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Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) - Series 5 Amiibo Card
amiibo? Give-me-mo'! The new Series 5 amiibo cards dropped on November 5th, 2021. Check everything we've seen so far with our list of all amiibo cards and new characters and where to order!

List of All amiibo Cards

Series 5 Special Villagers

We've already seen 10 new Special Characters, from the ACNH Direct. Nine of the card cards are brand new additions to the amiibo collection!

ACNH - Tom Nook amiiboTom Nook ACNH - Orville amiiboOrville ACNH - Wilbur amiiboWilbur ACNH - C.J. amiiboC.J. ACNH - Flick amiiboFlick
ACNH - Daisy Mae amiiboDaisy Mae ACNH - Harvey amiiboHarvey ACNH - Wisp amiiboWisp ACNH - Niko amiiboNiko ACNH - Wardell amiiboWardell

Though no images have been released, some other characters have been shown on the amiibo card packaging! Our guess is that we'll also see these characters in the mix!

  • Isabelle
  • K.K. Slider
  • Timmy & Tommy
  • Lottie
  • Label

List of Special Characters and Visitors

Series 5 Villagers

There are a total of 39 new amiibo cards for Villagers. All Series 5 Villagers amiibos are brand new additions to the amiibo collection. No dupes here!

ACNH - Sherb amiiboSherb ACNH - Megan amiiboMegan ACNH - Dom amiiboDom ACNH - Audie amiiboAudie ACNH - Cyd amiiboCyd
ACNH - Judy amiiboJudy ACNH - Raymond amiiboRaymond ACNH - Reneigh amiiboReneigh ACNH - SashaSasha ACNH - IoneIone
ACNH - Tiansheng amiiboTiansheng ACNH - ShinoShino ACNH - Marlo amiiboMarlo ACNH - Petri amiiboPetri ACNH - Cephalobot amiiboCephalobot
ACNH - Quinn amiiboQuinn ACNH - Chabwick amiiboChabwick ACNH - Zoe amiiboZoe ACNH - Ace amiiboAce ACNH - Rio amiiboRio
ACNH - Frett amiiboFrett ACNH - Azalea amiiboAzalea ACNH - Roswell amiiboRoswell ACNH - Faith amiiboFaith

List of All amiibos and Compatibility

Where Can I Buy the amiibo?

ACNH - Series 5 amiibo cards

The Animal Crossing Series 5 amiibo cards released on November 5th, 2021. Similar to previous amiibo cards like the Sanrio amiibo cards you can get them at other retailers like Target!

Walmart has also launched a pre-order on for the cards, but are now sold out. Check this space for updates as soon as information drops!

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards - Series 5:
Walmart Pre-Order Link

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