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Send a message card to show your love to your neighbors, friends, and even yourself! Learn how to write and send letters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) in this guide.

How to Send a Letter

Summary of Steps

1 Use the card stand at the Airport.
2 Select the recipient of the letter.
3 Choose a card.
4 Write your message and send!
Optional Attach a present.

Use the Card Stand Located inside the Dodo Airport

ACNH - Sending a Letter - Card Stand.png

To send a letter, you can use the card inside the Airport. Make sure you have Bells with you as sending a letter will cost you 200 Bells.

Select the Recipient

Select the recipient of your letter. You can only write one letter for one recipient at a time!

ACNH - Sending a Letter - Select Resident.png

Select from the list of residents who will receive your letter.
Future Self
ACNH - Sending a Letter - Select Future Self.png

You will select the date when you want to receive the letter.

Note that you can only send one future letter at a time!
ACNH - Sending a Letter - Select Friend.png

Select the recipient from your Friends list.

Choose a Card

ACNH - Sending a Letter - Select Card.png

Select from the wide array of cards. It will look better if you select a card that matches the recipient's personality. There are also special cards like the "Birthday-cake card" and the "Wedding card," if you want to greet somebody.

Some cards are only available for a limited time!

Some cards are have limited availability such as seasonal cards like "Acorn card" and "Mushroom card".

Write Your Message

ACNH - Sending a Letter - Write Message.png

Use the keyboard to write your message. Once you are satisfied, select OK!

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there was a system to how your letter content was checked that indicates if you will get a reply or not (if you are sending it to a resident). However, this has not been confirmed in New Horizons. This page will be updated if new information arises.

You Can Attach a Present

ACNH - Sending a Letter - Attach a Gift.png

You can go extra and attach a present to show them how you care! Be careful not to attach entire stacks of an item. We recommend giving readily-available items like seashells and flowers as gift!

Take note that you cannot attach bugs and fish as present.

Getting Replies from Residents

Residents May Send a Letter Back

ACNH - Sending a Letter - Receive a Letter Back.png

In some cases, a resident may write back to you. Rarely, they'll have a present for you too. This could also be influenced by the level of friendship you have with the resident, however, this has not been confirmed yet by the team.

How to Send Gifts to Your Friends

  • Nintendo Switch Online subscription
  • Internet connection

Two Ways to Send Gifts

1 Attach gift to mail
2 Gift through Nook Shopping

Attach Gift to Mail

ACNH - Sending a Letter - Select Friend.png

If you have the item to gift on-hand, you can run to the Airport and attach the item to the letter to be sent to your friend. Again, you cannot attach fish and bugs as a present.

Gift Item Through Nook Shopping

ACNH - Nook Shopping - Place Order.png

Alternatively, you can shop for a gift. When you place your order, you can either purchase it for yourself, or for a friend.

When sending to a friend, a default message is written to a letter, but you can edit the message, of course!

How to Get the Nook Shopping App

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