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This guide shows how to unlock Isabelle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), for the NIntendo Switch. This guide also shows how to get DIY recipes, how to check your island evaluation, how to change your island tune, and how to change villager catchphrases (greetings) and clothing, all through Isabelle! Read on for more information about everyone's favorite chatterbox!

DIY Recipes From Isabelle

List of Isabelle's DIY Recipes

Spring Summer Fall Winter
Outdoor Picnic Set Image
Outdoor Picnic Set
Bamboo Noodle Slide Image
Bamboo Noodle Slide
Tree's Bounty Little Tree

Mushroom Wreath
Snowflake Wreath Image
Snowflake Wreath

During certain seasonal events, Isabelle will send DIY recipes to your phone during her daily Broadcast. For example, when the cherry-blossoms are blooming (April 1st to 10th for Northern Hemisphere, October 1st to 10th for Southern Hemisphere) she will give you the Outdoor Picnic Set.

It looks like there are several recipes Isabelle can give you, so leave a comment below if you get something different!
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Isabelle won't give the DIY recipe if there are other events happening

Sometimes if there are other ongoing events overlapping with the seasonal one, Isabelle's broadcast will end up being about those instead, and as a result you won't recieve the recipe. You can also get the recipes from balloons, so if go balloon hunting if you didn't get the recipe from Isabelle.

How to Unlock Isabelle

Upgrade Resident Services to Get Isabelle

Isabelle at Resident Services

Isabelle comes to your island after the Resident Services has been upgraded from a tent to a building. After that, Isabelle can always be found behind the right counter in Resident Services.

How to Upgrade Resident Services

Isabelle will take over the Daily Broadcasts

Once Isabelle has been unlocked, she will do the Daily Broadcasts instead of Tom Nook. The Broadcasts for any given day are available from 5 AM and will play immediately at 5 AM if you were playing when the time changed, or whenever you first play the game that day.

What Does Isabelle Do

  • Event Broadcasts
  • Get DIY Recipes
  • Check Your Island Evalulation
  • Change Your Island Tune
  • Discuss Villagers' Clothes or Speech

Event Broadcasts


Isabelle will inform you of any events happening in her daily Broadcasts. Important information will be put in blue, so pay attention when blue text appears!

List of Events

Get DIY Recipes

Receive Outdoor Picnic Set Recipe

As mentioned above, Isabelle can give you seasonal DIY recipes during her Broadcasts.

Check Your Island Evalulation

Island Rating.jpg

If you progress the game up to a certain point, you can get Isabelle to tell you what your island's star rating is. If you raise your island image, you can unlock the Island Designer app and get the Golden Watering Can, so check your island image and follow Isabelle's advice to increase it.

How to Raise Your Island Star Rating

Change Your Island Tune


If you want to change your Island Tune, talk to Isabelle by the counter. We have a guide on how to make Island Tunes, which you can check with the link below.

How to Use Island Tune Creator

Change The Island Flag

ACNH - Isabelle - Change The Island Flag

You can talk to Isabelle if you want to change your island's flag. She'll ask you for your design once you do so be sure to have your design ready! We have a guide on how to create Custom Designs to help you, just check out the link below.

How to Create Custom Designs

Discuss Villagers's Clothes or Speech

Discussing a Villager with Isabelle

If you want to change a villager's clothes or catchphrase (greeting), talk to Isabelle and choose to Discuss a Resident. If your villagers picked up an annoying phrase or you accidentally gave them some clothing you don't like, Isabelle's got your back!

List of Villagers

Related Links

Characters Partial.png

List of Characters

Character Lists

List of VillagersList of Villagers
New Villagers
New Villagers
Special Villagers
Special Villagers
3236255Starting Villagers New Villager IconVillager Ranking
Special Characters

Villagers by Personality

Big Sister Cranky Jock Lazy
Normal Peppy Smug Snooty

Villagers by Species

Alligator Icon.png Alligators
Anteaters Icon.png
Bears Icon.png
Birds Icon.png Birds
ACNH - Bulls.png Bulls Cats Icon.png Cats
Chickens Icon.png
Cows Icon.png Cows
Cubs Icon.png Cubs Deer Icon.png Deer
Dogs Icon.png
Ducks Icon.png
Eagles Icon.png Eagles
Elephants Icon.png
Frogs Icon.png
Goats Icon.png Goats
Gorillas Icon.png Gorillas Hamsters Icon.png Hamsters Hippos Icon.png Hippos Horses Icon.png Horses
Kangaroos Icon.png Kangaroos
Koalas Icon.png
Lions Icon.png
Monkeys Icon.png
Mice Icon.png Mice Octopuses Icon.png Octopuses
Ostriches Icon.png
Penguins Icon.png Penguins
Pigs Icon.png Pigs
Rabbits Icon.png
Rhinos Icon.png Rhinos
Sheep Icon.png
Squirrels Icon.png Squirrels Tiger Icon.png Tigers
Wolves Icon.png

Villagers by Initial Letter

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