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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Bushes & Shrubs Guide

What's shrub? Check out all shrub and bush varieties, colors, prices, and seasons here! Learn where to get shrubs and what shrubs belong to which seasons by reading our guide!

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List of Bushes, Shrubs, and Their Seasons

Bushes & Shrubs
Azalea Hibiscus
Hydrangea Tea Olive
Camellia Holly


Species Azalea
Bloom Dates Northern Hemisphere:
April 11 to May 31
Southern Hemisphere:
October 11 to November 30
Color Variants
Pink Azalea ImagePink Azalea White Azalea ImageWhite Azalea


Species Hibiscus
Bloom Dates Northern Hemisphere:
July 21 to September 20
Southern Hemisphere:
January 21 to March 20
Color Variants
Red Hibiscus ImageRed Hibiscus Yellow Hibiscus ImageYellow Hibiscus


Species Hydrangea
Bloom Dates Northern Hemisphere:
June 1 to July 20
Southern Hemisphere:
December 1 to January 20
Color Variants
Blue Hydrangea ImageBlue Hydrangea Pink Hydrangea ImagePink Hydrangea

Tea Olive

Species Tea Olive
Bloom Dates Northern Hemisphere:
September 21 to October 31
Southern Hemisphere:
March 21 to April 30
Color Variants
Orange Tea Olive ImageOrange Tea Olive Yellow Tea Olive ImageYellow Tea Olive


Species Camellia
Bloom Dates Nothern Hemisphere:
January 1 to March 31
Southern Hemisphere:
June 16 to September 30
Color Variants
Red Camellia ImageRed Camellia Pink Camellia ImagePink Camellia


Species Holly
Bloom Dates Northern Hemisphere:
November 1 to December 31
Southern Hemisphere:
May 1 to June 15
Color Variants
Holly ImageHolly


Species Plumeria
Bloom Dates Northern Hemisphere:
June 1 to September 20
Southern Hemisphere:
December 1 to March 20
Color Variants
Pink Plumeria ImagePink Plumeria White Plumeria ImageWhite Plumeria

What Can Bushes or Shrubs Do?

ACNH - A screenshot of Nintendo Direct showing Leif
Bushes or Shrubs are sold by Leif in his Flower Shop found in the town plaza! Bushes and Shrubs are similar to flowers and trees in the way they function in New Horizons.

Leif's Garden Shop

You Can't Pick Their Flowers

ACNH - Hydrangea and Azalea shrubs.jpg

While all Bushes grow a type of flower (or berry in Holly's case), you can't pick them to use as DIY or decorations.

Move Bushes (Shrubs) with a Shovel

ACNH - Bushes can be moved with shovels

Like both Trees and Flowers, Bushes can be moved with a shovel.

List of Shovels

Snails Appear on Bushes and Shrubs

ACNH - Snails on Bushes

Like in New Leaf, Snails appear on Bushes in rainy weather.

This might mean that having lot of Bushes will make it harder for other Bugs to spawn when it rains, so keep that in mind when planting them!

How to Get Bushes and Shrubs

How to Grow Bushes
1 Buy Shrub Starts from Leif
2 Plant the Shrub Starts
3 Wait for the Shrubs to grow!

1. Buy Shrub Starts from Leif

To grow Bushes, you first need to buy Shrub Starts form Leif's Garden Shop.

2. Plant the Shrub Starts

After buying Shrub Starts, access your inventory and plant the Shrubs!

3. Wait for the Shrubs to Grow!

ACNH - A screenshot of Nintendo Direct showing Shrubs

After planting the Shrubs, wait for three days for them to bloom. Unlike Flowers, they don't need Watering Cans to grow — so just sit back and relax!

Bushes and Shrubs Take 3 Days to Grow

ACNH - A screenshot of a bush in its first dayFirst Day ACNH - A screenshot of a bush in its second daySecond Day
ACNH - A screenshot of a bush in its third dayThird Day ACNH - A screenshot of a bush in its fourth dayFourth Day

Flowers on Bushes bloom only in certain seasons, so refer to the list above to see what Bush blooms when!

Bushes and Shrubs Don't Have Hybrids

No Bush Hybrids

Unfortunately, Bushes and Shrubs don't spread naturally or cross-pollinate, so the only way to get more is to buy them from Leif, and only the colors available at the shop can be grown.

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