How to Create Custom Designs | Design Examples and Dream Towns | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

ACNH - How to Create Custom Designs | Design Examples and Dream Towns

Learn the step-by-step process on how to make custom design patterns on Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). We have tutorials on how to make ground patterns such as paths and flower patches. You can also see the top custom design patterns from users all around the world here!

How to Create Custom Design Patterns

1 Open the app on your NookPhone.
2 Select a slot to save your design to.
3 Use the Custom Designs Editor to start drawing.
4 Add a name, and the design is complete!

1. Open the app on your NookPhone

ACNH - Custom Designs App on NookPhone
You can create custom designs using the Custom Designs app on your NookPhone. This app is available from the start of the game.

2. Select a slot to save your design to

The design will look better if you specifically create it for an item: is it for a shirt, or face paint?

Top Face Paint Canvas Floor*
Preview - Top.png Preview - Face Paint.png Preview - Canvas.png floor preview.png

You can preview what it looks like on the specific item by selecting Swap Preview on the toolbar.

If you use the Custom Design Pro Editor, you will select a type of clothing to create a design for.

*Floor preview added on the ver 1.4.0 update.

3. Use the Custom Designs Editor to start drawing

Animal Crossing Custom Designs Editor.png
Use the available tools on the editor to start creating your design!

How to Use the Custom Design Pro Editor

Custom Design Updates

March 2021 Update (Ver.1.9.0)

ACNH - March Update

Click here for details!

Custom Design Pro Editor+

ACNH - Custom Design Pro Editor+ for Miles

Miles Required 2000

The Custom Design Pro Editor+ is a new redeemable upgrade to the Custom Designs app introduced in the March 18 Update!

After downloaing the update, head to the Nook Stop to redeem the upgrade!

Increased Custom Design Slots

ACNH - Custom Designs Increased Custom Design Slots
The upgrade comes with an additional +50 slots for both the regular custom designs and pro custom designs.

By redeeming the upgrade, you'll now have a total of 200 slots for all your custom designs needs!

New Custom Design Patterns

ACNH - New Custom Design Types.png
You will also unlock new patterns for your custom design!

You can now turn your custom designs into umbrellas, Uchiwa fans, handheld flags, and face-cutout standees!

ACNH - Custom Design UmbrellaEnlarge Umbrellas ACNH - Custom Design Uchiwa FanEnlarge Uchiwa Fans
ACNH - Custom Design Handheld FlagEnlarge Handheld Flags ACNH - Custom Design Face-Cutout StandeeEnlarge Face-Cutout Standees

Custom Designs Portal

ACNH - Custom Design Portal App

Miles Required 2000

You can now access the Custom Designs Portal from your NookPhone! Redeem the upgrade from the Nook Stop together with the Custom Design Pro Editor+.

ACNH - Custom Design Portal from the Custom Design Menu
Access the portal from the Custom Designs app on your NookPhone!

March 18 Update | Version 1.9.0 Update

Custom Design Guides

We have guides for custom designs that you can use as paths and more! Check out these pages to learn more!

How to Make Custom Designs
ACNH - Custom Fireworks InstructionsHow to Make Custom Fireworks Designs ACNH - Custom Wooden Path InstructionsHow to Make Wooden Paths
ACNH - Custom Brick Path InstructionsHow to Make Brick Paths ACNH - Custom Platform InstructionsHow to Make Platforms
ACNH - Custom Dirt Path InstructionsHow to Make Dirt Paths | The Path ACNH - Custom Tatami InstructionsHow to Make Tatami Mats
ACNH - Custom Seashells InstructionsHow to Make Seashell Paths ACNH - Custom Sweets InstructionsHow to Make Sweets Floor Designs
ACNH - Custom Flowerbed InstructionsHow to Make Flowerbeds ACNH - Custom Flower Patch InstructionsHow to Make Flower Patches
ACNH - Custom Tiles InstructionsHow to Make Tile Patterns ACNH - Custom Stepping Stones InstructionsHow to Make Stepping Stones
ACNH - Custom Large Stone Tiles InstructionsHow to Make Large Stone Tiles and Slabs

Top Custom Designs Patterns

Our hand-picked custom design patterns will definitely knock you socks off!

You can also submit your custom designs to our page!

List of Custom Designs
ACNH - Custom Designs - ClothesClothes and Accesories ACNH - Custom Designs - Face PaintFace Paint
ACNH - Custom Designs - Ground and PathsPaths, Floors and Ground ACNH - Custom Designs - SignsSigns and Decorations
ACNH - Halloween Custom Designs.pngHalloween Custom Designs ACNH - Christmas Custom Designs.pngChristmas Custom Designs
ACNH - ValentineValentines Custom Designs ACNH - Face-Cutout Standee Custom DesignsFace-Cutout Standee Custom Designs

What to Do with Custom Designs?

Wear as Face Paint

ACNH - Custom Designs Face Paint - Brows
For the first time in the game, you can wear a custom design as face paint! The design's canvas will be distributed to the character's forehead and cheeks.

You can even do facial features such as eyebrows, beauty marks, and freckles!
How to Use and Erase Face Paint

Put on Display

ACNH - Put Custom Design on Display
You can put your designs on display as a painting or put it over a mannequin for others to see!

Display on the Ground

ACNH - Display Custom Design on Ground

You can display your designs on the ground, or use it as a path after unlocking the Island Designer app.

You can also spread it in the room as a flooring or lay it down as a tile mat at your house.

On Walls

ACNH - Hang Custom Design on Wall
On the walls of your house, you can spread your design as a wallpaper, or you can display it on a canvas or on a hanger as a shirt.

How to Share Custom Designs Online

ACNH - Custom Designs - Open Custom Designs Portal.png

You can share custom designs online after unlocking the Able Sisters tailor shop or through the Custom Designs app.

You can also save other players' custom designs and designs from previous Animal Crossing games by scanning QR codes!

Custom Designs Portal - How to Share Custom Designs Online

Must-See Dream Addresses

Check out some how some player brilliantly use custom design with these Dream Addresses!

Inspirational Dream Towns
ACNH - Top Dream TownsTop Dream Addresses and Dream Towns
ACNH - Japanese-Themed Dream TownsJapanese-Themed ACNH - Europe-Themed Dream TownsEuropean-Themed
ACNH - Horror-Themed Dream TownsHorror-Themed ACNH - Horror-Themed Dream TownsNature-Themed

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