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Spruce up your beach with seashell custom designs on Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Learn to create different seashell designs to place on the sand to go with your seashell and mermaid items!

How to Create a Seashell Pattern

Resulting Look

seashell result.jpg
This is a basic seashell pattern that anyone can create. Place them on the beach for instant decoration.

Steps to Create a Seashell Pattern

Select the transparent option on the last color on the palette and fill the canvas.
Use the star and round stamp in different sizes and stamp with the color of your choice.

Then, use the pen tool with 2-space thickness to randomly place dots to mimic rocks.
Erase the feet of the star to make it look more like a starfish.
Set the shadows and higlights.
Orange is the darkest part, yellow is the lighter color of the shadow, and green is the highlight.
Adjust the shadow and highlight colors to match your primary color. We can create a gradient with in the following order: orange → yellow → original color → green.
To make it pop on the beach, you can add shadows under the items as shown in the image above.
Hue: 4th from the left
Vividness: 8th from the right
Brightness: 5th from the right
Use the transparent pen on the round stamps to make the shapes look more natural.
8 create seashell pattern 8.jpg
Check if you are satsified, and your seashell pattern is complete!

Looks cute in different colors!

Seashell in different colors.jpg

You can duplicate the design and play around with colors in the Custom Designs Editor. Create designs with your favorite colors!

How to Change Colors on a Palette

Change color.jpg

1 In the tools section, select Change Color.
2 Select a color with the L and R button and adjust the sliders as needed.

How to Create Custom Designs & Use the Custom Design Pro Editor

How to Create Seashell Patterns (Advanced)

Seashell Pattern - Conch

seashell 1.jpg
A seashell design featuring a conch. Mix and match colors for a cute finish.

Custom Design Editor Painting

Seashell Pattern - Clam

seashell 2.jpg
A seashell design featuring a clam. Experiment with shadows and highlights to pop out the curves of the clam.

Custom Design Editor Painting

Small Rocks Pattern

small stones.jpg
Small rocks and stones that look plain on its own, but you can place it with larger seashell designs to complement them. It also gives a glittering feeling to the beach.

Custom Design Editor Painting

Advice for Advanced Users

Game8.png Use small rocks to combine with the seashell patterns. If it does not look balanced, you can go back to the Custom Designs Editor, and use the Drag Design tool to move the pattern to a more suitable position.

This is what the seashell patterns look on the beach!

Seashell patterns.jpg
Combine patterns and place them around your beach to give a magical look! Pair them up with items from the Shell series and Mermaid series and you're good to go!

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