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This is a guide to collecting Wood, a DIY material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). To learn how to get Wood and where it can be used, please read on.

How to Get Wood Fast

Hitting Trees is the Most Efficient

The most efficient way to get Wood is by hitting trees with an axe.

Be careful or you might chop the tree!

Cannot chop trees Can chop trees
Flimsy Axe Axe
Stone Axe

There are two types of axes, one can chop trees down, and one cannot. The number of wood obtained is not affected by the type of axe used.

Remember that when your are using the Axe, hitting the tree 3 times will chop the tree and it will become a stump.

The type of wood that comes out is random

The three types of wood you can get from hitting trees are Wood, Softwood, and Hardwood. Among them, normal wood seems to come out more frequently.

Wood Can Sometimes Be Found in the Recycle Box

You may sometimes find Wood in the Recycle Box found in the Resident Services.

How Do You Use Wood?

Use it for DIY crafting

Bonfire Image
Tiki Torch Image
Tiki Torch
Log Stakes Image
Log Stakes
Birdhouse Image
Stone Axe Image
Stone Axe
Axe Image
Wooden Mini Table Image
Wooden Mini Table
Ladder Image
Wooden Wardrobe Image
Wooden Wardrobe
Wooden Simple Bed Image
Wooden Simple Bed
Wooden Low Table Image
Wooden Low Table
Wooden Full-Length Mirror Image
Wooden Full-Length Mirror
Wooden Fish Image
Wooden Fish
Wooden Chair Image
Wooden Chair
Wooden Bucket Image
Wooden Bucket
Swinging Bench Image
Swinging Bench
Rocking Chair Image
Rocking Chair
Ringtoss Image
Plain Sink Image
Plain Sink
Pear Wardrobe Image
Pear Wardrobe
Mini DIY Workbench Image
Mini DIY Workbench
Jungle Wall Image
Jungle Wall
Ironwood Kitchenette Image
Ironwood Kitchenette
Brick Oven Image
Brick Oven
Barrel Image
Bamboo Noodle Slide Image
Bamboo Noodle Slide
Timber Doorplate Image
Timber Doorplate
Plain Wooden Shop Sign Image
Plain Wooden Shop Sign
Log Pack Image
Log Pack
Ironwood Dresser Image
Ironwood Dresser
Hedge Standee Image
Hedge Standee
Grass Standee Image
Grass Standee
Firewood Image
Birdcage Image
Apple Chair Image
Apple Chair
Palm-Tree Lamp Image
Palm-Tree Lamp
Orange Wall-Mounted Clock Image
Orange Wall-Mounted Clock
Orange End Table Image
Orange End Table
Wooden Table Mirror Image
Wooden Table Mirror
Beekeeper's Hive
Wooden End Table Image
Wooden End Table
Corral Fence Image
Corral Fence
Modern Wood Wall Image
Modern Wood Wall
Ironwood Cart Image
Ironwood Cart
Doghouse Image
Tree Standee Image
Tree Standee
Wooden Stool Image
Wooden Stool
Sakura-Wood Flooring Image
Sakura-Wood Flooring
Sakura-Wood Wall Image
Sakura-Wood Wall
Butter Churn Image
Butter Churn
Brick Well Image
Brick Well
DIY Workbench Image
DIY Workbench
Garden Bench Image
Garden Bench
Garden Wagon Image
Garden Wagon
Gong Image
Ironwood Chair Image
Ironwood Chair
Ironwood Clock Image
Ironwood Clock
Ironwood DIY Workbench Image
Ironwood DIY Workbench
Kettle Bathtub Image
Kettle Bathtub
Mountain Standee Image
Mountain Standee
Peach Chair Image
Peach Chair
Wooden-Mosaic Wall Image
Wooden-Mosaic Wall
Wooden Waste Bin Image
Wooden Waste Bin
Wooden Double Bed Image
Wooden Double Bed
Wooden Chest Image
Wooden Chest
Wooden Bookshelf Image
Wooden Bookshelf
Wild-Wood Wall Image
Wild-Wood Wall
Vertical-Board Fence Image
Vertical-Board Fence
Tiny Library Image
Tiny Library
Straw Fence Image
Straw Fence
Stall Image
Sleigh Image
Sauna Heater Image
Sauna Heater
Rose Bed Image
Rose Bed
Recycled-Can Thumb Piano Image
Recycled-Can Thumb Piano
Paw-Print Doorplate Image
Paw-Print Doorplate
Mush Table Image
Mush Table
Magazine Rack Image
Magazine Rack
Lily Record Player ImageLily Record Player
Leaf Stool Image
Leaf Stool
Key Holder Image
Key Holder
Ironwood Table Image
Ironwood Table
Ironwood Low Table Image
Ironwood Low Table
Ironwood Cupboard Image
Ironwood Cupboard
Ironwood Bed Image
Ironwood Bed
Imperial Fence Image
Imperial Fence
Forest Wall Image
Forest Wall
Festive Tree Image
Festive Tree
Dark Wooden-Mosaic Wall Image
Dark Wooden-Mosaic Wall
Bonsai Shelf Image
Bonsai Shelf
Big Festive Tree Image
Big Festive Tree
Autumn Wall Image
Autumn Wall
Wooden Table Image
Wooden Table
Spooky Carriage Image
Spooky Carriage
Spooky Scarecrow Image
Spooky Scarecrow
Turkey Day Chair Image
Turkey Day Chair

Wood is used as a DIY crafting item to create the item(s) shown above.

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