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Personalize your character by learning how to create your own custom designs and see the features of unlocking the Custom Design Pro Editor in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH).

Custom Design Help
How to Create Custom Designs How to Share Custom Designs Online
How to Use and Erase Face Paint
How to Customize Your Furniture, Phone, and Tools
List of Items Customizable with Custom Designs

How to Create Custom Designs

Open the Custom Design Editor

Custom Designs App on NookPhone.jpg
You can create custom designs using the Custom Designs app on your NookPhone.

Select a Slot to Save Your Design to

Keep in mind what you're making a design for

The design will look better if you specifically create it for an item: is it for a shirt, or face paint?

Top Face Paint Canvas
Preview - Top.png Preview - Face Paint.png Preview - Canvas.png

You can preview what it looks like on the specific item by selecting Swap Preview on the toolbar.

If you use the Custom Design Pro Editor, you will select a type of clothing to create a design for.

Play Around with Colors

Palette.pngColor Palette There are 15 palettes to choose from, and each palette has 16 different colors.
Changing the color palette affects current colors on the canvas.
Swap colors.pngSelect Between Colors You can rotate through the colors by pressing the L & R buttons.
Color picker.pngColor Picker To select a specific color on the canvas, point the cursor at the color and press the L & R buttons at the same time.
Change color.pngChange Color Customize colors from a palette.
Only availble with the Custom Design Pro Editor upgrade.

Try Out All the Drawing Tools

Drawing Tools
Pen.pngPen Pointer used for freehand drawing. Size is changeable.
Line tool.pngLine Tool Draw a line from point A to point B.
Rectangle tool.pngRectangle Tool Draw a rectangle outline from point A to point B.
Circle tool.pngCircle Tool Draw a circle outline from point A to point B.
Fill tool.pngFill Change the color of a group of pixels to a different color.
Circle stamp.pngRound Stamp Draws a circle with fill and outline. Size is changeable.
Star stamp.pngStar Stamp Draws a star with fill and outline. Size is changeable.
Heart stamp.pngHeart Stamp Draws a star with fill and outline. Size is changeable.

Change tool sizes

Mess around by adjusting the sizes. You can change the sizes of the pen and the stamps.

Utilize Other Tools

Other Tools
Fill all.pngFill All Fills the whole canvas with a single color.
Drag design.pngDrag Design You can drag the design on the whole canvas by moving the left joystick. Note that you cannot undo this action.
Swap view.pngSwap Preview Swaps the current preview to top, face paint, and canvas.
Mirror mode.pngMirror Mode Press the ZR button turn on Mirror Mode. This allows you to draw on one side and it will be mirrored to the other side. The mirror is always vertical.
Undo and Redo.pngUndo/Redo You can undo or redo a single action by pressing the - button.

Name Your Design

Name Your Custom Design.jpg
Give your design a name! This can be viewed by other players so remember to put a proper name!

Explore and Create Designs

We have guides for custom designs that you can use as paths and more! Check out their individual pages to learn more!

How to Make Custom Designs
Custom fireworks partial.pngHow to Make Custom Fireworks Designs wooden path partial.pngHow to Make Wooden Paths
brick path partial.pngHow to Make Brick Paths platform partial.pngHow to Make Platforms
dirt path partial.pngHow to Make Dirt Paths | The Path tatami partial.pngHow to Make Tatami Mats
seashell partial.pngHow to Make Seashell Paths sweets partial.pngHow to Make Sweets Floor Designs
flowerbed partial.pngHow to Make Flowerbeds flower patch partial.pngHow to Make Flower Patches
tiles partial.pngHow to Make Tile Patterns -

Custom Design Pro Editor

How to Unlock the Custom Pro Editor

Custom Pro Editor.jpg
You can unlock the Custom Pro Editor after upgrading to Nook Miles+. You can redeem it for 800 Nook Miles.

It is definitely worth unlocking if you want to show your creativity to the world!

Unlocked Features

What Should You Spend Nook Miles on First?

Create Designs for Different Types of Clothing

With Custom Design Pro Editor unlocked, you can create designs for a specific type of clothing.

Custom Design Editor Custom Design Pro Editor
Face Paint
6 Types of Tops
6 Types of Dresses
3 Types of Hats

Custom Design Pro Types of Clothing

Tank top.pngTank top Short-sleeve tee.pngShort-sleeve tee Long-sleeve dress shirt.pngLong-sleeve dress shirt
Sweater.pngSweater Hoodie.pngHoodie Coat.pngCoat
Sleeveless dress.pngSleeveless dress Short-sleeve dress.pngShort-sleeve dress Long-sleeve dress.pngLong-sleeve dress
Round dress.pngRound dress Balloon-hem dress.pngBalloon-hem dress Robe.pngRobe
Brimmed cap.pngBrimmed cap Knit cap.pngKnit cap Brimmed hat.pngBrimmed hat

Customize Colors from Palettes

Change color.jpg
You can customize each color from a palette by selecting Change Color. You can adjust the hue, vividness, and brightness.

Customize Each Side of the Clothing

Design a side.jpg
For each type of clothing you choose, you can design all the sides of the item including the front, left sleeve, right sleeve, and back sides.

Custom (PRO) Designs for Clothes

What Can You Do with Custom Designs?

Wear as Face Paint

Face paint - eyebrows.jpg
For the first time in the Animal Crossing series, you can wear a custom design as face paint. The design's canvas will be distributed to the character's forehead and cheeks.

You can even do facial features such as eyebrows, beauty marks, and freckles.
How to Use and Erase Face Paint

Put on Display

Display custom design on ground.jpg
You can put your designs on display as a painting or put it over a mannequin for others to see!

Top Custom Design Patterns for Signs and Decorations

Displayed on Ground

Display custom design on floor.jpg

You can display your designs on the ground, which can be used as a ground pattern, or even use it as a path after unlocking the Island Designer app.

Inside your house, you can spread it in the room as a flooring or lay it down as a tile mat.

Top Custom Design Patterns for Paths, Floors and Ground

On Walls

Display custom designs on wall.jpg
On the walls of your house, you can spread your design as a wallpaper, or you can display it on a canvas or on a hanger as a shirt.

Share Custom Designs Online

Sharing Custom Designs Header.png
You can share custom designs online after unlocking the Able Sisters tailor shop.

You can also save other players' custom designs, as well as designs from previous Animal Crossing games by scanning QR codes. Check out our guide to learn more.
Custom Designs Portal - How to Share Custom Designs Online

Top Custom Designs Patterns

Check out our hand-picked custom design patters submitted by other users. Get the chance to have yours featured too!

List of Custom Designs
custom designs - clothes partial.pngClothes and Accesories Face paint custom designs partial.pngFace Paint
custom designs - ground partial.pngPaths, Floors and Ground Custom designs for signs partial.pngSigns and Decorations
Access the Dream SuiteTop Dream Addresses and Dream Towns

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