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See the list of house customization options for the exterior of your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn when you can unlock each option for house customization.

How to Unlock House Customization

Upgrade Resident Services

ACNH - Resident Services Closed.png

You need to unlock the Construction Consultation Counter managed by Tom Nook. For that, you need to upgrade Resident Services.
What You Can Do at Resident Services and How to Upgrade

Upgrade Your House

ACNH - Paid off loan.png

Upon reaching the 4th upgrade, which is unlocking a room to the right, you will unlock the house customization service, and the first option which is Roof Style, at Resident Services. The more you upgrade, the more options you unlock.

List of House Upgrades

Upgrade No. Cost Result of Upgrade
548,000 Bells
Additional room on the left side
Improved outside appearance
Roof and mailbox customization unlocked
Room Size: 6x6
Storage Size: 320
758,000 Bells
Additional room on the right side
Door customization unlocked
Room Size: 6x6
Storage Size: 400
1,248,000 Bells
Addition of second floor
Increased Home size
Siding customization unlocked
Room Size: 10x6
Storage Size: 800
2,498,000 Bells
Addition of basement
1 free house customization a day unlocked
Room Size: 10x6
Storage Size: 1600

Learn about house upgrades in our guide!
House Upgrades and How to Pay Off Your Loan

How to Customize Your House Exterior

Upgraded Resident Service and 4th house upgrade are required to use this feature.

1 Talk to Tom Nook about home customization.
2 Select your desired exterior changes.
3 Your house will be ready the next day.

1. Talk to Tom Nook about Home Customization

ACNH - Construction Consultaion Counter.png

Talk to Tom Nook at the Construction Consultation Counter. Select "About my home..." then "I want to customize."

5,000 Bells is needed for the service, regardless of how many changes you made to your home, so please prepare in advance.

Free 1 House Customization After Last House Upgrade

Once paying off the loan for the final house upgrade, Tom Nook rewards you with 1 free house customization per day. Use this opportunity to try out new styles and looks without the cost of any Bells!

2. Select Desired Exterior Changes

ACNH - List of Roofs

The home customization options will open up, and you can select the roof option by cycling through the top tab by using the L and R buttons. Select a roof style to preview it. Press the + button to confirm.

3. Your House Will Be Ready the Next Day

Your renovated house with the changes you made will be ready the next day. Note that you cannot move your house during this time.

Best House and Tent Location | How to Move Your House

Choose Roof Color When You Upgrade

ACNH - Selected aqua roof for upgrade.png

Once updating your tent into a house, you will get to choose your roof color from the tile roof colors, although you will not be able to preview it.

Additionally, whenever you upgrade your home and it also updates the exterior appearance, Tom Nook will ask you to choose a roof color.

List of House Customization Options

List of Roof Customization Options

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Roof Siding Door Mailbox

Tile Roof Colors (Default)

Tile Roof
Red Tile.pngRed Pink Tile.pngPink Yellow Tile.pngYellow Green Tile.pngGreen
Aqua Tile.pngAqua Blue Tile.pngBlue Purple Tile.pngPurple Black Tile.pngBlack

Curved Shingles Roof Colors

Curved Shingles
Orange Shingles.pngOrange Pink Shingles.pngPink Yellow Shingles.pngYellow Green Shingles.pngGreen
Blue Shingles.pngBlue Beige Shingles.pngBeige Brown Shingles.pngBrown Black Shingles.pngBlack

Stone Roof Colors

Stone Roof
Gray Stone.pngGray Beige Stone.pngBeige Red Stone.pngRed Orange Stone.pngOrange
Green Stone.pngGreen Blue Stone.pngBlue Brown Stone.pngBrown Black Stone.pngBlack

Thatch Roof Colors

Thatch Roof
Golden-Brown Thatch.pngGolden-Brown White Thatch.pngWhite Fresh-Grass Thatch.pngFresh-Grass Orange Thatch.pngOrange
Brown Thatch.pngBrown Gray Thatch.pngGray Deep-Green Thatch.pngDeep-Green Black Thatch.pngBlack
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Roof Siding Door Mailbox

