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Learn how to add personal touches to your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Read on to learn how to place and move furniture on the floor and walls, as well as how to use the storage and the decorating mode.

What Can You Do with Your House?

It is finally satisfying to see your house after upgrading from a tent. Now, what should you do with your house?

Collect Furniture and Decorate the Interior


You can collect furniture and other items to give life to your home. From beds to plants and fish, almost anything can be displayed in your home.

You can get furniture and other items by purchasing from Nook Shopping at the Nook Stop terminal or Nook's Cranny. You can also get furniture by shaking trees, shooting down balloons, or as gifts.

Earn Nook Miles with the Hoard Reward

You can even earn Nook Miles the more items you place inside your house.

Hoard Reward
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Place 5 pieces of furniture in your home. 300 Interior/Sort
Place 15 pieces of furniture in your home. 1,000 Tentative/Remodeler
Place 30 pieces of furniture in your home. 2000 Comparative/Sundires Fan
Place 100 pieces of furniture in your home. 3000 Assumed/Appliance Fan
Place 150 pieces of furniture in your home. 5000 Abounding/Interior-Design Fan

Use the Storage

After upgrading to a house, you will gain access to your storage space which can hold up to more items the more you upgrade your house. You can store items here such as furniture, clothes, and other miscellaneous items.

Earn Nook Miles with the Good Things in Store! Activity

Hoarding and storing tons of items will reward you Nook Miles, so as long as you still have space, fill that storage up!

Good Things in Store!
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Have 20 items in your storage. 300 Overstuffed/Stylist
Have 50 items in your storage. 1000 Partially Obscured/Talent
Have 100 items in your storage. 2000 At-Capacity/Manager
Have 200 items in your storage. 3000 Self-Possessed/Coordinator
Have 300 items in your storage. 5000 Invulnerable/Life Hacker

Upgrade Your House to Unlock More Rooms

Paying off loan
Pay your loans and keep upgrading your house to achieve maximum space. You can unlock more rooms for you to decorate. See our guide to learn more about house upgrades!

How to Pay Off Your Loan and Upgrade Your Tent and House

Earn Nook Miles with the Dream House Activity

House loans may be a pain in the pocket, but the Nook Miles you get from it are rewarding.

Dream House
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Upgrade your home once. 500 One-Room/Loner
Upgrade your home for the second time. 1,000 Single-Occupant/Beginner
Upgrade your home for the 5th time. 2000 Homey/Sentiment
Upgrade your home for the 6th time. 3000 Second-Floor/Landlord
Upgrade your home for the 7th time. 5000 Basement/Backbone

Get Ranked by Happy Home Academy

Happy Home Academy Letter

Each week, the Happy Home Academy rates your home from your interior decorations. You will get gifts from them each time your rank raises.

Earn Nook Miles with the Decorated Decorator Activity

By getting an S rank, you will unlock the Decorated Decorator activity from the Nook Mileage program.

Decorated Decorator
Activity Summary Miles Titles
Get an S ranking from the Happy Home Academy. 1000 Happy/Overachiever

Change Up Your Look

Change Your Face and Hair Using a Mirror or Vanity

Change up look.png
Use a mirror or a vanity to change your hair, face, or even add custom design to your face. Learn more through our detailed guide below.
How to Change Your Face and Hair

Change Your Outfit Using a Closet... or a Fridge?

Any furniture that serves as a storage space can be used to access your clothes to change your outfit. This includes dressers, closets, cabinets, and yes, even refrigerators.

How to Decorate Your House

Place and Move Furniture

Move Item.jpg
You can display items in your house by opening your pocket and placing the item on the floor. To move an item, hold down the A button to hold the object and move the left joystick to move or rotate the object.

You can also face the wall and hang items such as clothes, hats, and other furnishings.

Select Your Wallpaper and Flooring

This takes up most of the space in your room so you better pick the wallpaper and flooring that suits you. You can purchase these at Nook's Cranny, or get ones from Saharah, a special visitor. You can even get rugs of all sizes from her.

Saharah's Rugs, Wallpaper, and Flooring

Adjust the Lighting

No light.jpg Warm light.jpg Cold light.jpg

You can set the mood of the room by adjusting the lights. You can choose between warm or cool light, or no lights at all by pressing the Up Arrow button.

Access the Storage

You can access the storage from inside of your house by pressing the Right Arrow button. To learn more about using the storage, check this section of the page.

Enter Decorating Mode

Decorating Mode.jpg
To decorate your house in a jiffy, the decorating mode allows you to move items around the house easily. To enter decorating mode, press the Down Arrow button.

Learn more about using the decorating mode by checking this section of the page.

How to Use the Storage

Press the Right Arrow Button to Access the Storage

From inside your house, you can press the Right Arrow button to open up your storage. You can then see the items which are sorted by category and select them to place them in your pockets.

Put an Item to Storage from Your Pockets

Put in Storage.jpg
To put an item in storage, open up your pockets while inside your house. Select the item by pressing A, and will be then given a selection. Choose Put in Storage.

How to Use the Decorating Mode

Press the Down Arrow to Enter Decorating Mode

Enter decorating mode by pressing the Down Arrow button.


No light.jpg

Up Arrow Adjusts the lights to warm light, cool light, or no lights.


Storage - Housewares.jpg

Right Arrow Opens up the storage and you can directly place items on the floor or on the wall.


Place Item from Pocket.jpg

X Button Opens up your pockets and you can place items inside the room.


Rotate camera.jpg

Right Control Stick Rotates the camera around the room.

Switch View

Wall View.jpg

+ Button Switches between floor and wall access.

Turn Guide Off

Guide Off.jpg

- Button Hides the guide. Press - to turn it back on.

While Pointer is Hovering Over an Item

Grab Item

Grab Item.jpg

A Button Rotates the item.
A Button (Hold) Grabs an item so you can move it around with the left joystick. Release to place item.
Y Button Puts the item in storage.

Switch Between Layers

Switch Layers.png

L Button Switches between the item placed on the ground and the item placed on top of the previous items.

Select Multiple Items

Select Multiple.jpg

R Button (Hold) Drag with the left joystick and release to select the items.

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Thanks to this guide, my house is gonna be literally lit and on fayah playah. You guys gotta see it to believe!

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