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Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - Island Ordinances Guide

Here's all Island Ordinances that you can enact from Resident Services in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Learn what they are, how to change them, and which is the best one in ACNH!

What Is an Island Ordinance?

ACNH - Isabelle explains Island Ordinances

Island Ordinances are ways to better improve the quality of your island life according to your own preferences and needs. You can pick and choose which ordinances best fit your desired island lifestyle!

There are four types of ordinances introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizon's Version 2.0. Check them out below to find out which ordinance works best for you!

Island Ordinances

Beautiful Island Ordinance

ACNH - A resident cries after seeing weeds covering the island

The Beautiful Island Ordinance keeps your island neat and tidy! Residents will help out with maintaining the island's cleanliness and overall charm.

Island Residents will make sure that flowers are taken care of, weeds appear less frequently, and that trash output is heavily reduced. Cockroaches are also less likely to spawn in your home!

Rare Flowers are More Likely to Appear

ACNH - Rare Hybrid Flowers are scattered around the area

Rare flowers are also more likely to appear when the Beautiful Island Ordinance is active, and is very helpful if you're trying to breed rare or hybrid flowers!

Hybrid Flower Breeding Guide

Early Bird Ordinance

ACNH - Lobo wakes up early to the Early Bird Ordinance

The Early Bird Ordinance gets all the residents up and active as early 5 AM in the morning! Which means that you can now find villagers walking around the island or hanging out in their homes at dawn.

Stores Will Open Earlier

No Ordinance Early Bird Ordinance

Shops will also operate 2 hours earlier in the morning with this ordinance, so Nook's Cranny will run from 7 AM - 10 PM . While the Able Sisters will run from 8 AM - 9PM as well!

Night Owl Ordinance

ACNH - The Bulletin Board at night

The Night Owl Ordinance gets the island residents to stay up a couple of hours later than their usual bed time! You'll find villagers hanging out around the island or their homes a bit later in the night.

Stores Will Close Later

No Ordinance Night Owl Ordinance

Shops will operate an hour later in the evening with this ordinance, so Nook's Cranny will run from 8 AM - 11 PM. While the Able Sisters will run from 9 AM - 10 PM as well!

Bell Bloom Ordinance

ACNH - Isabelle explains Bell Bloom Ordinance

The Bell Bloom Ordinance changes the island's bell economy to benefit all residents! The prices to both purchase and sell items are now at a 1.2x rate compared to the usual prices.

Buy and Sell Price Comparison

No Ordinance Bell Boom Ordinance

Ordinance Doesn't Affect Special Characters

The Bell Boom Ordinance appears to have no effect on visiting Special Characters such as Redd, who still sells his Paintings and Sculptures at their normal rate while the ordinance is in effect!

How to Change the Ordinance

ACNH - Isabelle Clarifies Questions About Ordinances

You can change the Island Ordinance by talking to Isabelle at Resident Services. Just go up to her desk and ask to Review Island Features and the option to Discuss Ordinances will be available!

Resident Services

Will Ordinances Come Into Effect The Next Day?

ACNH - Isabelle Announcement About Ordinances Taking Effect
Ordinances just like in previous games start on the next day. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), a new day starts at 5 AM.

When Does a New Day Start?

What Are The Conditions For Changing Island Ordinances?

ACNH - Isabelle Explains Requirements to change Ordinances
Only the Island Representative can change the Island Ordinace by talking to Isabelle at Resident Services. A fee of 20,000 Bells is also required to add, remove, or change ordinances.

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