List of Siding Customization Options

Common Exterior Colors (Default)

Common Exterior
Common exterior.png Normal Red-trim common exterior.png Red-Trim Blue-trim common exterior.pngBlue-Trim Gray-trim common exterior.png Gray-Trim
Red common exterior.png Red Pink common exterior.pngPink Yellow common exterior.png Yellow Black common exterior.png Black

Chalet Exterior Colors

Chalet Exterior
Normal chalet exterior.png Normal Red chalet exterior.png Red Brown chalet exterior.png Brown Orange chalet exterior.png Orange
Yellow chalet exterior.png Yellow Cream chalet exterior.pngCream Light-blue chalet exterior.pngLight-Blue black chalet exterior.pngBlack

Cobblestone Exterior Colors

Cobblestone Exterior
normal cobblestone.png Normal chic cobblestone.png Chic brown cobblestone.png Brown red cobblestone.png Red
orange cobblestone.png Orange green cobblestone.png Green blue cobblestone.png Blue gray cobblestone.png Gray

Stucco Exterior Colors

Stucco Exterior
white stucco exterior.png White pink stucco exterior.png Pink beige stucco exterior.png Beige gray stucco exterior.png Gray
red stucco exterior.png Red yellow stucco exterior.png Yellow blue stucco exterior.png Blue black stucco exterior.png Black

Door Customization Options

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Roof Siding Door Mailbox

Wooden Door Colors

Wooden Door
normal wooden door.pngNormal maple wooden door.png Maple white wooden door.png White pink wooden door.png Pink
beige wooden door.png Beige gray wooden door.png Gray red wooden door.png Red green wooden door.png Green
blue wooden door.png Blue purple wooden door.png Purple - -

Windowed Door Colors (Default)

Windowed Door
normal windowed door.png Normal maple windowed door.png Maple white windowed door.png White pink windowed door.png Pink
beige windowed door.png Beige gray windowed door.png Gray red windowed door.png Red green windowed door.pngGreen
blue windowed door.png Blue purple windowed door.png Purple - -

Common Door Colors

Common Door
normal common door.pngNormal white common door.png White gray common door.png Gray red common door.png Red
yellow common door.png Yellow green-apple common door.png Green-Apple green common door.png Green blue common door.png Blue
purple common door.png Purple black common door.png Black - -

Vertical-Panes Door Colors

Vertical-Panes Door
normal vertical-panes door.png Normal maple vertical-panes door.png Maple white vertical-panes door.png White red vertical-panes door.png Red
yellow vertical-panes door.png Yellow cyan vertical-panes door.png Cyan green vertical-panes door.png Green blue vertical-panes door.png Blue
purple vertical-panes door.png Purple black vertical-panes door.png Black - -

Iron Grill Door Colors

Iron Grill Door
normal iron grill door.png Normal maple iron grill door.png Maple white iron grill door.png White red iron grill door.png Red
pink iron grill door.png Pink green iron grill door.png Green pale blue iron grill door.png Pale-Blue purple iron grill door.png Purple
gray iron grill door.pngGray dark brown iron grill door.png Dark-Brown - -

Simple Door Colors

Simple Door
white simple door.png White pink simple door.png Pink yellow simple door.png Yellow blue simple door.pngBlue
beige simple door.png Beige gray simple door.png Gray deep-green simple door.png Deep-Green purple simple door.png Purple

Basic Door Colors

Basic Door
normal basic door.png Normal white basic door.png White beige basic door.png Beige pale-blue basic door.png Pale-Blue
pink basic door.png Pink yellow basic door.png Yellow apple-green basic door.pngGreen-Apple green basic door.png Green
blue basic door.png Blue burgundy basic door.png Burgundy - -

Latticework Door Colors

Latticework Door
normal latticework door.png Normal brown latticework door.pngBrown walnut latticework door.png Walnut white latticework door.png White
red latticework door.png Red blue latticework door.png Blue gray latticework door.png Gray black latticework door.png Black

