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This articles explains the best way to get Bells (Money) easily in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. Learn tricks for earning Bells quickly, and things you can do every day to get more Bells in ACNH.

How to Get Bells (Money) Fast

The Stalk Market

Daisy Mae will come to your island every week to sell turnips, which you can then potentially sell for a higher price to make some profit off of. If you manage to sell your turnips when they reach their peak price, you can make tens of thousands of bells.

Turnip Buying and Selling Guide

You can sell turnips at a friend's island!

Turnips can be sold on friends' islands with no problem. If you happen to be visiting a friend who has high prices for turnips, why not sell them while you're there for some extra bells?

Sell Fish, Bugs, and Shells


Early in the game, you'll obtain the Fishing Rod and Net for catching fish and bugs. Shells can simply be picked up when walking along the beach. Any of these items can be sold to Timmy at Resident Services, and there's no limit to how many can be acquired in one day. Unlike other items that appear in a limited number on a single day, these items can help make a lot of money early on without needing to spend multiple days.

Sell Fruits


Without having to spend a lot of time searching, you can find naturally-growing Fruits and bring them to Resident Services to sell for a low but steady price. Collecting these Items will also yield Nook Miles simultaneously, so there's definite merit to grabbing these items as you go.

You can sell fruits from other islands for cheap

When you visit another player's island, be sure to take as many fruits home as you can. You can sell fruits from another island for 500 Bells a pop. When you plant these Fruits in the ground and wait for five days, they will plant into trees, so you can find these rare and expensive fruits easily on your own island.

Trading Board

Grow an orchard

One of the most effective ways to farm Bells is to grow an orchard of fruit trees. Unlike other methods like gathering Fossils, Bugs or Fish, you can control the position and amount of fruit trees, ramping up the possibility for farming these items.

Keep in mind that fruit trees will only grow when they are at least two spaces away from another structure.

Fruit trees won't grow between each other

When growing an orchard, be careful not to place a fruit tree directly between two other fruit trees. Even if they are all two spaces away from each other, a fruit tree will not grow if it is placed directly between two other fruit trees.

Be sure to start on one side of your planned orchard and move in a line from there, instead of filling in gaps in the middle, to ensure that you can plant the maximum number of fruit trees.

Sell Weeds

One of the best methods for gathering Bells early in the game is selling Weeds. As Weeds only take a split-second to pull up, they're a quick and easy source of income. Also, pulling up Weeds can earn you Nook Miles rewards like Weed Eater, allowing you to hit two birds with one stone.

List of Nook Miles Activities

Turn Weeds into Leaf Umbrellas, then sell them

Before you sell all the Clumps of Weed you picked up, you might want to craft them into Leaf Umbrellas instead, and sell them for double the price!

Item Selling Price
Clump of Weeds x15 150
Leaf Umbrella (Crafted using Clump of Weeds x15) 300

Sell Fossils after Assessing them

When you dig up star-shaped marks on the ground with the Shovel, you can find Fossils buried there. If you talk to Blathers at the Museum, he will Assess Fossils for you for free, which will show you what is contained inside. Only a few Fossils will be available each day, but they will can be sold for a high price, so be sure to find all the available Fossils each day.

Use Nook Miles Tickets to go to other islands

By exchanging 2,000 Nook Miles, you can obtain a Nook Miles Ticket. This will allow you to travel to another island, where you can obtain fruits, fish, and bugs not obtainable on your island. When you sell these on your island, you'll get a much higher profit than you would get for the normal fruits and wildlife found there.

Sell “Hot Items” to Nook's Cranny at high prices

After unlocking Nook's Cranny, you can sell a certain Item at double the normal price each day. The high-priced item changes each day, and can be made with the DIY workbench. Collecting the required parts and make the item, and selling the Item to Nook's Cranny for a high price is a reliable way to make Bells each day.

Best Furniture to Craft and Sell

Furniture Crafting Materials Sell Price
Barrel Wood ×5
Iron Nugget ×2
4200 Bells

Buy and Sell Bell Vouchers

Bell voucher
If you're really desparate, you can exchange your Nook Miles into Bell Vouchers, which can then be sold at Nook's Cranny for 3000 Bells.

However, this is a very poor use of your Nook Miles and we don't recommend getting Bells this way.

What Should You Spend Nook Miles on?

How to Earn Money (Daily Limited Tasks)

Each of these tasks can only be completed a limited number of times per day, and then you'll have to wait for the next day to reset. On the other hand, this makes them reliable tasks to complete every day and earn steady cash.

Things to Do Every Day

Find your daily Money Rock

Money Rock.jpg
When hitting rocks around the island, in addition to valuable items like Iron Nuggets, you can also receive Bells.

Every day, one of the rocks on your island will be the designated Money rock. As there's a time limit for hitting the rock, and the amount of Bells increases the more you hit the rock, be sure to hit it as many times as possible, as fast as possible, after you start hitting.

The best way to hit the rock as many times as possible is to dig holes behind you before you start hitting the rock. Since your character can't move through holes, this will prevent your character from being knocked back by the impact, allowing them to hit the rock again more quickly. This will allow you to hit the rock up to eight times, yielding the maximum reward.

Money Rock | How to Hit the Rock 8 Times

Bells can fall from trees

When shaking the trees around the island, Bells can sometimes fall out. The amount of Bells itself isn't much, but if you spend a few minutes every day shaking each tree, you'll find it stacking up before you know it.

Sometimes, Furniture or even wasp nests will fall from trees. If you catch a wasp, you can sell it for a high price. If you find it, there's no punishment for getting stung other than a bit of an ugly mug, so it's worth it to give it a try!

Clean the area around the rock

Weeds and other obstacles in the area surrounding the rock might get in the way, preventing you from hitting the rock the maximum number of times. Be sure to get rid of these in advance to make sure you can get the maximum possible reward from a Money Rock.

Search for shining spots in the ground

Each day, a single shining spot will appear on the ground somewhere on the island. When you dig up the shining spot, you'll find a bag with 1000 Bells. But don't splurge and open that cash bag – there's more where that came from if you're patient!

You can plant a Money Tree

As with previous games in the series, when burying this bag of Bells in the same spot where it was found, and tending to the root that grows, you can grow a real Money Tree.

That said, a single Money Tree will only grow Bells once, and after that, it's fine to cut down.

How to Grow Money Trees

How to Time Travel to Get Money Fast

Deposit money and go to the future

From the Nook Port in Resident Services, you can use the ABD (ATM) to deposit money. This money will collect interest over time, so by simply placing money in the ATM and allowing it to collect interest you can earn huge amounts of money with almost no effort.

Of course, the fastest way to collect those interests is with Time Travel.

Instructions for Time Traveling to Get Money

Step Description
1 Deposit money in the ATM and save and quit your game
2 Change the Nintendo Switch Date and Time Setting
3 Start up the game, and save and quit again
4 Return the Nintendo Switch Date and Time Setting to the original setting
5 Start up the game again, and save and quit again
6 Go back to step 2

By changing the date, you can earn a maximum of 9,999 Bells of interest at a time. The more Bells you put in, the more interest you will gain, so by placing more money in at once time, you can reduce the number of time you need to skip forward.

For calculations on how far in time you need to go, check out our Bank Interest guide below:

How to Get Bank Interest

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