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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - Most Expensive Bugs

This is a list of the most expensive bug prices in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Find out who to sell to and learn how to earn the most money when catching bugs!

Who to Sell Bugs to?

Sell Bugs to Flick
Most of the time you'll be selling your Bugs to Timmy and Tommy at Nook's Cranny, but Flick will buy them at 1.5 times the price!

If you have valuable bugs, either put them in your storage or place them somewhere on your island and sell them at a big profit when Flick comes around.

How to Find Flick and His Bug Models

Bug Prices List

The following list will display the most expensive bug prices from the highest price to the lowest price. Additionally, you can click on the “Sell Price” button to arrange bug prices from low to high as well!

For more information about each bug, such as its appearance times and locations, click on the bug's icon.

Name Sell Price
Hermit Crab ImageHermit Crab 1,000
Horned Dynastid ImageHorned Dynastid 1,350
Miyama Stag ImageMiyama Stag 1,000
Tiger Beetle ImageTiger Beetle 1,500
Man-Faced Stink Bug ImageMan-Faced Stink Bug 1,000
Paper Kite Butterfly ImagePaper Kite Butterfly 1,000
Saw Stag ImageSaw Stag 2,000
Jewel Beetle ImageJewel Beetle 2,400
Giant Water Bug ImageGiant Water Bug 2,000
Wasp ImageWasp 2,500
Orchid Mantis ImageOrchid Mantis 2,400
Madagascan Sunset Moth ImageMadagascan Sunset Moth 2,500
Rajah BrookeRajah Brooke's Birdwing 2,500
Peacock Butterfly ImagePeacock Butterfly 2,500
Dung Beetle ImageDung Beetle 3,000

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