How to Get Bells Fast: Money Making Guide | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - How to Get Bells Fast Guide

To get Bells quickly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), sell items and creatures at Nook's Cranny. Use Nook Miles Tickets to visit Mystery Islands and gather more items to sell. For more tips and tricks on earning Bells quickly, read on!

Best Ways to Earn Money (Bells)

Singe Player Money Making Guide

1 Sell Fruit 7 Mystery Islands
2 Sell Pumpkins 8 Money Rocks
3 Sell Critters and Shells 9 Sell Assessed Fossils
4 Sell Turnips 10 Sell Hot Items
5 Time Travel 11 Shake Trees for Bells
6 Make Bell Trees 12 Sell Weeds to Leif

Note: When playing single player, all items are sold at your own Nook's Cranny shop.

Multiplayer Money Making Guide

1 Sell Turnips 7 Mystery Islands
2 Sell Fruit 8 Money Rocks
3 Sell Pumpkins 9 Sell Assessed Fossils
4 Sell Critters and Shells 10 Sell Hot Items
5 Time Travel 11 Shake Trees for Bells
6 Make Bell Trees 12 Sell Weeds to Leif

How Do You Make Bells?

How to Get Bells (Money) Fast

Money Making Guide Overview

Sell Turnips at the Stalk Market

ACNH - Daisy Mae greets the player
Daisy Mae comes to your island every Sunday to sell Turnips, which you can sell at Nook's Cranny. The price changes twice daily, so be sure to check in every day!

This is when online subscriptions come in handy, because...

You can sell turnips at other islands!

ACNH - Timmy informs the resident that the price of turnips is 151 Bells

Sell turnips at other islands with higher prices. All you need is an open island and a way to visit the island. Some might charge a fee for you to visit, however, so we recommend asking your friends first.

Turnip Buying and Selling Guide

Sell Fruits

ACNH - A resident sits in a sandy path filled with Palm Trees

One of the most effective ways to farm Bells is to grow an orchard of fruit trees. Unlike other methods like gathering Fossils, Bugs or Fish, you can control the position and amount of fruit trees, ramping up the possibility for farming these items.

Find Non-Native fruits to grow

ACNH - An orange tree in various stages of growth
Fruits native to your island sell for 100 Bells each, Coconuts sell for 250 Bells a piece, and all other Fruits sell for 500 Bells, so you'll want to find non-native fruits for the most Bells.

You will always get 1 non-native fruit, either from the letter from your Mom or on Mystery Islands, the rest you will have to get from other players.

Sell Your Fruits in Another Player's Island

Sell your fruit when visiting another player's island! By visiting friends, your native fruit sells for 500 Bells, so take advantage of this money-making opportunity.
Recipe and Fruit Trading Board

Sell Pumpkins

ACNH - Leif offers the resident a promotion on pumpkin starts

Buy Pumpkin Starts for 280 Bells at Nook's Cranny or 140 Bells from Leif during October.

Pumpkins sell for more than their starts cost, with a selling price of 350 Bells per pumpkin. Harvested pumpkins also grow back in two days and don't need replanting.

Grow a Pumpkin Farm

ACNH - A resident stands behind a pumpkin patch

To maximize the amount of bells you can get from selling Pumpkins, it's a good idea to create a Pumpkin Farm - preferably growing the four different types of Pumpkins.

Check out our article below for some pumpkin patch design ideas for your island!
Pumpkin Patch Ideas

Sell Fish, Bugs, and Shells

ACNH - A resident patiently waits by the river for the fish to nibble on the bait

Catch fish and bugs with your Fishing Rod and your Net. Pick up shells while walking along the Beach. Any of these items can be sold, and there's no limit to how many can be acquired in one day.

Sell Fish and Bugs to C.J. and Flick for 1.5x the Price

ACNH - Flick offers the resident 180,000 Bells for a bunch of bugs

C.J. and Flick, who will start visiting your island after upgrading Resident Services, will buy fish and insects respectively at 1.5 times the normal price.

Store rare and more expensive fish and bugs in storage to sell them once they visit to maximize profit.

How to Find Flick How to Find C.J.

Recommended Bugs to Sell

ACNH - Flick offers 12,000 Bells for a tarantula

Bugs that perch on Palm Trees during Summer, such as the Goliath Beetle and Horned Elephant are among the most profitable to sell. These bugs, however, are very difficult to catch and are only available during Summer.