Zen Door Colors

Zen Door
normal zen door.png Normal yellow zen door.png Yellow white zen door.png White brown zen door.png Brown
red zen door.png Red black zen door.png Black lacquered zen door.png Lacquered -

Imperial Door Colors

Imperial Door
normal imperior door.png Normal brown imperior door.pngBrown white imperior door.png White red imperior door.png Red
red-green imperior door.png Red-Green yellow imperior door.png Yellow green imperior door.png Green black imperior door.png Black

Metal-Accent Door Colors

Metal-Accent Door
normal metal-accent door.png Normal white metal-accent door.png White red metal-accent door.png Red pink metal-accent door.png Pink
green metal-accent door.png Green blue metal-accent door.png Blue purple metal-accent door.png Purple brown metal-accent door.png Brown

Iron Door Colors

Iron Door
normal iron door.png Normal white iron door.png White red iron door.png Red pink iron door.png Pink
yellow iron door.png Yellow green iron door.png Green blue iron door.png Blue gray iron door.png Gray

Fancy Door Colors

Fancy Door
ACNH - white fancy door.png White ACNH - pink fancy door.png Pink ACNH - yellow fancy door.png Yellow ACNH - blue fancy door.png Blue
ACNH - red fancy door.png Red ACNH - black fancy door.png Black - -

Rustic Door Colors

Rustic Door
ACNH - normal rustic door Normal ACNH - white rustic door White ACNH - pink rustic door Pink ACNH - light green rustic door Light-Green
ACNH - blue rustic door Blue ACNH - pale-purple rustic door Pale-Purple ACNH - red rustic door Red ACNH - maple rustic door Maple
ACNH - green rustic door Green ACNH - black rustic door Black - -

Mailbox Customization Options

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Roof Siding Door Mailbox

Oridinary Mailbox Colors

Ordinary Mailbox
ACNH - normal ordinary mailbox Normal ACNH - white ordinary mailbox White ACNH - red ordinary mailbox Red ACNH - pink ordinary mailbox Pink
ACNH - yellow ordinary mailbox Yellow ACNH - green ordinary mailbox Green ACNH - blue ordinary mailbox Blue ACNH - black ordinary mailbox Black

Square Mailbox Colors

Square Mailbox
ACNH - normal square mailbox Normal ACNH - white square mailbox White ACNH - red square mailbox Red ACNH - pink square mailbox Pink
ACNH - yellow square mailbox Yellow ACNH - green square mailbox Green ACNH - blue square mailbox Blue ACNH - black square mailbox Black

Wooden Mailbox Colors

Wooden Mailbox
ACNH - normal wooden mailbox Normal ACNH - white wooden mailbox White ACNH - red wooden mailbox Red ACNH - pink wooden mailbox Pink
ACNH - yellow wooden mailbox Yellow ACNH - green wooden mailbox Green ACNH - blue wooden mailbox Blue ACNH - black.png Black

Large Mailbox Colors

Large Mailbox
ACNH - normal large mailbox Normal ACNH - white large mailbox White ACNH - red large mailbox Red ACNH - pink large mailbox Pink
ACNH - yellow large mailbox Yellow ACNH - green large mailbox.png Green ACNH - blue large mailbox.png Blue ACNH - black large mailbox.png Black

Rustic Mailbox (Default)

Rustic Mailbox
ACNH - rustic mailboxNormal

What is House Customization?

Change The Exterior of Your House

ACNH - House Exterior.png

House customization is the ability to change the exterior of your house. While you pay your loans to upgrade the size of your home, you will also get the ability to upgrade its exterior appearance.

The customization options are available for your roof, mailbox, door, and siding.

Move Your Mailbox

ACNH - Tom Nook Change Mailbox Location.png

After the 6th house upgrade, which unlocks siding customization, you will also unlock the ability to move your mailbox.

To do so, simply pick it up with the Y button, and place the item from your pockets, like you would do with any other furniture.

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