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Raise your floors with platform custom designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Learn how to create platforms that you can use to decorate your house interiors and your island!

How to Create Platforms

This design was created and shared by Twitter user Maya, with the idea of replicating a platform or a wooden deck. You can check their page to see more of this design.

Note: This tweet has been posted with the consent of the user.

Resulting Look

Platform indoors.jpg
Platforms used indoors gives the look of raised flooring. This design will take up 3 custom design spaces.

Steps to Make Platforms

Platform Base

We will be using the default palette. Fill the whole canvas with red.
Draw 4 orange lines horizontally every 7 spaces.
Draw 4 yellow lines as shown in the photo.
Paint a wood grain finish using yellow green.
Create more texture using a darker green.
Change the red color to the main brown color.
Hue: 3rd from the left
Vividness: 3rd from the right
Brightness: 5th from the right
Change orange to a dark brown color.
Hue: 3rd from the left
Vividness: 3rd from the right
Brightness: 6th from the right
Change yellow to a light brown color.
Hue: 3rd from the left
Vividness: 6th from the right
Brightness: 4th from the right
Change yellow green to a different shade of brown.
Hue: 3rd from the left
Vividness: 3rd from the right
Brightness: 7th from the right
Change green to a darker shade of that brown.
Hue: 3rd from the left
Vividness: 3rd from the right
Brightness: 6th from the right
Check for final touches, and the platform base is completed!

Platform Steps and Edge

In your Custom Designs catalog, press Y on the platform base design to copy it.
On the copied design, use blue to paint the separation of steps.
Using the 2nd brown in the palette, draw lines under the planks.
Use a darker shade of blue to draw a line 2 spaces thick below.
Change the color of light blue to dark brown.
Change the color of dark blue to a lighter brown.
Check if you are satisfied, and the base of the platform steps is complete!
In your Custom Designs catalog, copy the platform steps design.
Use the the first color in the brown palette to draw a line.
Fill the rest of the bottom half with the 6th brown color from the left.
Platform edge is complete!
12 Now all you have to do is to line up the tiles and your platform is complete!.

How to Change Colors on a Palette

Change color.jpg

1 In the tools section, select Change Color.
2 Select a color with the L and R button and adjust the sliders as needed.

How to Create Custom Designs & Use the Custom Design Pro Editor

How to Create Platforms (Advanced)

How to Make a Smooth-Grain Platform

platform 1.jpg
This is a breakdown of the wood texture before color adjustment. The wood texture is a straight horizontal line, allowing a smooth woodgrain finish. A more detailed explanation of each color is explained in the photo above.

After color adjustment (Black platform)

platform 2.jpg
Here is the platform with adjusted colors. It will look neater if you show the boundaries of each plank.

Platform Design Examples by Color

Black Platform for a Modern Look

Black platform.jpg
If you want to go for a modern look, you can use a black platform along with black furniture. Mix and match items to make it your own space.

Make a Cute Room with a Pink Platform

Pink platform.jpg
Create a cute atmosphere by placing light-colored items with your pink platform. With the right furniture, you can give a playful look to your room.

Go Classic with a White Platform

White platform.jpg
You can never go wrong by going back to the basics with white. Pair your platform with white furniture for a sophisticated look.

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