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Bushes have bloomed in New Horizons

Here you can find all Bush types sold at Leif's Garden shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch. They bloom in different seasons and are available in different colors, so read on to find the perfect shrubbery for you!

List of Bushes and Shrubs


Species Azalea
Season Spring
Color Variants
Pink Azalea ImagePink Azalea White Azalea ImageWhite Azalea


Species Hibiscus
Season Summer
Color Variants
Red Hibiscus ImageRed Hibiscus Yellow Hibiscus ImageYellow Hibiscus


Species Hydrangea
Season Summer
Color Variants
Blue Hydrangea ImageBlue Hydrangea Pink Hydrangea ImagePink Hydrangea

Tea Olive

Species Tea Olive
Season Fall
Color Variants
Orange Tea Olive ImageOrange Tea Olive Yellow Tea Olive ImageYellow Tea Olive


Species Camellia
Season Winter
Color Variants
Red Camellia ImageRed Camellia Pink Camellia ImagePink Camellia


Species Holly
Season Winter
Color Variants
Holly ImageHolly

How to Get Bushes and Shrubs

How to Grow Bushes
  1. Buy Shrub Starts from Leif
  2. Plant the Shrub Starts
  3. The bushes will fully grown 3 after you plant them

Buy Shrub Starts from Leif

To grow Bushes you first need to buy Shrub Starts form Leif's Garden Shop.

Leif will appear random days at the plaza, and sell Shrub starts and Flower seeds that are not available in your Nook's Cranny selection.

Bushes Don't Have Hybrids

No Bush Hybrids
Unfortunately, Bushes and Shrubs don't spread naturally or cross-pollinate, so the only way to get more is to buy them from Leif, and only the colors available at the shop can be grown.

Bushes Take 3 Days to Grow

Bushes first dayFirst Day Bushes second daySecond Day
Bushes third dayThird Day Bushes fourth dayFourth Day

※ We encountered an odd case where the Bushes fully grew in 1 day, and are currently investigating the phenomena.

The first day in the images above is the day you plant them. After that, it'll take 3 days for them to be fully grown and sprout Flowers.

The Flowers on the Bushes bloom only in certain seasons, so check back soon for a complete list of what Bush blooms when!!

What Can Bushes Do?

You Can't Pick Their Flowers

While all Bushes grow a type of flower (or berry in Holly's case), you can't pick them and use them for DIY or decorations.

Bushes work more like trees than flowers, so we suppose it makes sense.

Move Bushes with a Shovel

Bushes can be moved with shovels

Like both Trees and Flowers, Bushes can be moved with a shovel.

Bushes also don't require eating fruits to move, so once they're grown you can freely move them around as you wish.

List of Shovels

Snails Appear on Bushes

ACNH - Snails on Bushes.png

Like in New Leaf, Snails appear on Bushes in rainy weather.

This might mean that having lot of Bushes will make it harder for other Bugs to spawn when it rains, so keep that in mind when planting them!

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2 Anonymousabout 1 month

>>1 As stated in the article: "Unfortunately, Bushes and Shrubs don't spread naturally or cross-pollinate, so the only way to get more is to buy them from Leif, and only the colors available at the shop can be grown."

1 Anonymousabout 1 month

Any confirmation of whether or not the colors can be hybridized?

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