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How to Find Wisp the Ghost and Collect Spirit Pieces

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Is that a ghost?! Learn how to find Wisp on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Check out his visit times, new or expensive rewards, or what to do when he doesn appear below.

How to Find Wisp?

ACNH - Wisp Guide - Wisp the Ghost Visit Schedule

Date & Time Any day (random)
8:00PM–5:00 AM
Location Around your island

Wisp will randomly visit your island late at night from 8 PM to 5 AM. However, he won't visit you island every night, so be on the look at for a floating blob at night!

Why Is Wisp Not Appearing?

ACNH - Wisp Not Showing Up - Trouble Shooting

Unlike other Special Characters, Wisp doesn't have a schedule of when he comes to your island. You'll have to randomly run into him while walking around your island at night!

What to Do With Wisp

Collect Wisp's Spirit Pieces

ACNH - Wisp Guide - Player finding Wisp

Steps Directions
1 Prepare a net.
2 Talk to Wisp to start the event.
3 Collect the 5 spirit pieces.
4 Return the spirit pieces to Wisp and accept your reward.
5 Receive a new or expensive reward!

1. Prepare a Net

You need a Net before you can collect Wisp's spirit pieces, so you should craft one if you don't have it before looking for Wisp.

List of Nets

2. Talk to Wisp to Start the Event

ACNH - Wisp Guide - How to Collect Wisp
When you approach Wisp the Ghost and press the A button, he will get surprised and his spirits will scatter across the map.

3. Collect Wisp's 5 Spirit Pieces

ACNH - Wisp Guide - How to Collect Wisp
Wisp the Ghost's spirits can appear anywhere on your island. Be sure to check every nook and cranny!

4. Return the Spirit Pieces to Wisp

ACNH - Wisp Guide - How to Collect Wisp
After collecting the spirits, you can go back to where you first saw Wisp the Ghost. He will give you an item as a reward.

5. Receive a New or Expensive Reward!

ACNH - Wisp Rewards - Wisp asks the player what kind of reward they want
Wisp will give you an item for collecting all the spirits as a token of thanks. You can choose between something new, and something expensive.

Should I Choose Something New or Expensive?

ACNH - Wisp Guide - List of Rewards
There isn't an exact pattern to what items Wisp will give you; oftentimes he gives out items randomly!

However, we found that he usually sticks to cheap items, even if you choose “something expensive.” That said, your best option is to choose “something new,” sto try and expand your catalog!

Who is Wisp?

About Wisp

JP: ゆうたろう • FR: Follet  • SP: Buh
Type Special Character
Birthday February 26
First Appearance
Animal Forest+

Wisp is a ghost that shows up randomly on your island!

Did You Know

  • Wisp will mistake the Player for a ghost!
  • Wisp is a Pisces.
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