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Let's get groovy! Add some relaxing sounds with one of the new features in Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch.

Read on to learn more about soundscapes, how to unlock soundscapes, a complete list of soundscapes, and more with our guide below!

How to Use Soundscapes

ACNH - In-game notification about Soundscapes

How to Unlock After the 18th Villager Request
Talk to Wardell
How to Upgrade 1st: After 26th Villager Request
2nd: After 33rd Villager Request

After listening to the sounds of nature with Wardell, you will now unlock and be able to use Soundscapes when designing villager homes!

To put soundscapes in rooms, go inside any building you can decorate and enter Decorating Mode by pressing the Down Button. Then press the Left Button to see what soundscapes you can use!

List of Design Skills

How to Unlock Soundscapes

ACNH - Wardell says to listen closely

1  Finish work on the fifteenth vacation home request.
2  Take a break.
3  Find Wardell.
3  Unlock soundscapes!

1. Finish work on the fifteenth vacation home request

ACNH - Lottie says Wardell praised the resident

Continue progressing through the story until you finish the fifteenth vacation home request. When you're finished, you'll be taken back to Paradise Planning.

Beginners’ Guide to Happy Home Paradise DLC

2. Take a break.

ACNH - Lottie says Wardell spends his breaks staring at the sea

After finishing the 15th vacation home request, Lottie will tell you to take a break and that you can find Wardell staring out into the sea.

Who is Wardell?

3. Find Wardell

ACNH - Wardell teaches the resident how to relax

Walk to the northern beach where you can find Wardell sitting on a log. Sit besides him and he'll tell you about the importance of peace and relaxation!

List of Design Skills

4. Unlock soundscapes!

ACNH - The resident learns how to use soundscapes

After that meditative moment, you are now able to use the sounds of nature while decorating vacation homes!

How to Design Vacation Homes

List of Soundscapes

ACNH - Upgraded Soundscapes

So far, our team has confirmed three levels to the soundscapes design skill: one when you get it, and two more when you get its upgrades!

Level One

Level One Soundscapes
ACNH - None Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Echo Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Ocean Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Fields Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Jungle Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Wind Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Rain Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Space Sound Effect Icon

Level Two

Level Two Soundscapes
ACNH - Park Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - City Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Chatter Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Cheering Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Construction Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Forest Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Healing Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Creaking Sound Effect Icon

Level Three

Level Three Soundscapes
ACNH - Cave Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Underwater Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Storm Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Rumbling Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Train Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Factory Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Cyber Sound Effect Icon
ACNH - Alley Sound Effect Icon

Where to Use Soundscapes

ACNH - Wardell thanks the resident

After learning soundscapes, you can use them on other vacations homes, at Harv's Photopia, or even your own home!

Vacation Homes

ACNH - Soundscapes in vacation homes

Step up your decorating game and give your customers the best environment they could ask for. Soundscapes can be accessed with Decorating Mode while fixing up dream homes!

List of Design Skills


ACNH - Soundscapes in Photopia

Give your photoshoots the right vibe by adding soundscapes in Harv's Photopia! Go to the Airport and fly to Harv's Island to access Photopia.

How to Unlock Harv's Island and Photopia

Your Home

ACNH - Soundscapes in resident home

To add soundscapes in your own home, enter Decorating Mode while inside your own home. Relax with the sounds that you like the most!

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