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This is a guide on how to increase friendship with a villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). If you want to learn what activities you can do with villagers, as well as exclusive items you can get from them, please read on!

Daily Activites to Raise Friendship with Villagers

Daily Activities to Raise Friendship
1 Talk to them once each day.
2 Send them a letter! (Attach a gift if you want.)
3 Give them gifts. (Wrapped gifts increase friendship more!)

Talk to Them Every Day

Starting Villager - Canberra with Big Sister personality.jpg
Your friendship with a villager will increase the first time you talk to them on that day. The effect increases the more days you talk to them in a row.

Talking to them multiple times on that day will not help increase friendship levels.

Visit Their Homes and Get a DIY Recipe

You can also visit the resident in their home, and get a DIY recipe when they're crafting.

You will know when someone's home if they have their curtains open, lights on, and smoke is coming out of their chimney.
List of DIY Recipes

Send Them Letters

Receiving artwork from letters.jpg
You can sometimes receive a reply when you send letters to villagers. If you're lucky, they may attach a gift as well!

Your friendship increases when you get a reply for a letter you sent.

How to Send Letters and Postcards

Give Them Gifts

Give gift.jpg
If you get close enough with a villager, you will have an option to give them a gift when you talk to them. Note that you can only give 1 gift each day.

They Like Specific Clothing

Villagers may also get specific, especially with clothing, as they have their own preferences. They can wear clothing that you give them, assuming they like it!

If you like dressing up your villagers, why not join our weekly Fashion Showdown? Check out the details here:

Fashion Showdown: Best Villager Outfits

Friendship Level Increases More If You Give Wrapped Gifts

Wrapped present.jpg
Your friendship level increases a lot more than normal if you give the gift wrapped. You can purchase wrapping paper for 160 Bells at Nook's Cranny, and use it to wrap items.

More Activities to Raise Friendship

1 Give medicine when they're sick.
2 Return their lost item.
3 Agree to sell an item they want from you.
4 Give them a gift on their birthday.
5 Play Treasure Hunt with them!
6 Listen to their requests.

Give Medicine When They're Sick

Giving medicine to a sick villager.jpg
You may find a villager not going out for days. If so, you can check up on them in their home as they might be sick.

If a villager is sick, they will be in their pajamas, and looking weak. You can craft Medicine, or purchase it at Nook's Cranny, and give it to the sick villager. They will instantly be good as new, and will give you an item as thanks!

Return Their Lost Items

Returned lost item.jpg

You may find unusual items on the ground. This is called a lost item. If you return that item to the owner within the day, your friendship level will increase, and you will receive an item as a thank-you!

Lost Item Guide

Agree to Sell an Item They Want From You

Sell item to villager.jpg
Sometimes, a villager will ask you if they can buy an item you have in your pockets. Of course, they'll be happy if you agree! You'll get some Bells for it, too.

Give a Gift on Their Birthday

Giving a birthday gift to a villager.jpg
When a villager's birthday is approaching, an announcement will be posted on the Bulletin Board.

You can visit their home to celebrate their birthday, and don't forget to bring a gift! You can also wrap it for extra points.

You can check out villager birthdays on our List of Villagers page.

List of Villagers

Play Treasure Hunt with Them

Play Treasure Hunt with a Villager.jpg
A villager may ask you to play Treasure Hunt with them. They will bury an item somewhere on the island, and you will need to find it before the timer runs out.

Don't forget to give back the treasure to the villager so you can get the item inside as a prize!

How to Play Treasure Hunt with Villagers

Listen to Their Requests

Villager requests to deliver an item.jpg
A villager may ask you for a favor, or run an errand. If you successfully do so, your friendship with the involved villagers will increase!

List of Villager Requests and Errands

Catch a Specific Bug or Fish

Ask to catch a sea bass.jpg
Villagers may ask you to catch a specific bug or fish for them. If you happen to catch one, be sure to give it to them within the day.

Buy an Item from Them

Buy an item from a villager.jpg
Sometimes, a villager may come running to you, and will ask you if you'd like to buy a specific item from them.

Deliver an Item for Them

Deliver an item.jpg
When you are close enough with a villager, they may ask you to deliver an item to another villager. Make sure to give the item within the day, and as much as possible, do not open the present!

You will also get an item from the receiver as a thank-you.

What Can You Get for Raising Friendship Levels

Change the Villager's Catchphrase

Invent a catchphrase.jpg

When you are close enough with a villager, they can approach you to change their catchphrase. Sometimes, other villagers will pick it up too!

Change the Villager's Greeting

Change villager greeting.jpg
This is unique for every villager. Sometimes, they will go up to you and ask you for suggestions on a new greeting. Get creative!

Get the Villager's Framed Photo

Bonbon photo and poster.jpg

Bonbon's photo with her poster behind on the wall.

When you are very close friends with a villager, you have a chance to receive their photo. This is an exclusive item that you can get from each villager, so be sure to treasure it! You can also customize it to change the frame variation.

This is different from character posters, which you can get by calling them to Photopia, or scanning their amiibo.

How to Get Villager Photos and Posters

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