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The Nook Stop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) allows players to do a variety of things from redeeming Nook Miles, getting new items with Nook Shopping, and using the ABD which is the game's version of an ATM!

Learn more about the Nook Stop terminal's features and all it has to offer below!

How to Unlock the Nook Shopping App

Buy 100 Items through Nook Shopping

ACNH - Nook Stop - Unlock Nook Shopping app
To get the Nook Shopping app on your NookPhone, you need to have ordered 100 items through Nook Shopping at the Nook Stop.

Once you have made your 100th order, a message will appear congratulating you, and rewarding you with your new app!

How to Get the Nook Shopping App

Only 5 items can be ordered per day

ACNH - Nook Stop - Nook Shopping Order
You can only order up to 5 items each day. This means that it'll take at least 20 in-game days to make 100 purchases, so be sure to buy 5 items every day.

We recommend getting K.K. Slider songs, or items you don't have yet!

If you can't wait 20 real days to order 100 items, you can always time travel to 20 different in-game days in one real day. Check our guide below to find out how!
Time Traveling Guide

Track your total number of purchases using your Nook Miles+ app

ACNH - Nook Stop - Shop to It
You can keep track of the number of items you've bought from Nook Shopping using your Nook Miles+ app.

Open the app and select the Shop to It challenge. Your progress at the bottom will show how many items you've ordered.

Nook Miles+ Challenges and Rewards

Redeem Nook Miles for Furniture and Items

List of Outdoor Furniture, Special Items & Novelties

ACNH - Nook Stop - Monster Statue

The Nook Stop's Redeem Nook Miles feature allows you to exchange Nook Miles for outdoor furniture, like the Monster Statue.

They cost a lot of miles, but they're worth getting to beautify your island!

List of Outdoor Furniture

Name Number of Miles Required
Construction Sign 1000
Lifeguard Chair 1000
Portable Toilet 1000
Streetlamp 1000
Utility Pole 1000
Drink Machine 2000
Public Bench 2000
Snack Machine 2000
Springy Ride-on 2000
Tourist Telescope 2000
Park Clock 2400
Phone Box 2400
Sandbox 2400
Cotton-candy Stall 3000
Playground Gym 3000
Parabolic Antenna 4000
Soccer Goal 4000
Solar Panel 4000
Wind Turbine 4000
Lighthouse 5000
Monster Statue 5000
Pool 5000
Teacup Ride 5000

List of Special Items

Name Number of Miles Required
Bell Voucher 500
Nook Miles Ticket 2000
Pretty-good Tools Recipes 3000
Top 8 Pop Hairstyles 2400
Top 8 Cool Hairstyles 2400
Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors 3000
Fence DIY Recipes 1000
Tool Ring: It's Essential! 800
Pocket Organization Guide 5000
Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide 8000
Customizable Phone Case Kit 1800
Custom Design Pro Editor 800
Waterscaping Permit 6000
Cliff-construction Permit 6000
Grass Path Permit 2000
Dirt Path Permit 2000
Stone Path Permit 2000
Brick Path Permit 2000
Dark Dirt Path Permit 2000
Arched Tile Path Permit 2000
Sand Path Permit 2000
Terra-cotta Tile Permit 2000
Wooden Path Permit 2000
Custom Design Path Permit 2000

List of Nook Inc. Novelties

Name Number of Miles Required
Coral Nook Inc. Aloha Shirt 600
Green Nook Inc. Aloha Shirt 600
Nook Inc. Aloha Shirt 600
Nook Inc. Tee 600
Nook Inc. Blouson 800
Nook Inc. Bandanna 500
Nook Inc. Cap 500
Nook Inc. Eye Mask 400
Nook Inc. Socks 400
Nook Inc. Slippers 400
Nook Inc. Knapsack 800
Nook Inc. Umbrella 700
Nook Inc. Uchiwa Fan 400
Nook Inc. Wall 1200
Nook Inc. Flooring 1200
Nook Inc. Botanical Rug 1000
Nook Inc. Rug 1000
Bell-bag Rug 1200

Redeem Nook Miles for DIY Recipes

DIY Recipes Redeemable with Miles

You can also redeem your Nook Miles for special DIY Recipes. They also cost a lot of miles, but Robot Hero, for example, can sell for 200,000 Bells, once it's been crafted!

