List of Sanrio Villagers | Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

This page displays all Sanrio Villagers confirmed to appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch). For a full list of all Sanrio residents who can live on your island, please read on!

Ver. 1.9 - March 18 Update Links
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers IconSanrio Villagers ACNH - Sanrio Clothes IconSanrio Items

All March Update Information

How to Get Sanrio Villagers

Get the Sanrio® Collaboration Pack amiibo cards

ACNH - Sanrio Collaboration Pack amiibo cards

You can only get the Sanrio Villagers on your island by scanning the Sanrio amiibo cards to your Nintendo Switch.

How to Get Sanrio amiibo cards

Download the Version 1.9.0 Update

ACNH - March Update (Version 1.9.0)

You will also need to download the March Update (Version 1.9.0) for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch.

March 18 Update | Version 1.9.0 Update

List of Sanrio Villagers

Sanrio Villager
(Item Set)
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - RillaRilla
(Hello Kitty)
Hello Kitty Bed Image Hello Kitty Chair Image Hello Kitty Clock Image Hello Kitty Drawers Image
Hello Kitty Planter Image Hello Kitty Table Image

Hello Kitty Flooring Image Hello Kitty Wall Image Hello Kitty Rug Image

Hello Kitty Hat Image Hello Kitty Tee Image Hello Kitty Dress Image Hello Kitty Shoes Image
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - MartyMarty
Pompompurin Bed Image Pompompurin Chair Image Pompompurin Pudding Image Pompompurin Rack Image
Pompompurin Table Image Pompompurin TV Image

Pompompurin Wall Image Pompompurin Flooring Image Pompompurin Rug Image

Pompompurin Hat Image Pompompurin Tee Image Pompompurin Outfit Image Pompompurin Boots Image
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - ÉtoileÉtoile
(*Kiki & Lala)
Kiki & Lala Bed Image Kiki & Lala Clock Image Kiki & Lala Cloud Maker Image Kiki & Lala Sofa Image
Kiki & Lala Table Image

Kiki & Lala Wall Image Kiki & Lala Flooring Image Kiki & Lala Rug Image

Kiki & Lala Pin Image Kiki & Lala Tee Image Kiki & Lala Dress Image Kiki & Lala Shoes Image
Kiki & Lala Socks Image

Kiki & Lala Wand Image
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - ChaiChai
Cinnamoroll Parasol Image Cinnamoroll Signage Image Cinnamoroll Sofa Image Cinnamoroll Stool Image
Cinnamoroll Table Image Cinnamoroll Tray Image

Cinnamoroll Wall Image Cinnamoroll Flooring Image Cinnamoroll Rug Image

Cinnamoroll Hat Image Cinnamoroll Jacket Image Cinnamoroll Puffy Blouse Image Cinnamoroll Sneakers Image
(My Melody)
My Melody Bed Image My Melody Chair Image My Melody Clock Image My Melody Dresser Image
My Melody Table Image

My Melody Wall Image My Melody Flooring Image My Melody Rug Image

My Melody Hood Image My Melody Shirt Image My Melody Dress Image My Melody Boots Image
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - TobyToby
Kerokerokeroppi Bridge Image Kerokerokeroppi Doll Image Kerokerokeroppi Hallway Image Kerokerokeroppi Lantern Image
Kerokerokeroppi Snack Image Kerokerokeroppi Tray Image

Kerokerokeroppi Wall Image Kerokerokeroppi Flooring Image Kerokerokeroppi Rug Image

Kerokerokeroppi Pin Image Kerokerokeroppi Tank Top Image Kerokerokeroppi Outfit Image Kerokerokeroppi Boots Image
Kerokerokeroppi Socks Image

*based on the characters from Little Twin Stars™

List of Sanrio Clothes and Furniture Items

House Exterior

ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - RillaRilla ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - Marty Marty
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - Étoile Étoile ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - Chai Chai
ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - Chelsea Chelsea ACNH - Sanrio Villagers - Toby Toby

Inviting and Moving in Sanrio Villagers

ACNH - Inviting a Sanrio Villager.png

1 Call the amiibo to the Campsite via Nook Stop.
2 Give the villager the DIY item they are asking for.
3 Repeat steps for 3 days. On the last day, ask them to move.
4 Select the villager to swap with. Selected villager will be in boxes the next day.

How to Invite and Move in Villagers from the Campsite

Can You Move in a Sanrio Villager in Boxes?

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that you cannot move in a Sanrio Villager once they are in boxes.

If you want a particular Sanrio villager on your island, the only way to move them in is by using the method above.

How to Get Sanrio Collaboration Pack amiibo cards

Nintendo of America has announced that the Animal Crossing Sanrio® Collaboration Pack will be coming to Target on March 26th!

The pack will include six amiibo cards, one for each Sanrio Villager!

On Sale on March 26th, 8 AM CT

ACNH - Target - Sanrio amiibo cards

The Animal Crossing Sanrio® Collaboration Pack is set to release online only at at 8 AM CT.

The cards will only be available for Order Pickup or Drive Up only. This means that Target will not stock the cards on shelves in-store and delivery will not be available for the cards.

Guests are also limited to ordering 2 card packs only.

Target: Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack

Eastern Time 9 AM
Central Time 8 AM
Mountain (Daylight) Time 7 AM
Pacific Time 6 AM
Alaska 5 AM
Hawaii 3 AM

Sanrio Villagers Popularity Ranking

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Villagers by Personality

Big Sister Cranky Jock Lazy
Normal Peppy Smug Snooty

Villagers by Species

Alligator Icon.png Alligators Anteaters Icon.png Anteaters Bears Icon.png Bears Birds Icon.png Birds
ACNH - Bulls.png Bulls Cats Icon.png Cats Chickens Icon.png Chickens Cows Icon.png Cows
Cubs Icon.png Cubs Deer Icon.png Deer Dogs Icon.png Dogs Ducks Icon.png Ducks
Eagles Icon.png Eagles Elephants Icon.png Elephants Frogs Icon.png Frogs Goats Icon.png Goats
Gorillas Icon.png Gorillas Hamsters Icon.png Hamsters Hippos Icon.png Hippos Horses Icon.png Horses
Kangaroos Icon.png Kangaroos Koalas Icon.png Koalas Lions Icon.png Lions Monkeys Icon.png Monkeys
Mice Icon.png Mice Octopuses Icon.png Octopuses Ostriches Icon.png Ostriches Penguins Icon.png Penguins
Pigs Icon.png Pigs Rabbits Icon.png Rabbits Rhinos Icon.png Rhinos Sheep Icon.png Sheep
Squirrels Icon.png Squirrels Tiger Icon.png Tigers Wolves Icon.png Wolves

Villagers by Initial Letter

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2 Daisy Mae8 days

I love Chai so I vote for her+I love Dumbo!

1 Error4049 days

Vote for Rilla! She's so underrated! Best thing about her is the items she comes with!!

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