Check out our list below for bugs that are very common, easy to catch, and fetch a good price when sold to Flick. He will buy these bugs at 1.5x the normal price.

Bug Sell Price Months and Time of Day / Remarks
ACNH - Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab
1000 All Year Round / 0:00 to 8:00, 19:00 to 0:00
Appears on beaches all year round and is easy to catch when fishing at night or collecting shells.
ACNH - Man-Faced Stink Bug
Man-Faced Stinkbug
1000 March - October / 0:00 to 8:00, 19:00 to 0:00
Appears at night when there are flowers and are very easy to catch.
ACNH - Orchid Mantis
Orchid Mantis
2400 March - November / 8:00 to 17:00
Only appears on white flowers and are easy to catch.
ACNH - Peacock Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly
2500 March - June / 4:00 to 19:00
Only appears when there are Blue and Purple Flowers. Since it flies very slow, it's easy to catch.
ACNH - Wasp
2500 All Year Round / All Day Long
Has a chance to appear when shaking trees in your island. You can catch up to five Wasps a day.
ACNH - Agrias Butterfly
Agrias Butterfly
3000 April - September / 8:00 to 17:00
Appears during the day. Although it moves faster than other butterflies, it's still easy to catch.
ACNH - Tarantula
8000 November - April / 0:00 to 4:00, 19:00 to 0:00
Requires some skill to catch and will attack you if you get too close while wielding a net.
Visiting a Tarantua Island is a good way to make lots of bells.

Complete List of Bugs and Appearance Times

Recommended Fish to Sell

ACNH - CJ offers 1,650 Bells for a seahorse

The best season to make lots of money with fishing is Summer. All fish that have dorsal fins, such as the Great White Shark and Ocean Sunfish, sell for a lot of bells - especially when sold to C.J.

Check out our list below for fish that are very common, easy to catch, and fetch a good price. C.J. will buy these fish at 1.5x the normal price.

Fish Sell Price Months and Time of Day / Remarks
ACNH - Seahorse
1000 April - November / All Day / Sea
You can catch this fish from Spring to Autumn. It has a small shadow, which it only shares with the Clownfish.
ACNH - Sea butterfly
Sea Butterfly
1000 December - March / All Day / Sea
It's easy to catch during Winter since it's the only fish that has a small shadow during that season.
ACNH - Red Snapper Icon.png
Red Snapper
3000 All Year Round / All Day Long / Sea
A very common fish that you can catch regardless of seaon and time, and has a high sell price.
ACNH - Coelacanth
15000 All Year Round (Rainy Day) / All Day Long / Sea
This deep-sea fish is available all year round, but only appears during rainy days. Look for large shadows when it's raining and catch as much as possible,
ACNH - Barreleye
15000 All Year Round / 0:00 to 4:00, 21:00 to 0:00
This small, deep-sea fish only appears at night. Since you can catch it all year round, you can get a lot of bells by looking for small fish shadows at night.

Complete List of Fish and Appearance Times

Use Nook Miles Tickets to go to Mystery Islands

ACNH - Orville asks the resident where they want to go
Obtain a Nook Miles Ticket by exchanging 2,000 Nook Miles. This allows you to travel to another island, where you can find non-native fruit, fossils, and extra materials from trees and rocks.

Mystery Island List | Mystery Island Tour Guide

Try Looking for a Tarantula Island

ACNH - A resident with pockets full of tarantulas

There are rare mystery islands that have a high spawn rate of Tarantulas. Earn a lot of bells by catching as many as you can and selling them to Flick when he visits your island.

Check out our article below to learn more about Tarantula Islands.

Infinite Tarantula Island - How to Get or Create It

Sell Fossils after Assessing them

ACNH - A resident digs up a fossil

Fossils sell for a good price at Nook's Cranny, but only if you have it assessed by Blathers at the Museum. There's a total of 4 to 5 fossils a day. Get more fossils by visiting certain Mystery Islands!

Look for T-Rex Fossils

ACNH - Timmy offers to buy a T.Rex torso for 5,500 bells
The T-Rex fossils are among the most profitable, selling between 5000 to 6000 Bells a piece depending on the part.

T-Rex fossils aren't the only fossils that sell for a good price though! Check out our guide below to learn more.