List of DIY Recipes

DIY Recipe Number of Miles Required
Various Fence Recipes 1000
Stone Tablet 800
Manhole Cover 800
Drinking Fountain 800
Wave Breaker 1500
Destinations Signpost 1500
Simple Well 2000
Stone Arch 2000
Stall 2000
Brick Well 2000
Silo 3000
Fountain 3000
Outdoor Bath 3000
Robot Hero 3000

When Nook Stop Is Closed

Closed When Resident Services Is Closed

When Resident Services is closed for upgrade and on December 31 (New Year's Eve), the Nook Stop terminal is inaccessible.

Be sure to run all of your necessary Nook Stop errands before those days!

Bonus daily miles won't be interrupted

Being unable to access the Nook Stop on the days described above will not interrupt your daily bonus miles.

The next time you use the Nook Stop terminal, your bonus daily miles will continue from the last time you accessed the terminal.

Locked on Other Islands

You will not be allowed to use the Nook Stop terminal on any other island. Purchase or withdraw necessary items or money from your island's Nook Stop, before visiting other islands.

How to Play Online Multiplayer

Nook Stop Features

Receive Bonus Daily Miles

ACNH - Nook Stop - Bonus Daily Miles

Day Bonus Nook Miles
1 50 Nook Miles
2 80 Nook Miles
3 100 Nook Miles
4 150 Nook Miles
5 200 Nook Miles
6 250 Nook Miles
7+ 300 Nook Miles

An easy way to get Nook Miles without effort is to use the Nook Stop. Each day you are given bonus Nook Miles that increase with each day. The maximum Miles you can get is 300 Miles.

How to Get Nook Miles Fast

Redeem Nook Miles

ACNH - Nook Stop - Redeem Nook Miles
You can redeem your hard-earned Nook Miles for special items, DIY recipes, outdoor furniture, and Nook Inc. novelties.

What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?

Nook Shopping

ACNH - Nook Stop -  Nook Shopping
With Nook Shopping, you can buy Special Goods (including resident posters and seasonal items), Furniture, Clothing, Wallpaper, Flooring, Rugs, and Music!

You can only purchase a maximum of 5 items per day, and the items will be delivered to your mailbox at the next day.

Order using the Nook Shopping app

After you've ordered a total of 100 items at Nook Shopping, via Nook Stop, you will automatically receive the Nook Shopping app in your phone.

With the app, you can order Nook Shopping items without having to use the Nook Stop terminal at Resident Services.

How to Get the Nook Shopping App


ACNH - ABD - The ATM of New Horizons
The Nook Stop is equipped with an ATM where you can save up and withdraw your bells. Put away the bells you don't need into your bank to earn interest over time!

How to Get Bank Interest

Invite amiibo Camper

ACNH - Nook Stop - amiibo scanning

The Nook Stop can also be used to read amiibos and amiibo cards to call villagers to your island.

If you become friendly with these visitors, you may just be able to persuade them to stay on your island. For more information about amiibos, check out the link below!

List of amiibos and Compatibility

Unlock Campsite to use amiibos

Before you can use amiibos, you need a place where the villagers can stay while they visit.

In other words, you need to unlock and build the Campsite before you can use amiibos. Tom Nook will explain the feature once it unlocks.

See our guide on the Campsite and amiibos here:

How to Make the Campsite and How to Use amiibos

Where is the Nook Stop Terminal?

On the right side of Resident Services

ACNH - Nook Stop Location
The Nook Stop terminal can be found inside Resident Services, located in the right corner.

What You Can Do at Resident Services and How to Upgrade

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