cicada 500
Violin Beetle ImageViolin Beetle 450
Mantis ImageMantis 430
Bell Cricket ImageBell Cricket 430
Walker Cicada ImageWalker Cicada 400
Rice Grasshopper ImageRice Grasshopper 400
Citrus Long-Horned Beetle ImageCitrus Long-Horned Beetle 350
Centipede ImageCentipede 300
Earth-Boring Dung Beetle ImageEarth-Boring Dung Beetle 300
Firefly ImageFirefly 300
Robust Cicada ImageRobust Cicada 300
Common Bluebottle ImageCommon Bluebottle 300
Pill Bug ImagePill Bug 250
Snail ImageSnail 250
Brown Cicada ImageBrown Cicada 250
Tiger Butterfly ImageTiger Butterfly 240
Darner Dragonfly ImageDarner Dragonfly 230
Wharf Roach ImageWharf Roach 200
Drone Beetle ImageDrone Beetle 200
Ladybug ImageLadybug 200
Honeybee ImageHoneybee 200
Long Locust ImageLong Locust 200
Red Dragonfly ImageRed Dragonfly 180
Grasshopper ImageGrasshopper 160
Yellow Butterfly ImageYellow Butterfly 160
Common Butterfly ImageCommon Butterfly 160
Monarch Butterfly ImageMonarch Butterfly 140
Mosquito ImageMosquito 130
Pondskater ImagePondskater 130
Cricket ImageCricket 130
Moth ImageMoth 130
Stinkbug ImageStinkbug 120
Ant ImageAnt 80
Flea ImageFlea 70
Fly ImageFly 60
Cicada Shell ImageCicada Shell 10

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