Fossil List | How to Find Fossils

Sell “Hot Items” to Nook's Cranny at high prices

ACNH - Timmy informs the player that the Hot Items are the zen-style stone and wooden-block stereo
Certain Items sell at double the normal price each day. The Hot Items change each day, and can be crafted. Crafting Hot Items and selling them in Nook's Cranny is a reliable way to make Bells each day.

Best Furniture to Craft and Sell

Furniture Crafting Materials Sell Price
Barrel Wood ×5
Iron Nugget ×2
4200 Bells

Buy and Sell Bell Vouchers

ACNH - Timmy offers to buy a Bell voucher for 3,000 bells

Redeem Bell Vouchers from the Nook Stop Terminal, then sell them at Nook's Cranny for 3000 Bells each.

This is a very poor use of your Nook Miles though so we don't recommend this method. Focus on gathering extra materials at Mystery Islands or looking for Tarantula Islands instead!

What Should You Spend Nook Miles On?

Sell Weeds to Leif

ACNH - Leif informs the resident that he

One of the best methods for gathering Bells early in the game is selling Weeds, which sell at Nook's Cranny for 10 Bells each.

When selling weeds, we recommend you wait until Leif visits your island. He buys weeds for 20 Bells each!

List of Nook Miles Activities

Turn Weeds into Leaf Umbrellas, then sell them

Use the clumps of weeds and craft them into a Leaf Umbrella and sell them for double the price!

Item Selling Price
Clump of Weeds x15 150
Leaf Umbrella (Crafted using Clump of Weeds x15) 300

How to Earn Money (Daily Limited Tasks)

Guide Overview

Each of these tasks can only be completed a limited number of times per day, and then you'll have to wait for the next day to reset. On the other hand, this makes them reliable tasks to complete every day and earn steady cash.

Things to Do Every Day

Plant Bell Trees at Shining Spots

ACNH - A resident comes across a shining spot on the ground.png
Each day, a single shining spot will appear on the ground somewhere on the island. When you dig up the shining spot, you'll find a bag with 1000 Bells. But don't get excited and open that cash bag – there's more where that came from if you're patient!

You can plant a Money Tree

As with previous games in the series, when burying this bag of Bells in the same spot where it was found, and tending to the root that grows, you can grow a real Money Tree.

That said, a single Money Tree will only grow Bells once, and after that, it's fine to cut down.

How to Grow Money Trees

Find your Daily Money Rock

ACNH - A player hits the Money Rock to get bells
Every day, one of the rocks on your island will be the designated Money rock. There's a time limit for hitting the rock, and the amount of bells you get increases the more times you hit the rock!

In order to hit the rock as many times as possible, dig holes behind you before you start hitting the rock. This allows you to hit the rock up to eight times, yielding the maximum reward.

Money Rock | How to Hit the Rock 8 Times

Shake Bells for Bells

ACNH - A resident shakes trees and bells fall to the ground.png
Shaking the trees around your island sometimes causes bells to fall out. Earn a steady amount of extra bells if you spend a few minutes shaking each tree every day.

Watch Out for Wasps

ACNH - A resident shakes a tree and catches a wasp

When shaking trees, it's a good idea to have your net ready as Wasp Nests may fall from the tree. If you manage to catch the Wasp, you can sell them for a high price at Nook's Cranny or to Flick.

Remember to sell their nests for 300 Bells each!

How to Catch a Wasp (Bee) Easily

How to Time Travel to Get Money Fast

Guide Overview

Deposit Money and Go to the Future

ACNH - A Bank of Nook letter telling how much interest has been gained

From the Nook Stop in Resident Services, use the ABD (ATM) to deposit money. This money will collect interest over time, so by simply placing money in the ATM and allowing it to collect interest, you can earn huge amounts of money with almost no effort.

Of course, the fastest way to collect those interests is with Time Travel.

Instructions for Time Traveling to Get Money

Step Description
1 Deposit money in the ATM and save and quit your game
2 Change the Nintendo Switch Date and Time Setting
3 Start up the game, and save and quit again
4 Return the Nintendo Switch Date and Time Setting to the original setting
5 Start up the game again, and save and quit again
6 Go back to step 2

By changing the date, you can earn a maximum of 9,999 Bells of interest at a time. For calculations on how far in time you need to go, check out our Bank Interest guide below:

How to Get Bank Interest

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