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Learn how to unlock and where to find Luna the tapir, the newest face in version 1.4 summer update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Talk to Luna to use the Dream Suite and share your Dream Address!

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How to Unlock Luna

Requires a Nintendo Switch Online Membership

Nintendo Switch online 2.jpg
A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use online services in the game.

View the official Nintendo website to learn more about plans and prices.
Pricing Plans - Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Account

You will also need a Nintendo Account linked to your profile, and an internet connection before you can use this feature.

When Can You Meet Luna?

Luna is Released on the Version 1.4 Update

Summer Update 2 - From July 30
The Dream Suite is part of the V1.4 Summer Update Part 2! To be able to enjoy this, and a lot more, make sure that your game is up to date.

Summer Update Wave 2

Where to Find Luna

Sleep on Any Bed on Your House

Summer Update 2 - Sleep in any Bed
To see Luna, simply go over to any bed in your house and lie down. Choose to go to sleep to start napping. Unlike in the previous game, it seems that you do not need to go to any other facility to be able to do this.

Access the Dream Suite

Summer Update 2 - Luna Arrives
Once you start dozing off, Luna will appear in your dreams and you can talk to her to create and use Dream Addresses to visit other islands in your dreams.

Dream Suite Guide - How to Visit Islands in Dreams

How to Access Other Dream Islands

Enter the Dream Address

ACNH - Enter Dream Address
As you doze off, Luna the Tapir will appear and help you visit other islands in your dreams through a Dream Address. Simply enter the Dream Address to access your desire Dream Island.

Share and Save Dreams on Our Board

If you do not have a Dream Address to input yet, take a peek at our Dream Address Share Board to find hundreds of islands you can visit. You can leave yours too, if you want to share it to the world!
Dream Address Share Board

Your Pockets Will Be Emptied

Before you head off to a Dream Town, Luna will hold onto your items, so you will wake up on the island empty-handed.

How to Go Back to Your Island

How to Wake Up From a Dream
To wake up, simply go back to the island's Plaza where you can find Luna, and lie down on the bed to wake up and return to your island.

Revisit Dreams through a Dream List

ACNH - Dream List
In Ver 1.5 or later, you will be able to revisit the last 50 Dream Addresses you have visited, and you will even be able to save your favorites for quick, inspirational visits!

To do so, when you go to bed to dream, choose to revisit a dream. A list of the last Dream Addresses you have visited will appear, and you can press X to mark them as your favorite.

Fall and Halloween Update

What Can You Do on Dream Islands?

What You Can Do in Dreams
  • View player passports
  • Talk to villagers and players
  • Enter villager and player homes
  • Save Shared Custom Designs
  • View Bulletin Board posts by players
  • Use Rescue Service
  • Report Dreams

Explore Without Affecting the Island

Other player
You can do whatever you want without affecting the real island. Since what you are exploring is just in a dream, you can roam around and not worry about destroying the island.

Talk to Villagers and Players

Other player on island
When you reach the island, you can talk to dream versions of the player and the island residents. Make sure to say hi!

Get Custom Designs from the Portal

Custom Designs Showcase.
When you visit another island in a dream, you can save Custom Designs they have made through the Custom Designs Portal found at the Plaza in front of Resident Services.

View Bulletin Board Posts by Players

You can also view personal messages written by players on the island Bulletin Board. However, you will not be able to write one yourself.

Use Rescue Service

Calling Rescue Service on a Dream Island
Even in your dreams, you might get lost. You can still use the Rescue Service app to bring you back to the Plaza.

How to Use the Rescue Service App

Report Dream Islands

When you find that a dream island violates Nintendo's rules, such as having hateful or harmful content, you can report a island which will be sent to Nintendo for review. You can press the - (Minus) Button during the dream to submit a report.

Please be polite, and do not report dreams that do not have malicious content.

What You Cannot Do in Dream Islands

Dream Limitations
  • You cannot visit random islands
  • You cannot craft items and learn recipes
  • You cannot catalog furniture
  • You can catch creatures... but only in the dream
  • All items you pick up will be gone

You Cannot Visit Random Dream Islands

In the previous game, New Leaf, you could visit an island at random without the need of a Dream Address. However, that is not the case for New Horizons. You will need to have the Dream Address of the player before you can access their island in your dreams.

You can use our Dream Address Share Board to share dreams with players all around the world!

You Cannot Craft and Learn Recipes

Cannot learn DIY Recipe on Dream Island
You cannot craft items or learn recipes in dreams. You also cannot catalog furniture, as when you wake up, those items will not be found in your Nook Shopping Catalog.

You Cannot Take Home Items and Creatures

Caught a carp in dream
Whatever you pick up or catch and store in your pockets, it will be gone when you wake up. Creatures that you catch will also not be recorded in your Critterpedia.

Who is Luna the Tapir?

First Appearance Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Birthday February 29

A Gentle Guide to the World of Dreams

Luna Closeup.jpg
With her gentle demeanor and reassuring voice, Luna is ready to serve as your gentle guide to the world of dreams!

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