July 29, 2021 Update | Version 1.11.0 | ACNH - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)

Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH) - Version 1.11

The July 29, 2021 Update (Ver.1.11.0) has launched in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch.

The update includes new prizes for Redd's Raffle during the Fireworks Shows event, new seasonal items for Obon and Chuseok, and new Spooky furniture for Halloween 2021!

July 2021 Update Announcement

ACNH - Player eating a popsicle during the Firework Show event

July 2021 Update Schedule July 28, 2021
9:00 PM ET

Nintendo has released Ver.1.11.0 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons at 9:00 PM ET, July 28, 2021.

This update adds 12 new food items to Redd's Raffle during the Fireworks Show event!

Of course, no update is complete without brand-new seasonal items at Nook Shopping! Get the freshest items for the Obon and Chuseok season!

Lastly, the update gives us a sneak peek into this year Halloween event with 3 new Spooky furniture items at Nook's Cranny!

Updated Events

Fireworks Show & Redd's Raffle

ACNH - 4 players watching the Fireworks Show

Dates Every Sunday in August
August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2021
Times 7:00 PM–12:00 AM

On each Sunday in August, feast your eyes on a firework show from Resident Services! You can even have your own Custom Designs fill the night sky; just speak with Isabelle at the plaza before the event!

You can even join Redd's Raffle and win prizes! 12 new food items have been added to the raffle to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Check out links below for guides on each of these events!

ACNH - Fireworks Show 2021 | Event Dates, Items, and ActivitiesFireworks Show Event Guide ACNH - ReddRedd's Raffle Prizes

New Seasonal Items

ACNH - Nook Shopping Seasonal Items - Obon Season
The update adds new seasonal items from August to September. These include new items for Obon, Moon-Viewing Day, and Chuseok!

Seasonal Event
Cowboy Festival
July 15–August 15
ACNH - Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-On
Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day
August 5–14
ACNH - Hikoboshi Outfit ACNH - Orihime Outfit
August 10–16NEW
ACNH - Obon Seasonal Item - Cucumber horseACNH - Obon Seasonal Item - Eggplant Ox
Grape Harvest Festival
September 1–30
ACNH - Grape-Harvest Basket
Moon-Viewing Day
September 12–21NEW
ACNH - Moon RugACNH - DumplingsACHN - Mooncake
September 12–21NEW
ACNH - Chuseok Seasonal Item - Songpyeon

List of All Nook Shopping Seasonal Items

Bugs and Fixes

ACNH - July 29 2021 Update | Ver.1.11.0


On July 9th at 9:00 PM, Nintendo patched some small bugs with Ver.1.11.1! Update your game to fix any of these issues in your game:

ACNH - Check Mark Unable to sort DIY Recipes by order obtained
ACNH - Check Mark Color variations not showing up in Photopia
ACNH - Check Mark Closing BGM not playing at Nook's Cranny
ACNH - Check Mark Seasonal clouds not appearing in the right seasons

How to Update Animal Crossing

Steps Directions
1 Press the + Button
2 Select Software Update

Press the + Button on the Home Screen

With the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game selected on the Home screen, press the + button on your Switch to view the game data.

Select Software Update

ACNH - Software Update screen on the Nintendo Switch

Select Software Update from the left tab.

You can update your game Via the Internet or you can Match Version with Local Users.

Why Your Game Isn't Updating

Check the Game's Official Twitter

You may not be able to update your game due to server failure. You can check the game's official Twitter account for information.

Check Nintendo's Server Maintenance Status

Depending on Nintendo's server maintenance status, you may not be able to update your game. You can check their official website for more information.

Check Your Internet Connection

Check if your Switch is connected to the internet.

You can check your internet status by going to the System Settings from the Home screen, and selecting Internet on the left tab.

If the problem persists, you can try restarting your Switch or your router.

How to Check if Update is Complete

Press the + Button on the Home Screen

With the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game selected on the Home screen, press the + button on your Switch to view the game data.

Select Software Information

Select Software Information from the left tab. You can go to the Nintendo eShop to see if your game is up-to-date.

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